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Buccaneer Players Quotes, Dec. 11

Posted Dec 11, 2013

Rookie QB Mike Glennon reluctantly took a little bit more of a break to start the 15th week of the season and he's feeling good mentally and physically for the stretch run...And other discussions

In the NFL, most teams choose to give their players the day off on Tuesday of a typical in-season week. Some, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season, will add Monday to that rest time as a reward for a victory on Sunday, particularly in the second half of a long and grueling season. There's no doubt this down time is cherished by most players as they try to deal with the physical demands of their job.

Most players. Some, however, just can't get enough of the workplace; they are the football equivalent of basketball's gym rats. Buccaneers rookie quarterback Mike Glennon is just this sort of player. In fact, after telling his players they could enjoy "Victory Monday" in the locker room after Sunday's 27-6 win over Buffalo, Head Coach Greg Schiano had to deliver a specific message to Glennon when he saw him at team headquarters the next day.

"I told him, ‘I don’t [to see] want you in the morning,'" said Schiano. "'Just stay out of here. I don’t care what you do – sleep, whatever – but we’ll get cracking in the afternoon.’”

-- QB M. Glennon has developed a weekly routine that has suited him well in his rookie season
Glennon followed through on the directive and enjoyed a little extra time away from the office…sort of.

“Tuesday morning, I just slept in a little, cleaned my apartment and then came in in the afternoon," he said. "It’s just nice to not have to set an alarm, sleep in and, even though it wasn’t much, it’s still just nice to maybe get away from it for a couple hours.

"But then it was time to get back and get on to San Francisco. I have a routine now and I’m so engrained in it that it felt a little weird. But it was definitely nice to kind of just sleep in and, like I said, not have to worry about an alarm or any of that.”

There are certainly some quarterbacks in the league who have needed a little extra rest after facing the Bills' defense. Buffalo came into Raymond James Stadium with a league-high 43 sacks, but was able to get Glennon down just once. Schiano might have wanted Glennon to get away for a while more for the mental effect the break would have. After a stellar November in which he compiled a 119.7 passer rating in four games, Glennon's numbers have dipped the past two weeks.

Glennon, however, thinks the way to get back into a groove is to stick with the routine that has gotten him to this point.

“I feel good; my body feels great," he said. "The line’s doing a great job. I only got hit a couple times last week against the leading sack team in the league. Mentally, I feel good. I come in, keep to my routine every week and prepare the same way. I think forcing myself to stay on top of things and not letting myself, mentally, get away from it has really helped me out. I feel very good both physically and mentally.”

Glennon's extra down time wasn't the only topic being discussed at One Buc Place on Wednesday. Below are some additional thoughts from Glennon and two of his teammates, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and linebacker Lavonte David.

QB Mike Glennon

(On his performance against the Bills)
“There are always things to take, there are some good things I’ve done and there’s some not so good things I’ve done. I’m going to improve on those things I haven’t done as well but as long as we’re winning that’s really all that that matters. Maybe it wasn’t my best day, statistically, but we got the win and that’s really all that matters to this football team, it is about the wins.”

(On the more recent games and how they’ve prepared the offense to play the 49ers)
“We’ve played a lot of good defenses back-to-back-to-back and they’re just as good as all of them. To play against defenses, we’ve seen defenses with similar talent levels and just to have an understanding of what’s going to be needed to be done to win this game. They’re as good of a defense there is in the NFL and all around, every position you look at, they’ve got first-rounders across the board and they’re a really talented group. I think that will prepare us, offensively, having played against other top tier defenses for the past few weeks. We know that their defense is extremely talented, but having played others will benefit us.”

(On having safety Dashon Goldson around to help)
“I’ve talked with him briefly, I’ll get with him more today and see if he’s got any pointers for me, any little details that they do that might help me out.”

(On if he thinks defenses have begun to study him and tried to adjust to him)
“I don’t think so; I think teams have been sticking to what they do. What we see on film is what they’ve done on game day; really, that’s how it’s been all season. Every team kind of throws in a new wrinkle here and there, but overall, teams are sticking to who they are and that was the case for as long as I could remember. Every now and then, like I said, they might throw in a different blitz or a coverage once or twice but for the most part it’s been what we’ve expected.”

(On the offense not being able to score as many points in the second half as in the first)
“I’m not exactly sure but when thinking of last week when you have such a big lead and your defense is playing so well, really, our job as an offense is to not turn the ball over and give them a chance to get back into the game and give them short field position. That was a big mindset, we wanted to milk the clock a little and not give them a chance to get back in the game. We were up 24-3 and with how well our defense was playing, we had a confidence as an offense that we knew that as long as we didn’t have any costly mistakes, we knew that our defense would take care of the rest of the game.”

(On how he feels now compared to his first start)
“I’m definitely more comfortable, but there’s going to be learning every week because, like I say, there’s always something new. The Buffalo defense was different than any defense I’ve faced before. This defense has a different style than many other defenses. There’s always something new, there’s always new situations that come up that I’ll continue to learn from and be a better player because of it.”

(On if he is enjoying being a quarterback in the NFL)
“It’s a dream come true. It’s awesome. Millions of kids across the country are dreaming of what I’m doing right now, so it’s as good of a job as there is out there. There is a lot of work, but yeah, I enjoy it all. I enjoy the preparation side of it.”

(On the shovel pass against Buffalo)
“It’s something that I should have done. Just throw it away and live to see another down.”

(On Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan’s comments that he might be pressing more than he was in earlier weeks)
“I think there was only about one – I think the first interception I shouldn’t have gone to – but other than that, I was taking what was there, I was throwing the ball away. There’s always going to be a few things that you’d like to do differently, but I’m still having the approach to take it when it’s there and throw it away when it’s not.”

(On scoring against San Francisco’s defense)
“We know that it’s going to be going against a tough defense. We’re just going to have to keep grinding away and be patient. If we don’t score right away, just keep staying the course and not really worry about all that. Obviously points are important, but we know, going against such a good defense, that we’re just going to have to maintain patience throughout the course of the game and just get the game into the fourth quarter and go from there.”

(On the evolution of the offense since his first start)
“I think we’ve developed more. I’ve gotten more comfortable with guys and we do some different things here and there, offensively, kind of every week, but that’s more of a game-plan thing, that we try to find little things in their defense to try to expose. As an offense, I think we’re continuing to move forward.”

(On what gave him confidence that wins would come)
“I think we were so close so many times, there were just a lot of times where the game just didn’t end up going our way right at the end or whatever may have happened. We always felt like we belonged and we knew we could win. I think Seattle was a prime example of that and that gave us a lot of confidence, going against them, at their place, one of the hottest teams in the NFL, and having that big lead, obviously. But from there on, we’ve been 4-1 since then, and I think that game kind of gave us confidence going forward.”

LB Lavonte David

(On stopping San Francisco’s offense)
“First and foremost, we know they’re going to try to establish the running game on us. Our motto on defense is first stop the run to make them one dimensional. We know they’re going to give us their best shot and we’re going to try to give them ours. We’re going to try to accomplish our job and try to make them pass the ball more.”

(On being recognized as a Pro Bowl candidate)
“[I’m] just going out and playing the game I love. I dreamed of being in this position my whole life since I was a kid and I’m just taking advantage of the opportunity.”

(On if Coach Schiano’s changed during the losing streak)
“Not at all, he stayed the same. We took note of that, when you see your leader not folding under pressure, it just does something to you. It makes you want to work even harder for that guy. When you see your leader putting everything on his shoulders, not blaming anyone, saying everything was on him, we just try to do our best and turn everything around and we have.”

DT Gerald McCoy

(On beating San Francisco)
“Of course it would be huge. Beating the 49ers, period. They’re starting to get back to regular form. San Francisco, probably since Harbaugh’s come into the league, they’ve been not just a good team but a great team and that’s kind of its track record. I’ve seen people say we’re beating teams who are struggling with the wins we’re getting, the teams, whatever. You can say that, but the Detroit team we beat was head of the division. This is why I said a couple weeks ago, ‘If we get our first win’, cause I was asked, ‘If we get our first win, will things change?’ No, people still find a reason to make us not be whatever. Beating San Fran will be of some significance, not because of – I’m not trying to downplay San Fran because they’re a great team and I’m looking forward to playing them, it’s going to be fun. It won’t matter to people. If we beat San Fran there will be a reason why we beat San Fran.”

(On Tampa Bay’s improvement)
“We’re playing well, we’ve just got to keep doing what we’re doing and stay focused. It’s easy to – I think we bounced back from Carolina well, how we played but we want to keep the momentum going of how we just played collectively. But us as a unit, it’s starting to come together a little bit, but that team we’re about to play, I mean, that’s the type of team once you get them rolling it’s hard to stop them.”

(On San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick)
“[We’ve] got to keep him in the pocket. It seems to be he’s an intelligent guy. From inside information and things you hear, he’s a really smart guy and knows the offense, so it’s going to be tough for us to kind of figure him out. I think our best bet is to keep him in the pocket; make him beat us from just standing in the pocket. He’s not quite [Carolina quarterback] Cam [Newton] when it comes to scrambling, but he’s a really good scrambler and we’ve got to look out for him because he can run the ball too, more than just scrambling, he’s one of their running backs. He’s a big guy, fast. I think people underestimate how fast he is, it’s going to be tough.”

(On San Francisco running back Frank Gore)
“I don’t know why people don’t focus on Frank Gore. They can say he’s getting old all they want, that guys till runs the ball the same. He can’t run away from people like he used to but he gets the yards as necessary and for us he’s our focal point. I’ll openly say it: Frank Gore is our focal point. If you can slow that guy down then we can start worrying about everything else. It’s not to downplay anybody else because they have a great offense but that guy, he makes things run. If he’s going, their offense is going, so we’ve got to slow that guy down.”

(On San Francisco offensive line)
“They’re really good. Even with [guard] [Mike] Iupati being out, that line is really good and they work well together. Big strong, physical guys who like to come downhill when it comes to running the ball and really strong and stout in the pass protection so it’s going to be a tough one for us.