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ATL Postgame Quotes: Greg Schiano

Posted Nov 17, 2013

Following Sunday's 41-28 win over the Atlanta Falcons, Buccaneers Head Coach Greg Schiano discussed breakout RB Bobby Rainey, pass-rushing DT Gerald McCoy and more

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Atlanta Falcons, 48-21, on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium. After the game, Head Coach Greg Schiano addressed the media, touching on the following topics:

(Opening statement)
“Well, that was good. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to put some points up like that. That was exciting. I was really pleased with the mix of the older guys –the veteran guys that made plays today, the guys that we count on, [defensive tackle] Gerald McCoy, [wide receiver] Vincent Jackson, [safety] Dashon [Goldson], [cornerback] Darrelle [Revis], go down the list, [safety] Mark [Barron], [linebackers] Lavonte [David] [and] Mason [Foster]. But then it was also good to see all those rookies that contributed, starting with [quarterback] Mike Glennon – [only] three incompletions - a [second-year player] in [running back] Bobby Rainey, who just ran the ball very, very well. [Cornerback] Jon Banks, I thought played well. [Defensive tackle] Akeem Spence in there, [defensive end] William Gholston, another rookie. The mix of experience and veteran leadership I think was big, something we can build off for sure.”

(On getting that type of production Rainey)
“When you’re in a position like we were, the thing that Bobby has the benefit of is when he played at Western Kentucky, this is the stuff that he ran. Power, inside zone, those [are] plays that we run. So he was very comfortable seeing them, feeling them. But to answer your question, I don’t think anybody thinks that a guy’s going to come out and rush for, whatever he did, 163 yards. But [we are] very proud of him. The biggest thing is we didn’t turn the ball over once. Again we protected the football and we took it away. We took it away two times, plus the onside [kick recovery], plus the blocked punt. So really, we stole four possessions, and if you can do that, you can win games.”

(On trying trick special teams plays)
“We thought we had some things we could do. I thought the onside by [punter] Mike Koenen was just tremendous, that’s a very talented guy that can do things like that with his foot. I mean he just played catch with [Russell Shepard] there. That was a great catch there too. And then the play by [linebacker] Dekoda Watson, a big play blocking a punt. We’ve been frustrated because we led the league in blocked punts last year and all of a sudden were shut out nine games. So that’s a good one. Hopefully that’ll open the flood gates because we’re a punt block team. Got a little greedy maybe there on the one when they ran the fake. That was touché, right?”

-- Head Coach Greg Schiano's team played a well-rounded game in beating division-rival Atlanta
On the importance of big plays in the passing game)
“I think real important. We’ve talked about it during the week. [Glennon has] done it during the week at practice but we needed to do it in the game. And the protection held up and Mike threw it out there. And Vince Jackson – I mean you just talk about a guy who – another one-handed [catch], this must be one-handed catch Atlanta games, right? Because, I mean, a great one-handed catch and then going up and ripping the ball out of the sky. That’s what receivers do, the great receivers, that’s what they do. And that’s what makes quarterbacks have confidence to throw it to him. I thought Mike handled the game very, very well in that he waited for those plays that were the game-defining plays, and he let the bad ones die. They are very, very hard to do for an intense competitor to let the bad plays die. He’s learning.”

(On McCoy and the pass rush)
“Really good. And the best part of it is it was right from the jump. I think we had two [on the first drive] and that to me was critical. It set the tone and you could see [that]. When you get a quarterback early like that, his feet get a little bit nervous. That’s what we kept harping on all day was let’s keep getting him off the spot. Gerald, we challenged him. He played two All-Pro games the last two games. We said, ‘Can you do it? Can you do it week in and week out?’ And he should up and did it, without a doubt.”

(On McCoy’s role as a leader)
“Well Gerald does it in many ways. Number one, he’s a strong man of faith, so his integrity is unquestionable. Second, I think, he works incredibly hard in practice and yet he keeps it loose. He’s a guy that’s always joking around with the fellas. He works hard, sets the tone, shows the work ethic, yet he jokes around with everybody. So I think it’s a guy that has the ability to lead for a lot of different reasons. But let’s never lose sight, the biggest reason is the plays he makes, because that’s who people follow, and they follow the guys who produce and he’s producing.”

(On the creativity in the play calling)
“Well, we want to be aggressive. We don’t think its off the, we think its calculated risk, and to me those calls are gut feels, when you feel like you got something kind of rolling, you go with it. And it’s confidence in the guys. I’m not going to call that onside unless Mike Koenen’s done it in practice numerous times and showed me that. He told me he could do it, I said, ‘Come on.’ And he did it, because once we did the one, he said ‘I can do it the other way, watch this.’ Do it again. Did it again. He’s done it probably six times in practice before we ran it in a game. I knew as soon as we called the direct snap pass, you could see the coverage and this isn’t good. And it was good because he’s got some ice water that guy [Rainey]. Nothing is really too big for him, which is neat. I really thought the fake field goal was going to go. Initially it did and just out of the corner of his eye, the guy – I don’t know if he was a corner or a safety – saw [running back Brian Leonard] coming back behind the line and sprinted back. That had a chance. They don’t all work, but I think the guys, they can sense that, along with running the football. I think that commitment to running the football is the key. The lineman feed off that. They want to run the football. It was good because initially in this game we had to match runs. [Falcons running back] Steven Jackson was running hard. That was the thing, if you read their [Falcons] notes all week, that’s what they were set to do. Two things happened: one, we started to stem that tied, and two we got them down so then they had to throw, which gave us a good opportunity.”

(On if Rainey was overlooked on his previous teams)
“Well if you look in the situations, there’s some good players where he was. And it’s hard when you’re a rookie and you come from a smaller school. What makes somebody say, ‘Oh, he’s the guy.’? But again, I think when preparation meets opportunity. Guys say ‘Oh he’s lucky.’ Well he’s not lucky, this guy worked his tail off and he trained and did all the right things and here comes his chance and he’s ready to do it. Good for us, good for him.”

(On how hard it is for a running back to pick up an offense)
“Well I think that runs aren’t that hard, especially when you’re conditioned in those runs. Like I said, he [Bobby Rainey] did this in college for four years, – I don’t even know if he was there five or four – but whatever he was, he did it his whole college career. It’s the pass protections, it’s the formations, it’s all the verbage that a little bit more difficult to pick up. But he’s a bright guy, he’s a football guy and it’s good to see him coming off with that ball when he comes off the field after touchdowns. He’s saving every one of those.”

(On Foster’s interception)
“It was a heck of a play. I think what happened was [linebacker] Dekoda [Watson] – Dekoda played some rush end today and he came off the edge some and I thought he did a good job. He has real explosion and I think he came off and he either altered the throw or he actually touched the throw, I’m not sure, and then Mason made a great catch and then ensuing, a great run. That’s the second time now that he’s scored touchdowns that were not easy runs, where he made people miss and kept the ball, so certainly a big play at that point in the game, that we’re grateful for. Again, really a good effort by the guys and one that I hope they can take some time to enjoy it this afternoon and then let’s get back to work. We got a big game in Detroit.”