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2013 Honorees

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Baltimore Ravens

August 8th

Sgt. Ralph Morgan is a Bay-area Vietnam Veteran who recently received a Silver Star, the military’s third highest decoration, for his valiant service while ensuring his platoon’s safety during North Vietnamese Army enemy fire in 1971.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Sergeant Tara Winger (Army)
  • Seaman Robert Schreur (Coast Guard)
  • Captain Mark Towers (Marines)
  • Commander Milton “Jim” Singleton (Navy)
  • Commander Lawrence Miller (Navy)
  • Staff Sergeant Derek Shennett (Air Force)
  • Sergeant First Class Edward Pesquera (Army)
  • Fireman Kristopher Vanorden (Coast Guard)


Washington Redskins

August 27th

Sgt. DeMent Sr. is a Bay-area WWII Veteran who served as a gunner on a B-24 Bomber for 25 missions. On a mission in April 1944, Sgt. DeMent was shot down and became a Prisoner of War for a year. For his bravery and commitment to service, Sgt. DeMent received a Silver Star and three Purple Hearts.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Staff Sergeant Amanda Ciszewski (Marines)
  • Major Zachary Davidson (Air Force)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Eric D. Lanham (Army)
  • Senior Airman Tyler Treadaway (Air Force)
  • Technical Sergeant Sonya Bryson (Air Force)
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class John Gentry (Coast Guard)
  • Electronics Technician 1st Class James Brown (Navy)
  • Sergeant Bruce Milne (Army Veteran)


New Orleans Saints

September 15th

Sgt. Bill Allen is a Bay-area Korean War POW Veteran who served in the 24th Infantry Division when deployed to Korea in 1950. One a mission in January 1951, Sgt. Allen was captured by Chinese troops and became a prisoner of war for over two years. For his bravery, commitment and service, he received a bronze star and a purple heart among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Staff Sergeant Nicholas Anderson (Army)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gravlee (Army)
  • Corporal Andrew Getman (Marines)
  • Staff Sergeant Lucas Leal (Marines)
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher Clay (Coast Guard)
  • Master Sergeant Jermale Ayers (Air Force)
  • Petty Officer Larry Amburgey (Navy)
  • Petty Officer Michael Dent (Navy)


Arizona Cardinals

September 29th

Sgt. Ritter is a Bay-area Veteran who served as a Marine Security Guard at U.S. Embassies in Khartoum, Sudan and Cairo, Egypt. In June 1967, Sgt. Ritter guarded the American Embassy at a time of crisis and assisted with the successful evacuation of 625 Americans from Cairo during the 1967 Six-Day Arab-Israeli War. For his bravery and commitment to service, Sgt. Ritter received a Personal Commendation from the Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps. Until recently, Sgt. Ritter was the regional Government Relations Director for the Florida Gulf Coast Paralyzed Veterans of America. He now volunteers his services as a disability advocate.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Technical Sergeant Rusty Thomason (Air Force)
  • Petty Officer Shawn Lewis (Navy)
  • Corporal Han Hoan Dam (Marines)
  • Chief Petty Officer James Adams (Navy)
  • Sergeant Jean Charles (Marines)
  • Petty Officer 1st Class John Beckman (Coast Guard)
  • Technical Sergeant Alberto Montellano (Air Force)
  • Senior Airman Alyssa Thorn (Air Force)


Phildelphia Eagles

October 13th

This week's Hero of the Game is Tampa Bay area Cold War Navy Veteran, Petty Officer 3rd Class Richard Rogala. Mr. Rogala served as a Store Keeper on the U.S.S. Pueblo on its first mission overseas. In January 1968, the U.S.S. Pueblo and its crew of 83 were captured by North Korean armed forces. Mr. Rogala was a Prisoner of War for eleven months. For his bravery and commitment to service, Mr. Rogala received a Purple Heart metal and a personal commendation among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Master Sergeant Larry Streur & Cynthia Streur (Army)
  • Major Dennis Riley (Army Reserve) & Lt. Junior Grade Carolyn Riley (Navy)
  • Logistics Specialist 1st Class Lara Stachow (Marines)
  • Petty Officer Second Class Alicia Emond (Navy)
  • Colonel Stephen P. Howard & Glenda Howard (Marines)
  • Sergeant 1st Class John Howarth & Donna Cummings-Howarth (Navy & Army)
  • Tech Sergeant Alphonse Ugas & Gloria Ugas (Air Force)
  • Senior Master Sergeant Darryl Cherry & Angela Ingram Cherry (Air Force)

Sergeant First Class Gary Littrell

Carolina Panthers

October 24th

This week's Hero of the Game is Tampa Bay area Vietnam Veteran, Army Sergeant First Class Gary Littrell. Sfc. Littrell served as a Light Weapons Infantry Advisor with the 23d Battalion. On April 4, 1970, the battalion was subjected to an intense enemy mortar attack which killed the Vietnamese commander, one advisor, and seriously wounded all other advisors except Sfc. Littrell. During the ensuing four days, Sfc. Littrell exhibited near superhuman endurance as he single-handedly bolstered the besieged battalion. For his bravery and commitment to service, Sfc. Littrell received the Congressional Medal of Honor presented by President Richard Nixon in October 1973 among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Petty Officer Second Class Jason Sparkman (Navy)
  • Lance Corporal Jordan Graham (Marines)
  • Master Sergeant Dennis Palow (Army)
  • Corporal Shane Johnston (Marines)
  • Master Sergeant Eric Dreibelbis (Air Force)
  • Technical Sergeant Tiffany Williams (Air Force)
  • Specialist James Morales (Army)
  • Petty Officer Anthony West (Coast Guard)

Colonel Buzz Aldrin

Miami Dolphins

November 11th

This week's Hero of the Game is an American icon that forever changed history when he piloted Apollo 11 to the first moon landing and became one of the first men to walk on the moon - Colonel Buzz Aldrin. After graduating third in his class at West Point, Buzz joined the Air Force where he flew F-86 Sabre jets in 66 combat missions in Korea. Joining NASA in 1963, Buzz pioneered many of the critical techniques that are still used to-date. In 1966, on the Gemini 12 Orbital Mission, Buzz performed the world's first successful spacewalk. On July 20, 1969, in front of a television audience of 600 million people, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong made their historic Apollo 11 moonwalk. For his bravery and commitment to service, Buzz was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest American peacetime award, among many other accolades. Today, Buzz Aldrin supports the VetSalute initiative - encouraging military veterans to salute the flag during the National Anthem.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Major John Perko (Air Force & Army)
  • Airman First Class Arnulfo Solitaire (Air Force)
  • Corporal Eddie Hoffman (Marines)
  • Lieutenant Larry Patrick (Navy)
  • First Sergeant Christopher Sharp (Army)
  • Captain Ricardo Rivera (Army)
  • Captain Roger Reyes (Marines)
  • Sergeant First Class Bradley Hannah (Army)

Veteran, Colonel Jesse Johnson

Atlanta Falcons

November 17th

This week's Hero of the Game is Tampa Bay area Veteran, Colonel Jesse Johnson. In 1968, Colonel Johnson distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous actions while commanding an infantry company during a reconnaissance-in-force operation in Vietnam. Later, during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990 and 1991, Colonel Johnson's inspiring leadership directly contributed to the overwhelming success of United States joint and combined operations in Southwest Asia. During this, the largest combined naval, ground and air campaign conducted by US forces since WWII, he guided the Special Operations Forces of the US, as well as those of more than 25 coalition countries. For his bravery and commitment to service, Colonel Johnson received the Distinguished Service Cross and multiple Purple Heart medals, among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Staff Sergeant Timothy Hicks (Marines)
  • Sergeant Michele Castleberry (Marines)
  • Lance Corporal Tyler Rodriguez (Marines)
  • Staff Sergeant Abbey Wallace (Air Force)
  • Petty Officer Hoke Harper (Coast Guard)
  • Logistics Specialist Ric Hauser (Navy)
  • Staff Sergeant Kris Parrish (Air Force)
  • Sergeant Chance McCurry (Army)

Yeoman First Class Vivian Cunningham

Buffalo Bills

December 8th

This week's Hero of the Game is Tampa Bay area Veteran, Yeoman First Class Vivian Cunningham. In March 1943, during World War II, Ms. Cunningham enlisted in the in the US Navy WAVES. The WAVES, or Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, were the first females accepted to US military service. Ms. Cunningham was stationed at the United States Armed Forces Institute in Madison, Wisconsin and joined thousands of women who proudly served our country during World War II as Navy WAVES.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Gunnery Sergeant David Barrett (Marines)
  • Chief Warrant Officer-3 Erik Battaglia (Marines)
  • Chief Petty Officer Elvin Cruz (Marines)
  • Petty Officer Third Class Jacob Garbrecht (Air Force)
  • Staff Sergeant Myron Meek (Coast Guard)
  • Master Sergeant Caren Price (Navy)
  • Petty Officer Fernando Vazquez (Air Force)
  • Staff Sergeant Jose Zambrano (Army)

Seaman First Class Kenneth Guyatt

San Francisco 49ers

December 15th

This week's Hero of the Game is Tampa Bay area World War II Veteran, Seaman First Class Kenneth Guyatt. On August 9, 1942, while serving in the Guadalcanal campaign, Mr. Guyatt's ship - the USS Quincy - was attacked by Japanese forces. Of the 1,000 men onboard the USS Quincy, only 471 survived after spending a night in shark infested waters. For his bravery and commitment to service, Mr. Guyatt received the Purple Heart medal, among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Sergeant First Class Steven Broughton (Army)
  • Airman First Class Caleb Cano (Air Force)
  • Petty Office First Class Carlito Cua (Navy)
  • Hospital Corpsman First Class Katrina Edwards (Navy)
  • Sergeant Romualdo Galindo-Cardoso (Marines)
  • Yeoman Second Class Christina Lehman (Coast Guard)
  • Sergeant Francoise Pambianchi (Marines)
  • Chief Firecontrolman Robert Summers (Navy)