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ATL Postgame Quotes: Bucs Players

Posted Nov 17, 2013

QB Mike Glennon completed 20 of 23 passes on Sunday against the Falcons, and two of those were deep shots to WR Vincent Jackson…Discussing those plays and more after the game

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offense produced one play longer than 40 yards during the first nine games of the season. On Sunday, during a 41-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons, the Buccaneers hit on three plays of more than 40 yards, including catches of 47 and 53 yards by WR Vincent Jackson. On both occasions, Jackson ran deep down the right sideline with a single Atlanta defender in tight coverage, and in both cases he was able to fight for position to catch the football. After the game, Jackson spoke about the Bucs' improved efforts in throwing the ball deep.

“Just keep taking shots," said Jackson. "We have a mentality [of]: We’re going to attack, we’re going to run the ball, be balanced [and] take our shots when we can. We’ll get one-on-one matchups, we believe it’s either going to be completed, maybe get a pass interference call, or its going to be incomplete. We try to protect our quarterback and knock the ball down whenever it’s contested. We’re going to do that, continue to do that, be aggressive. Just being balanced as an offense. We have guys that can make plays, tight ends, running backs, and I think you saw that today and it helped us to be successful.”

Below are some additional thoughts from Buccaneer players after Sunday's victory:

QB Mike Glennon

(On the team’s overall performance)
“That was awesome, total team effort: offense, defense, special teams - all phases of the game. Defense, having all those turnovers putting us in great field position; special teams, a blocked punt, onside kick. Then on offense, those guys up front did a great job. [Running back] Bobby Rainey, again had a great game and [wide receiver] Vince [Jackson] made some big plays for me down the field so when you look at it, it was a full team effort. It’s a great feeling.”

(On success throwing the ball down the field)
-- QB M. Glennon completed 20 of 23 passes against the Falcons
"It was big. Vince - this is two times in a row against Atlanta that I was just throwing it up there and he’s made a play on it. I just wanted to give him a chance; two times for deep balls and the one time for a touchdown. He’s a tremendous player and really that’s just me trying to give him a chance and him being an athlete.”

(On if the performance of running back Bobby Rainey has surprised him)
“I think you have to be a little surprised, he’s only been here for three weeks. It’s great, though. He comes in everyday and just has a smile on his face and is eager to learn. I think you have to give a lot of credit to him for working hard and being a good player but the offensive line and the coaching staff for getting him ready. Like I say every week, when our run game is going it helps everything in the pass game. He’s playing exceptionally well but if you look, a lot of credit has to go to the offensive line because regardless of who the running back has been the past few weeks we’ve been rushing for a lot of yards. It starts with them and they’re doing a great job.”

(On the direction of the team)
“We’re just focused on one game at a time right now and we can’t do anything about the past, we are looking to the forward. We had a great win today. We’re going to enjoy this win, learn from our mistakes, and move on to the next one.”

(On the performance of Vincent Jackson)
“Some of the times today it was just him, like I said, me just throwing it up and giving him a chance. With the coverage they were playing, it gave him a little more one-on-ones than we have seen the past few weeks. We’ve been getting the ball in other people’s hands, too, so that helps everything, spreading it out a little. I know today he was the majority of our receiving yards, but in prior weeks we have been spreading the ball out and this week he had more one-on-one opportunities and we capitalized on them.”

(On if he was surprised that Jackson was defended one-on-one)
“Going into the week, based on their coverage that they’ve played, we figured there would be times where it would be there. Other weeks we knew it wasn’t quite as likely but this week we knew he was going to have the opportunity to hit some big plays.”

(On his performance in today’s game)
“I felt comfortable out there all day. I think we had a great game plan, guys were open. I think I got hit only three times and those were on the sacks, but that’s not even on the offensive line, that’s on me trying to be overly cautious and not forcing any ball and with that kind of lead we had I just don’t want to take any chances. I had all day to throw back there, guys did a great job of making plays on the outside making catches. The passing game was set up by the run game so it’s a full offensive unit.”

(On the importance of the running game)
“I think it helps, when so many times we hand the ball off and we either get a first down or we’re in second-and-short, which either gets us a first down again or third-and-short. Hopefully we can continue that. That kind of helps open up our entire offense as well.”

DT Gerald McCoy

(On setting the tone early with his three sacks in the first two drives)
“I think coming into this game they had 10 or 12 sacks, one of those, given up, and coach issued a challenge to us, he said ‘Are we going to have a Monday Night Football hangover or are we going to come out and keep building off the momentum from Monday night?’ This was a perfect set up to come out tired, happy so much off getting our first win, so coach said ‘Who are you going to be today?’ and we just came out on fire.”

(On describing the plays that led to his sacks)
“The first one was a double team, I just split it, the second one was just a one-on-one, and the third one was a one-on-one with the center.”

(On if what has been different the last two weeks for him)
“I’m not doing anything different, I’m really not man, I play hard, I practice and prepare hard every week, then I come out and give it all I got. I’m not really doing anything different.”

(On if the aggressive play calling energizes the team)
“Yeah it does, you see them do it throughout the week, like ‘man, that might work,’ or ‘that’s a pretty cool play.’ Then when we come out there and they do it, it’s like ‘Damn it really does work.’ It does energize you especially when you’re on the sidelines. Sometimes when they do that type of stuff you know it’s coming, but the onside and the play where they shifted out on the punt team, I didn’t know it was happening. The blocked punt, I didn’t know any of that stuff was taking place. It’s just great, it definitely energizes the team.”

(On if he’s ever had back-to-back sacks like today before)
“I’ve never done that before. I think in high school.”

(On what he has done to embrace his leadership role)
“Lead by example, preparing, getting my body ready for games, how I practice, and the mental aspect of it. Just being everything that Coach needed me to be, everything my teammates needed me to be and if they see one of the leaders doing it, then they’ll just get on board. My d-line coach Randy Melvin always says, ‘Bring them with you.’ He says ‘If you lead, I promise you they’ll follow,’ and that’s all I’m trying to do.”

(On the being able to finish games now compared to earlier in the season)
“Just getting it done, we made a decision that this has to stop, we have to stop getting in close games and letting teams out of it. We’ve been right there. It’s proof that we have a good team and our game plans have been good enough to get us Ws. It comes down to the players and will, just wanting to get it done. We just made a decision like, ‘hey this has to stop.’”

(On if the mindset of the football team has changed)
“Nothing’s changed, nothing changed. We just know we needed to finish the game.”

(On running back Bobby Rainey)
“He shook me so bad one time in practice, I was like, ‘man if they ever put him in the game, he’s going to kill it. It hurt, I tried to keep up with him, I was like man, ‘that’s not a scout team running back, whatever.’ I told those guys if he ever gets in a game I think he’s going to play well and he just plays hard. He’s shorter than [running back] Doug [Martin], he’s just a tiny guy, he’s real stout and strong and he just runs hard.”

(On if he knew who Rainey was before he was signed to the team)

(On creating turnovers in order to put the offense in positions to succeed)
“We have to, our job is to score and get the ball back, we scored once today and we got the ball. We took the ball away three times, two picks and a force fumble, that’s our job, that’s what we have to do. We just have to build off that and keep that going. One of our main goals on defense is to create takeaways. We get the ball back, put our offense in a good spot to score; they’re going to get in the end zone.”

(On if he questioned whether the turnaround would happen)
“Yeah I was, I kind of think that’s what happened with us on Monday night, it was just kind of a feeling for everybody. We’re entirely too good to not have a win yet. We just stayed the course. I kept saying all year that we’ve always worked hard, we’ve never not worked hard and we haven’t done anything different in the past two weeks. We’re just finishing games, that’s it.”

RB Bobby Rainey

(On setting a franchise record with two rushing and one receiving touchdowns)
“Well, I expect to go out and do my job. If those stats come with it, I will take it. But all the credit goes to the offensive line. They did a great job of blocking and I did a decent job of finding the hole, finding the lanes, and getting it.”

(On if they limited Rainey’s playbook due to limited experience with the offense)
“No. Like I said, when I first came here on that Monday, we had a game that Thursday. I was pretty familiar with it and as the season goes on, I’ll get even better. Right now, I’ve got a good grasp of it, but I’ve got to continue to keep studying and get even better. You can never just know the offense. You always can go back and find something new.”

(On if he anticipated having this large of a role on offense)
“I anticipated going in and doing my job and that’s what happened.”

(On if he believed he could have this kind of success after being released by two other teams)
“Well that’s my motivation – when people tell me what I can and cannot do. No man can tell you what you can’t do. If you believe in God, you can do anything and that’s what I do. I owe fate a favor. I know I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to, no matter if I’m tall, short or whatever it is.”

(On if there was ever a day he believed he could not play in the NFL)
“No. I actually [foresaw] me actually playing in this league when I was little. It was scary that I actually saw this and then to actually be a part of it and do the things that I’m doing is cool. I was about seven years old when I started playing football.”

(On what he would say to fans who play Fantasy Football)
“I don’t know, I don’t get into that. I come here to do my job and try to help the team win any way I can. I’m pretty sure they see the results of whatever, so I’ll let them deal with that.”

(On if he has begun to believe in his play)
“Oh yes, most definitely. Like I said, that’s my motivation – to prove people wrong. Like I say, [nobody] can tell another man what he can and cannot do.”

(On if this is the game that puts him on the map)
“I don’t know, I don’t determine that. I work with the team and do my job and if it comes to that, then that’s what it is.”

(On his 43-yard touchdown)
“I know it was great to get in the end zone. The offensive line, like I said again, did a great job of opening up the lanes.”

(On how much of a role Willie Taggart had on this type of performance today)
“A big role. Coming from college and going to the pros, we basically did a lot of things that the pros did as far as reading the defensive schemes and calling the defenses out of norm, how to take on a stunt and all of these deals like that.”

(On what he plans to say to Coach Taggart when he speaks to him)
“I’m pretty sure he’s going to smile at me first. Like I say, he’s going to do all of the talking and I’ll be doing all of the listening.”

(On if Rainey is a fan of other small running backs)
“My idol is Barry Sanders. I like all the small running backs – Warrick Dunn, all those type of guys. And the one we just played [Atlanta running back Jacquizz Rodgers], he’s small, too. He told me, ‘We got to represent for the short guys.’ And I told him, ‘Most definitely – we got to stick together.’”

(On Rainey’s running style)
“Like I said, I’m small and I don’t like to take a lot of hits, so I try to avoid hits. Everybody that stays in the league long enough will look at other guys that are dependable – Warrick Dunn, those guys like that. And I know that Warrick Dunn never took a lot of big hits.”

T Donald Penn

(On if he expected running back Bobby Rainey’s big day)
“I did, he had faith in us and I really thought he did some good things last week. We’re looking forward to building from last week, but what he did, he’s a great runner. I’m so happy we were able to pick him up at the time that we did with everything going down. Two of your starting running backs go down, everybody’s not going to give you a shot, but we went out there, stuck to the plan and we did some good things out there, a couple of things that we have to get better at, but we did some good things out there.”

(On people not knowing who Rainey was)
“I mean I didn’t know who he was. I met him, talked to him, he picked up the offense real fast, he showed a lot last week against Miami and then this week he got his call and that’s the nature of this beast. When you get your call you have to make the most out of it because you might not get your call again. He’s doing that, he’s doing a great job at it and, like I said, we got a big week coming up this week.”

(On next week’s challenge against the Detroit Lions)
“It’s a big one; they’ve got a good front seven. It’s a big one, they’re physical up front, we’re physical upfront, and so going to be a great battle.”

(On quarterback Mike Glennon’s confidence continuing to grow)
“Mike’s had that confidence, he’s had it since he first got here, which was really surprising to me. He’s just building on it, we protect him well and he made a lot of things happen today. When you run the ball well, it sets up a lot of big plays and that’s what happened today. Like I said, we just have to keep building on it, I’m so happy we finally put two together and it’s a big one coming up.”

WR Vincent Jackson

(On the numbers and stats of the games)
“Stats are for Fantasy [football] it’s not for us; we’re trying to win games. I really don’t care about it, I’m going to go out there each and every week, do whatever is asked of me to help this team to compete to win and I’m just glad we came out with a victory today.”

(On running back Bobby Rainey)
“We’ve got a ton of guys stepping up right now in all kinds of different positions. We get guys that go down, that’s just part of this league – injuries happen, you’ve got to have depth, guys that can step up and contribute and these guys are doing a great job. Proud of our offensive line, we ran the ball the last few weeks and it’s helping to keep us balanced, throwing the ball well, [quarterback] Mike [Glennon] is doing a great job taking care of the ball, so, when we do that, we can be successful.”

(On the team’s effort throughout the season and the latest wins)
“That’s what it’s all about. You’ve got to finish, you’ve got to do everything right. Every week teams are competitive, teams are good in this league and we don’t deserve anything, we’re not entitled to anything so we have to fight for it. I’m just glad we finished the games the right way and we’ve come out with the wins.”