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Buccaneer Quotes, Nov. 13

Posted Nov 13, 2013

After enjoying the feeling of their first victory of 2012, the Bucs intend to work even harder to duplicate the experience this week...That and other topics discussed at One Buccaneer Place on Wednesday

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went back to work on Wednesday, and for the first time this season they did so with the intention of building off a victory.

After dropping their first eight decisions in 2013, the Buccaneers picked the national spotlight to secure their first victory, downing the Miami Dolphins, 22-19, on Monday night at Raymond James Stadium. Though the bumps and bruises from that game were still being felt on Wednesday, as is the reality of a short week following a Monday Night Football appearance, so were the stirring emotions of finally getting that first win.

Just a week earlier the Buccaneers had experienced the disappointment of dropping a game in which they thought they had played well enough to win, a 27-24 overtime loss in Seattle. It was difficult to enjoy the good things that happened against the Seahawks, but not so after Monday's win over the Dolphins.

“It was really good," said safety Dashon Goldson. "Being home and in front of the world, we wanted to go out there and showcase what we have – we know we’ve got a lot of talent here – and definitely get that win. It was a good football team that was coming in, and just setting ourselves up coming off a disappointing loss against Seattle – we played a good game, didn’t finish it – so we wanted to go ahead and capitalize on that and get this W.”

As they turned their collective attention to the Falcons, the Buccaneers hoped to capitalize on the positive effects of getting that first win without taking for granted how it came to be.

-- The Bucs practiced on Wednesday with an eye on building a winning streak
“It does feel like a weight has been lifted," said defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. "We're not relaxing, but we’re not thinking about that anymore. Now we can just get back to focusing on the next opponent instead of thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, we’ve got to get a win this week.’ We got whatever that burden was out of the way. I always say this is a privilege; I have fun with it regardless. But after getting a win, you get that feeling you’ve always been looking for. Now, it’s kind of like, ‘I need to keep feeling it,’ so we’re going to work even harder than we’ve been working to get the first win to get the second one and the third one and the fourth one.”

The afterglow of victory number one wasn't the only topic being discussed at One Buccaneer Place on Wednesday. Below are thoughts on a variety of issues by Buccaneer players and coaches.

Head Coach Greg Schiano

(On defensive end Da’Quan Bowers’ possible concussion)
“Well, concussion-like, we’re not sure he’s getting tested and all that. He just, after the game, he reported to the trainer that he felt a little funny.”

(On linebacker Jonathan Casillas’ performance)
“Yeah, it’s like we talk about everything here, earn your reps around here and I think that Jon has done that. He’s also playing well on special teams.”

(On the number of snaps played by defensive tackle Gerald McCoy plays)
“He’s a dominant player right now. You never want to put someone in jeopardy of injury, but, as long as they feel that’s not the case - 95 percent, because fatigue may have five percent edge off his game, 95 percent Gerald is still better than most guys at 100 percent. Your elite guys you want to keep out there as much as you can and Gerald certainly, I think, is elite in this league [and] not just on our team.”

(On running back Bobby Rainey)
“He’s got a good feel, and when I say that it’s just he’s a football player. You go back and look at his history at Western Kentucky, he’s their all-time everything. He doesn’t lack for confidence – although he’s not boisterous or full of himself, he’s just, he knows he can play and he’s got a good feel as far as patience and running the football. He gives the play a chance to develop and that’s a guy who’s had a lot of touches over his career, not in this league, but over his career. We have some things where we have to get him indoctrinated in to our style of football but he’s a fast learner.”

(On if Rainey’s size is it a concern)
“I don’t know, he fits kind of what we’ve had around here. He’s a lot like [running back] Doug [Martin] and that body type. Yeah, they get hit, but we’ve been able to do well with those types of backs.”

(On the changes at running back affecting time of possession)
“Well, we’re planning that it won’t, and, again, I think our offensive line is going to be the key. Our receivers, everybody blocking down field, I think that’s critical. I do think the guys that are going to be touching the football as running backs, they have a good feel. Sometimes when a guy gets an opportunity, he shows what he can do and I think Bobby did that the other night and I think [running back] Brian [Leonard]’s been doing that all year. When he gets his chances, he’s made things happen. Is it [running back] Doug [Martin]? No. Otherwise, they would have been starting before. Is it [running back] Mike? Mike got his chance. We didn’t know how good Mike was going to be until he did it and that was a real shame the other night, he gets off, I think it’s, 40-something yards in that first drive, he’s really feeling it, but now someone else gets a chance, so we’ll see.”

(On the play of the defensive ends)
“Well you hit it right on the head; we spent a lot of time on that last week and I think what you saw is that, he’s a mobile quarterback that we played last week and we kept him caged in. That was critical because Gerald’s gotten him off the spot and we’ve lost contain in the last couple of weeks and that’s cost us dearly. This week, we kept them caged in, now we didn’t get to them but we hit them a lot. And again, if a guy’s going to get rid of the football, it’s like Matt Ryan, people are hitting him, but he’s gets rid of the football, he’s got a great feel for ‘Hey, that clock, got to get rid of it,’ but he’s getting hit. We’ve got to make sure even if you’re not sacking them that you’re hitting them, you’re affecting the play of the quarterback and I think that’s what the [defensive] ends did. Now, the next step is to be able to contain the quarterback and whip the guy that you’re pass rushing on and get the sack as well. We’re just kind of, step by step, getting better.”

(On the offensive line and impact of tackle Jamon Meredith)
“I think Jamon has done a good job since he’s been in the lineup. I think opportunity is the key though. Same guys. Now, Davin’s getting healthier, he’s getting a better feel, but I think just making sure – you’ve got to give them shots and I think that’s what’s paying off.”

(On defending the screen game)
“[It’s a] big concern. [Atlanta wide receiver] Roddy [White] played 55 plays last week and word is out of their camp that he’s on kind of a pitch count and that was about the top so maybe he gets another five or 10 I don’t know. They’re a very good screen team and they have very good screen backs, they have good backs period. And now with [running back] Steven Jackson healthy, he’s still a physical, he is a tough running back to get down on the ground, so between he and [running back Jacquizz] Rodgers, they have some weapons they’re getting healthy now. They went through a stretch these last three games where they didn’t have all of their weapons and I think you can see now that, with these guys coming back – unfortunately, last week was kind of their ‘get back into the groove’, so we’re going to get their offense, their real deal offense and we’ve got to be prepared. Screen’s a big part of that too.”

(On linebacker Lavonte David)
“I think Lavonte can be as good as there is. I think he’s close to that right now as far as his productivity week in and week out. He’s growing as a leader; he’s getting more comfortable with that role. He was a captain at Nebraska and we knew that. You come in as a rookie and you kind of earn your stripes, but I think everybody in that locker room knows he’s special and we count on him for a lot. From his rookie year on, he called the defenses so I wouldn’t trade him for anybody.”

(On David as a vocal leader)
“That’s what I mean, that’s not his personality. He’s not an outspoken guy. But, as of late, when he feels it’s appropriate, he’s spoken up. It’s one of those deals, when you don’t speak up much, once you do, everybody stops and listens and his word carries a lot of weight. You just love to coach a guy like that because he does everything right. In the meeting room, walk through, practice field – you see it all come out in game day and then off the field as well. Very involved in the community, does a lot of things; just a really good person.”

(On getting more passes to wide receiver Vincent Jackson)
“Early on I thought we did a good job of getting him the ball and then a combination of Miami denying us that opportunity. Early on we got it in his hands fast, right? We’re going to have to, and I know [offensive coordinator] Mike [Sullivan] and the staff have some plans to move him even more. We move him around a lot. A lot of the quote unquote marquee receivers don’t move a lot like that, [but] we try to move him around in all different spots to be able to get him the football. Miami quickly adjusted and then we tried to do a few things… We need to make sure he gets his touches because he’s a dynamic player. You’re talking about a Pro Bowl player there, and, certainly, with the loss of some weapons offensively, defenses are really going to key in on him now. That’s a fact of life, so get over it and find ways to get him the ball and that’s what we’ve got to do.”

Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan

(On opening up the playbook in recent weeks)
“In the offseason we did quite a bit of research looking at some other teams, looking at trends around the league. When you get down there at the goal line, last year we had a couple of instances where we had to settle for the field goal or we got stopped on a fourth down, so it was something that we really took a hard look at throughout the offseason, as far as what are some of those plays – gadget [plays] if you will – things that if the situation arises we could call. We practiced those nonstop throughout the training camp and it almost gets to the point where we’re scripting against our defense and we call those. Sometimes it’s up in the game plan but the situation doesn’t arise. We’ve had both the jump pass and then of course the pass that [tackle] Donald [Penn] caught, up and had have them at various times and it just hasn’t been the right situation. It was great to get those two because it gives you touchdowns instead of field goals or having to make that tough decision about fourth and one. As far as the reverse and so forth doing those things, you get the ball in [wide receiver] Skye Dawson’s hands, earlier when we had [running back] Jeff Demps tried doing some things with him, just trying to get guys with speed to get on the perimeter, just try to stretch the field, try to keep the defense a little bit off balance and just add a spark. Fortunately that’s worked out well for us.”

(On if the system is helping lead to the running backs success)
“I think so. There might be certain backs that maybe are a little more inclined and more of a inside zone runner, and other guys might be better served to take the ball outside or be in some of the pin-pull type schemes. We’ll have all of that within our package, it’s just a matter of if a certain guy maybe his vision, how we’re fitting it up from a standpoint of blocking perspective, what’s going to be best for us. I think there is latitude within what we’re trying to accomplish in the run game that there’s something for everyone so to speak. I think we’re in good shape moving forward.”

(On if Brian Leonard will start on Sunday and how the running backs will be used)
“Well I think any of the decisions as far as who’s the starter and who plays, that’s above my pay grade, in terms of who the starter is. That’s something you have to check with Coach Schiano about. I do know that there is a great confidence that we have in him and I think the fact that he has done so much third down for us throughout the year and that versatility is going to be important to us to keep him on the field. Now with having Bobby having success he’s had and [we] just brought Mike Hill on board with us from Green Bay and he’s jumped right into the fray as far as out at practice and getting acclimated. It’s a lot of language, a lot that he’s got to learn and he’s spending the extra time and doing that. Hard to peg down and say who exactly is going to be the guy, but certainly there’s a confidence that all of us have, for obvious reasons, against a heck of a team the other night that guys were able to step up. No one foresaw that, we didn’t plan it, we didn’t know going into the game, that just happens, bang, and all of a sudden we lose a guy that had been pressed into action and had stepped up. Whoever’s there, whoever’s called upon, they have to respond and they have fortunately and the players have responded. Again when it comes to injuries, guys getting hurt and who’s not here, none of that matters. We have to line up and play and try to build upon the good things we did the other night against our divisional opponent Atlanta.”

(On if the team is doing a better job of blocking down the field)
“I think so. I think there’s some definite looks you can see, whether it’s the receivers or the tight ends getting up to the second level. Those guys are doing their part because of the compliment to that if we’re able to run the ball the way we’ve been running the ball, the natural compliment to that would be your play-action passes and some of your deeper shots. It’s kind of the one hand shakes the other with regard to [doing] your job, it’s what we need to do and it helps create the type of field position and the momentum and the toughness aspects of things as far as running the football but then can also get more guys to commit and be more susceptible to the run-fake, it opens up those shots. In various cases we’ve tried to push the ball down the field and in a couple of cases it’s ultimately good news because we get the defensive pass interference, but we prefer to catch the ball and get in the end zone, that’s been frustrating to a degree. Always trying to walk that line between wanting to make sure we’re doing the things as far as establishing the run, committing to the run and then hoping that allows the line not to be in those situations like we saw in Seattle a couple of weeks ago where you know you have to pass. If we can throw when they don’t know we have to throw it’s always going to be in our favor. To answer your question I think that those guys have done a good job and there certainly contributing factors as to why we’ve had the success we’ve had.”

(On running back Bobby Rainey)
“The day he got here, he had a confidence. I say that in a very positive way, there was absolutely no [arrogance]. [He’s] a very humble young man and eager to learn everything about who we are and what we’re trying to do and how we do things, not just schematically but within the culture of the team. Nothing ever seemed too big for him; he hung on every word that was said by Coach Byner in the meetings, and you would see some opportunities that he would get, initially limited as far as the show team and you’re like ‘Boy, this guy, he does have a burst, he’s got a good vision, change of direction, I think he’s a strong kid.’ I think as you look at moving forward, and obviously its early but it’s hard to discount the fact of a guy we always talk about here is one play away and that happens often times and we’ve all seen enough times where they’re one play away and the ice cream melts. He went out there and made the most of it and I think it is, again, a credit to his hard work and the offensive line and the receivers and tight ends blocking down the field and just that type of commitment so really excited and glad he’s here for sure.”

QB Mike Glennon

(On playing a team for the second time)
“I think it’s good to be able kind of – although it was four weeks ago, you remember some things from the week of preparation and then playing in the game against them and then, going back and watching them on film, watching our game, things click a little bit more; you’re more familiar with the personnel and the schemes, so I think it helps. [Compared to] the normal routine, you just have a little more information on them than a team you haven’t faced before.”

(On what he gained from his first fourth-quarter comeback)
“I think more was just getting a win. I think that was the main thing that I took away from that. We did have a drive there at the end that put us in position to win that game. Really, that was a great job by the offensive line and the running backs. We kind said, that drive, we needed to establish the run game and go down the field, and they did a great job. Just more and more, as a rookie quarterback, the more you do, the more experiences you have of little things like that, there’s a lot of firsts and I think it could be something that we benefit from and [I] personally benefit from, having gone through it. The more situations I get put in, the more experience I gain.”

(On opponents focusing on wide receiver Vincent Jackson)
“I think there’s definitely been more of an emphasis on him. He’s a great player. I think maybe that’s something that their focus is on. Other guys just need to step up and make plays like they have been doing. We won’t shy away from Vince at all, we’ll still look to get him the ball as many times as possible, but, overall, [I’ve] just got to go through my reads and throw the ball where my eyes take me.”

(On if the focus on Jackson opens things up for other receivers)
“I think so. There’s just certain ways [that] they play the coverage where it’s tough to sometimes get him the ball because there’s two guys that are responsible for him. When that happens, other guys just have to make plays. If they want to do that, that opens up other guys, and we have plenty of guys that we feel comfortable throwing the ball to. If teams want to double him, we know we’ll just have to sometimes throw to other guys and find other ways to get Vince the ball.”

(On the effect of a strong running game)
“I think anytime the running game is there, it helps the whole offense. It gets us in second-and-short, third-and-short and pass rushers can’t just be expecting pass all the time. No matter who’s the running back in – Brian Leonard’s been around for a long time for a reason; he’s proven to be a very good running back in the NFL. Then, Bobby Rainey showed, the other night, what he’s capable of doing. I have confidence in them, but it’s obviously unfortunate to lose both Doug and Mike because they are great players.”

(On taking shots downfield)
“We’ve been calling our fair share of shots. We’ve gotten a couple defensive pass intereferences. Although it doesn’t go in the stats, it’s still a big play for the offense. We’re going to keep firing our shots, and when it [presents] itself, we’ll take a rip at it, but, if not, check it down to our backs because sometimes some of our most important parts of the drive are a big play is called and we throw it to the back and he gets 10, 12 yards. Again, I just have to keep trusting my eyes and, when I think it’s there, let it fly, but if not, check it down.”

(On what offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan means by ‘impulse throws’)
“Just not making a bad situation worse. They got us on that play, and just to throw it in the dirt or take a sack, because that’s better off than the turnover, so [we’ve] got to eliminate those; we can’t have those turnovers, especially in those situations. That’s definitely something I’ll learn from.”

(On making a dangerous throw)
“That one’s still questionable, but I don’t think it’s quite – I mean, we gave the guy a shot – I wouldn’t say that’s quite as much of an impulse throw, just trying to make a play. I’ll have to be a little more careful with things going forward.”

DE Adrian Clayborn

(On stopping the run)
“I think it’s very important for us to, first of all, stop the run, because that was the thing the last two weeks was keep running the ball and pounding the ball and we kept them to zero yards on first and second down, so that was very good for us and it allowed us to pass rush and put pressure on the quarterback.”

(On not giving up explosive plays)
“That was very important for us, to keep them in front of us, because they have [wide receiver Mike] Wallace who can go deep and we pretty much – Revis by himself – kept him on lockdown, so it was pretty good.”

(On ending the game with two sacks)
“That was a great way to win the game. So many games have been lost in the last two minutes, so it was great to finally shut them out like that.”

(On Atlanta having wide receiver Roddy White and running back Steven Jackson back in the lineup)
“It’s going to be very important to kind of minimize those guys and get after the quarterback and not give him the time to get it to those guys.”

(On if Atlanta’s offense is different without White and Jackson)
“Not really, they still attack downfield. Last game, they beat us with [wide receiver Harry] Douglas. Having guys like Roddy White back, it’s pretty much the same offense, they’ve just got more guys to contribute.”

(On striving to be a great defense)
“We want to be the type of defense that ends the game and doesn’t let guys score on us. We [did] that in the beginning of the season, so hopefully it keeps rolling.”

S Dashon Goldson

(On not allowing any explosive plays against Miami)
“That’s big for us, that’s one of our goals – stopping the run, of course, and no explosive plays. We did both of those; they [had] two yards rushing and no [passes] over 25 yards. That’s big, especially against a good football team. Whenever you do stuff like that, the sky’s the limit and your chances of winning are very high.”

(On Atlanta running back Steven Jackson and wide receiver Roddy White)
“That’s a big back. He’s done a lot of good things in this league. We’ve got to make sure we keep contain and rally to the football when he has it. We’ve got to get all 11 guys on the ball. That’s a big-bodied guy, we’ve got to get him on the ground. Then, with Roddy, we’ll have tight coverage and the swarm. No explosive plays – we know he’s a good player, strong hands, a big-bodied guy, so [he’s] just another guy we’ve got to get on the ground.”

DT Gerald McCoy

(On not giving up any explosive plays against Miami)
“It’s great. We have to. If we can do that, we have at least a 90 percent chance to win the game. If you can keep a team from getting a run play over 15 [yards] and a pass over 25, you’ve got a pretty good shot. We know we can do it now, we know it’s possible, we’ve just got to keep doing it.”

(On if the pass rushing unit are developing a stronger chemistry)
“Yeah, everybody. Those guys have a pretty good feel of what I do and who I am when it comes to rushing, but us as a unit, I think it’s starting to get better with everybody just knowing how everybody rushes.”

(On playing Atlanta for the second time this season)
“We haven’t played the other two yet. They’re the first divisional opponent we’re getting a second shot at. We owe them. We went down there, man, they got a win on us. We owe them. They’re coming into our house, so we’ve got to get payback.”