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Buccaneer Quotes, Nov. 8

Posted Nov 8, 2013

CB Darrelle Revis is drawing strong reviews for his play and he's feeling stronger every week, too…That and other topics discussed at One Buccaneer Place on Friday

The analytical folks at Pro Football Focus have named their 2013 Midseason All-Pro Team, and despite an 0-8 record and a middle of the pack NFL defensive ranking, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have placed three players on PFF's 11-man first-team defense. Getting the nod are Gerald McCoy at "defensive interior – ends," along with Houston's J.J. Watt; Lavonte David at linebacker along with Dallas' Sean Lee; and Darrelle Revis at cornerback along with Tennessee's Alterraun Verner.

In fact, Pro Football Focus has Revis as the highest-rated cornerback in the NFL, though they believe he is "not back to his best, but close enough." On that point, Revis agrees.

“I’m getting back to my old self, so I’m feeling very comfortable," said the veteran cornerback on Friday after practice at One Buccaneer Place. "The knee is feeling a lot better. The leg is feeling a lot better. This is nothing new. Coming into this, this was a process, and this is what I’ve got to deal with, this is my situation right now, and [I’ve] just got to keep on working on it and getting better.”

The state of Revis' surgically-repaired knee and his overall level of play weren't the only topics being discussed at team headquarters on Friday. Below is a collection of thoughts from Buccaneer players and coaches as they continue their preparations for Monday night's game against Miami.

Head Coach Greg Schiano

-- Head Coach Greg Schiano believes his team's passing game will soon start producing more yards after catch
(Opening Statement)
“It was a good day, [we] had an opportunity to work some third downs, some red zone, as well as first, second downs. [Safety] Dashon [Goldosn] was full-go today which was good; [guard] Davin [Joseph] was full-go. We got a lot of good stuff done and did efficiently. Tomorrow we get to kind of shine everything up.”

(On if a decision for running back Doug Martin is coming soon)
“I think we’re getting closer, I think it could be anytime now and like I said as soon as we do I’ll let you know.”

(On how this week of practice compares to last week’s)
“I think we practiced at that level or better. That was good. We always talk about ‘we control the energy’ and that’s the truth. Each guy individually controls it. The last two days [were] really good.”

(On cornerback Darrelle Revis’ health)
“I think he’ll tell you he feels stronger – still not all the way there – but he feels stronger than he has. He also has the last two games I think he’s pitched shutouts. He’s really covering very well, practicing very well.”

(On if Miami’s pass rush is going to be an important factor in Monday night’s game)
“It is, and that’s going to be a key battle in the matchup. Their front four is certainly the strength of their defense and in the run game the move a lot. It’s going to be real important that we gather everything up and get on blocks to prevent negative runs. When you talk about the pass rush the ends, [No.] 91 Cameron Wake is an elite-level guy. It’s not hard to know where he is because he’s in the same spot every time, but that doesn’t make it easier. You’ve got to dedicate resources to block him. The issue is the other guy [No.] 50 Olivier [Vernon] is a really quality rusher as well. The big guy in the middle [defensive tackle Paul Soliai] – I don’t want to mess up the pronunciation of his name – he really can push the pocket as well. We have a big challenge and it’s going to take everybody. It’s not just going to be the offensive line, it’s going to be the [running] backs, the tight ends, and the receivers recognizing, because not only do they straight rush but they have an extensive pressure package. So it’s going to be 11 against the pressure for sure and it starts and ends with [quarterback] Mike [Glennon] really. Mike Glennon’s got to make the ID and know where he’s got it covered and he doesn’t. It’s going to be a team effort.”

(On if the team is trying to improve their yards after the catch)
“Quite a bit. Out at practice, you’ll hear the word ‘puncture.’ That’s our code word as soon as you catch the ball, to get vertical, get north and south with the ball. I think we’re better here in the last four or five games with our yards after catch. That’s a little bit of a horseback observation, I wouldn’t be able to tell you that for fact, but I’m pretty sure I’m correct. Early on we weren’t getting any yards after catch and I think that’ll continue. We’re not going to go from last to first with half a season left, but I think we’ll improve. Just today I saw some things that really make me feel good and confident about that, optimistic that we are going to get more YAC from our receivers and our running backs.”

(On if teams are focusing more on wide receiver Vincent Jackson with wide receiver Mike Williams out)
“They’re always going to dedicate coverage to Vincent, but we had some things going – up until last week – where were able to, still with the coverage adjustments, some route adjustments that were doing and planning for how they were trying to take Vince away when we had him as the primary guy on the route and he was still able to get the football. Last week, not so much, and that happens sometimes. You can’t let it happen too much. There’s several different ways Miami can attack the receiving core this week and it’s going to be interesting to see how they do. I think part of it has to do with the health of their secondary. I think depending on who’s healthy at corner, how they’ll deploy their guys. We’ll have to adjust as we see what the game plan is.”

(On if it would be rewarding to win in front of the home fans.)
“Yes, I couldn’t agree more. The fact that we have a special night where we are bringing [Hall of Famer] Warren [Sapp] into the ‘Ring of Honor’ and he’s going to be inducted at halftime, it’s going to be a packed house. To bring our fans a win that have stuck behind us and I know our players feel like that, I do, our whole organization feels that way. That’s the goal, that’s what we’re working very hard to do and I’m optimistic we can do that.”

(On running back Mike James responding to having a complete rushing game)
“I’m optimistic, you have to remember that he’s a rookie, after all those carries, I’m optimistic because he’s a tough rookie. He’s a rookie that has done everything the way we asked and even this week in taking care of his body. We call it prehab, even though there’s not a particular injury, being preventative in your rehab, making it before the fact. He does all those things. You look at a rookie like Mike Glennon, [he] is doing the same thing. Let’s not forget Mike Glennon got smashed a few times, I mean really hit hard, but [he’s] another rookie who handles himself like a veteran. I think those are important things. Same thing with [tight end] Timmy Wright another rookie whose seen a lot of action and he’s handling himself like a pro, taking care of himself. That’s critical because these guys are all getting hit.”

(On rookies hitting a wall)
“I just met with them one day earlier this week. We had the rookie meeting and I sat them down, I said ‘Okay your college season is over’ and they looked at me kind of puzzled. I said ‘Yeah, the four preseason games which you guys played a ton in and then the eight regular season games, that’s it, that’s your 12 game college season. Now what do we have left?’ They all smiled. It’s being aware first, this is uncharted territory for these guys. Then, what can I do? The benefit is you don’t have class to go to. You don’t have to take care of these other things. Get your rear end in bed, get your rest, study your playbook, do your prehab and your rehab, and then get in bed. The tough thing for rookies is all the other catchings of the NFL. Everybody wants to do something every night and that’s where we try to educate, educate, but at the end of the day it’s still an individual choice for all those rookies.”

(On how a good practice week translates to a good game)
“Over my years it’s generally a good thing but nothing is 100 percent. There’s another team that also has a practice this week and there’s another team that’s going to come and a have a say in the outcome. I talk to our players all the time – we can’t control anything they do good, bad, or indifferent, that’s out of our control. What we can control is our meetings, you guys see the 30 minutes of practice and then you see them in the locker room, but to me those meetings and those walkthroughs are every bit as important as that practice and maybe more at this time of the year because there are some guys that aren’t going to take many reps, their body just won’t allow them on certain days. What they can gain from those meetings, playing the game on video – there’s a Harvard study that talks about what your mind can do with mental repetitions. If you are really focused and locked in, it’s not 100 percent of doing it physically but it is in the high 70s, the low 80s. They’ve done brain studies of how it effects your brain. We really talk about that a lot and at this time of year everybody’s kind of on a different plan depending on their physical health and we think all those little things are important.”

(On if there is a common factor that has allowed the teams rookies to play well)
“I think there’s a couple of common denominators – opportunity number one. All three of them got the opportunity; the second thing is they were ready for that opportunity, I think all three came from college programs that prepare their players well for the National Football League, you’re talking about North Carolina State, Miami and Rutgers. Opportunity [and] preparation I think are the biggest things and then probably the most important one is the individual make up of those three kids. They are guys that are grinders, all three of them, from the day they got here, guys that we would have to send the shuttle back for from the hotel dorm, rookie training days because they wanted to stay and watch tape. There’s always been that if you’re willing to put that extra work in, you reap what you sow. Obviously you have to have a baseline of talent, but these are three guys that really put in the time. As a coach you love that because that reinforces everything you’re program represents.”

WR Vincent Jackson

(On having less targets against Seattle than he had in previous weeks)
“Yeah, that’s the thing, some weeks it’s just going to be me out there, drawing two guys, three guys and we have great play makers on this team and we have a great running game. I think we ran the ball well last week which was huge for us and really helped our offense and sustained some drives. Some weeks are going to be like that and I’m ok with that, I’m just going to continue to go out there and trust the coaches, trust their scheme and put me in positions to be successful, but more importantly, put our offense in a positions to be successful.”

(On quarterback Mike Glennon)
“He’s been great. The kid’s not shaken; he’s not rattled at all no matter what situation he’s faced this year. I couldn’t be more impressed with him. His leadership skills, for the things he’s had to deal with this year, he’s only getting better each and every week. You see his confidence growing out there. I think some people overlook his athleticism, the kid can run, he keeps plays alive, he’s done some great things outside of the pocket, he’s ran for some big third downs for us He’s a complete player and he’s a big competitor so it’s great, it’s fun playing with him.”

(On the issues with Miami)
“We’re not too focused on that, obviously, stuff has been on the news with them but we know they’re taking care of business just like we are. We haven’t let any distractions be an excuse for us and I know they won’t let distractions be an excuse for them. The focus is always football and that’s where we’re expecting our best.”

(On running back Mike James)
“Mike has been great. He’s a great athlete, he’s a smart ball player, takes care of the ball very well, he’s very coachable, I can see that he’s learning each and every week and picking up the things that are being asked of him. He’s a great pass protector as well; he does a great job in the pass game. He’s been a huge force stepping in since [running back] Doug [Martin] has been out.”

CB Darrelle Revis

(On Miami Dolphins wide receivers Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace)
“They’re both fast. I think Hartline doesn’t get a lot of credit for what he does. He’s a consistent receiver. I think he’s their best route-runner. He can kill you with double moves, and he runs smooth and crisp routes. I think he doesn’t get enough credit for what he does. And Mike Wallace, I’ve played against him a couple times [when he was] with Pittsburgh – [he’s] a fast guy as well. He can blow the top off the coverage and he can get open with his speed. I tip my hat off to those guys. I’ve played against them before. They’re familiar with me as well, too. It’ll be fun come Monday night.”

(On playing on Monday Night Football)
“There’s a lot of hype to Monday night, which is great. It reminds me of playoff games. Guys who’ve ever played in the playoffs, they can probably relate to it very well because of the hype and the ‘lights, camera, action’ – everything is escalated to another level. That’s what it reminds me of. You’re on center stage. You’re playing in front of the country, in front of the world, so you’ve got to perform well. Everybody’s watching.”

(On Warren Sapp being inducted into the Ring of Honor)
“I think it’ll be great. We’ve got Veteran’s Day coming up as well, so there’s a lot of things tied into this game. I think, for our team, especially us being 0-8, and then Veteran’s Day and then Warren Sapp going into the Ring of Honor, it should be a very emotional night. I think guys really see that as being an emotional night. We’ve got to throw everything into this game to get a win.”

(On how the team has kept its focus)
“I think we’re just sticking together. Being 0-8 or having a losing record, usually guys start thinking about other things or are not really focused in on what we’re trying to do and accomplish, but guys have been focused. We’ve just been trying to get better as a team, I think that’s what we’ve been trying to do, and not try to point the finger here or there or say it’s offense, say it’s defense or special teams. We’ve just been sticking together. We know we’ve got good players on this team, and we know we’ve got some great talent, so we’ve just got to put all the pieces together. Soon, once we get a win, it’ll cure a lot of things and we can, hopefully, get on a winning streak.”