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Welcome to the UnitedHealthcare "Get Fit!" initiative here on Buccaneers.com!

This season, UnitedHealthcare and the Buccaneers are inviting you to join the team on a journey of fitness, health and activity, with an all-star panel of experts from One Buccaneer Place ready to lead the way.

You can begin this journey with UnitedHealthcare and the Buccaneers by taking the Get Fit Pledge. From that starting point, you'll be guided by our Buccaneer experts for 16 weeks through a life-changing series of ideas and activities, with advice on everything from nutrition to strength training to specific workouts favored by Buccaneer players. Throughout the journey you will be encouraged to promote your commitment to getting and staying healthy by utilizing the hashtag #BUCSFITUHC through your social media. Your pledge and continued interaction will make you eligible for great prizes throughout the season, including autographed merchandise, Buccaneer Prize Packs and a Grand Prize Ticket Giveaway which includes (4) Club tickets, (4) Pirate Ship Passes, (4) Pre-Game Sideline Passes and free parking to the Bucs vs. 49ers game.

Each week, you'll find a new article right here that will help you adopt and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, with one of our Buccaneer experts providing the details. Meet the distinguished panel that will be serving as your Get Fit! guides for the next four months

Todd Toriscelli
Toriscelli is in his 17th season in charge of the Buccaneers' training department and is one of the most respected medical professionals in the entire NFL. He will be providing advice on exercising safely, avoiding injury and recovery from any minor injuries you do incur.
Jay Butler
Butler is in his second season heading up the team's strength and conditioning program and has two decades of experience in the field. He will be leading us through proper and effective workout techniques and the best ways to build both endurance and strength.
Kevin Luhrs
Luhrs has been providing Buccaneer players and staff with nutritional advice since the 2010 season and is a registered and licensed dietitian. As he does on a daily basis with the Buccaneers, Luhrs will be helping us tailor our diets to best support our new fitness regimens.
Dekoda Watson
Watson is in his fourth season with the Buccaneers and his first as the team’s starter at strongside linebacker. Even in a world of extremely fit professional athletes, Watson is legendary for his commitment to health, fitness and muscular development, and he will be sharing with us the tips he uses to keep his own body in top shape.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders are athletes in their own rights and, just as importantly, ambassadors for the team in the Bay area community and beyond. A rotating cast of cheerleaders will be helping us on our journey fitness, sharing from their own experience in creating fit and active lifestyles.

Read this week's featured story...

While the Get Fit! initiative was designed to coincide with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2013 season, the overarching purpose was to help participants adopt the sort of health habits that will have a lasting impact on their lives. The Get Fit! journey of fitness, health and activity was designed to continue long past the end of this season.

While the five experts on our panel had different areas of expertise, they all agreed on two important parts of starting and maintaining a fitness regimen: Defining your goal, and creating a specific plan of attack. Is your goal to lose weight? Tone your body? Add muscle? Your approach will vary depending upon what you want to achieve. And whether you’re working on changing your diet, establishing a workout regimen or building in the necessary recovery time, you will achieve much better results if you first write down a specific plan and then stick to it.

Kevin Luhrs started the program in the first week by stressing the above points and then making such basic diet-alteration advice as getting less calorie-dense foods like fruits and vegetables more involved, focusing on hydration and not skipping meals. Luhrs also advised keeping an accurate account of what you are eating throughout the day.