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2014 Honorees

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Miami Dolphins

August 16th

Private First Class William H. Wilson is a Bay-area World War II United States Army Veteran. As a paratrooper, Mr. Wilson participated in the Battle of Anzio, Italy against German forces and was injured during the War. For his bravery and commitment to service, Mr. Wilson received multiple medals for combat, among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Sergeant Addison Belzer (Marines)
  • Senior Chief Rick Burke (Coast Guard)
  • Sergeant Kevin DeBold (Army)
  • Major Joe Fortin (Air Force)
  • Petty Officer First Class Zachary Kotouc (Navy)
  • Lieutenant Natalie Moyer (Coast Guard)
  • First Class Petty Officer Melissa Spells (Navy)
  • Sergeant William Valcourt (Marines)


Washington Redskins

August 28th

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Hutchinson is a Bay-area U.S. Air Force Vietnam War Veteran. On October 24th and 25th 1965, Lieutenant Colonel Hutchinson voluntarily flew two aerial flare missions to support the ground attack in Vietnam while under constant threat of hostile fire. For his bravery and commitment to service, Mr. Hutchinson received the Distinguished Flying Cross with Combat “V” medal, among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Captain Nathan Adams (Army)
  • Petty Officer First Class Allen Carpenter (Navy)
  • Staff Sergeant Donald Chapman (Marines)
  • Petty Officer First Class Anndrea Kinzli (Navy)
  • Technical Sergeant Orlando Ortega (Air Force)
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician First Class Brandon Smith (Coast Guard)
  • Corporal Delorian White (Marines)
  • Staff Sergeant Christopher Young (Army)


Carolina Panthers

September 7th

Corporal Joe Slatton is a Bay-area U.S. Army Korean War Veteran. From 1952 to 1954, Corporal Slatton served as a Track Vehicle (Tank) Mechanic in the Kumwa Valley. Corporal Slatton’s unit was responsible for all maintenance of tanks in the region during the Korean War. Today, Corporal Slatton serves as President of the Korean War Veterans Association – Suncoast Chapter and was instrumental in helping build the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Pinellas Park.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Sergeant Major Kristie Brady (Army)
  • Senior Chief Jame Correia (Navy)
  • Lieutenant Commander Jason Goulas (Navy)
  • Staff Sergeant D. Elle Harbison (Air Forc)
  • Sergeant Thomas Johnston (Marines)
  • Captain Robert Keeler (Army)
  • Master Chief Shelly Safriet (Navy)
  • Aviation Electrical Technician First Class Aaron Turbett (Coast Guard)


St. Louis Rams

September 14th

U.S. Army Sergeant First Class (Retired) Darrell Brooks is a cousin of Buccaneers Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks. Sergeant First Class Darrell Brooks served in the U.S. Army for 21 years state-side and on overseas tours including Korea, Germany, Kuwait, as well as throughout Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. For his bravery and commitment to service, Sergeant First Class Brooks received the Presidential Unit Citation among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Petty Officer Randy Burleson (Coast Guard)
  • Petty Officer Sean Heredia (Coast Guard)
  • Technical Sergeant Justin Herrick (Air Force)
  • Sergeant Kayla Kral (Army)
  • Petty Officer First Class Brian Meade (Navy)
  • Sergeant Robert Nadeau (Marines)
  • Technical Sergeant Kristopher Parrish (Air Force)
  • Staff Sergeant Stephen Wilson (Army)


Baltimore Ravens

October 12th

Sergeant Major Anne-Marie Wendel served in the U.S. Army Reserve for 15 years and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve for 5 years. During the Gulf War, Sergeant Major Wendel was stationed in Saudi Arabia. In addition to preserving our freedom, Sergeant Major Wendel protected our community as a member of local law enforcement for over 31 years. In 2012, Sergeant Major Wendel was diagnosed with breast cancer and joins us in celebration of overcoming this life-threatening disease.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Chief Master Sergeant Albert Cobb (Air Force) & Mrs. Brenda Cobb
  • Master Sergeant John Dye (Air Force) & Mre. Tami Dye
  • Petty Officer Second Class Alicia Edmond (Navy)
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Carolyn Riley (Navy) & Major Dennis Riley (Army Reserve)
  • Petty Officer First Class Lara Stachow (Navy)
  • Senior Master Sergeant Bill Stromberg (Air Force) & Mrs. Kimberly Stromberg
  • Technical Sergeant Alphonse Ugas (Air Force) & Mrs. Gloria Ugas
  • Sergeant First Class Donovan Wood (Army) & Mrs. Kimberly Wood


Minnesota Vikings

October 26th

U.S. Army Master Sergeant Andres Vergara is a veteran of World War II, as well as the Korean War and Vietnam War. During the Korean War, Master Sergeant Vergara entered a burning building in South Korea to save the lives of 100 children. For his bravery, he was presented with the South Korean Medal of Honor on the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War in 2003. Recently, Master Sergeant Vergara became the oldest paratrooper in the United States after completing his 850th parachute jump at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Corporal Christopher Covell (Marines)
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Jason Mauloni (Navy)
  • Staff Sergeant Nathan Paquette (Army)
  • Petty Officer Second Class Erik Pierantoni (Coast Guard)
  • Staff Sergeant Stephen Van Dover (Air Force)
  • Petty Officer First Class Andrew Vetter (Coast Guard)
  • Staff Sergeant Jason Ward (Army)


Atlanta Falcons

November 9th

U.S. Army Air Corps Sergeant Ed Jackfert is a Veteran of World War II. While fighting overseas, Sergeant Jackfert became a Prisoner of War and endured Japanese labor camps for more than 3 years. For his bravery and commitment to service, Sergeant Jackfert received the Bronze Star medal among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Lieutenant Colonel Steven Berger (Army)
  • Petty Officer First Class Eric Forbes (Navy)
  • Sergeant Felix Gomez (Marines)
  • Petty Officer Third Class Brian Howdeshell (Navy)
  • Sergeant Parris Mack (Army)
  • Sergeant Tim Simmons (Army)
  • Major John F. Soto, Jr. (Marines)
  • Petty Officer Second Class Bartholomew Sullivan (Coast Guard)


Cincinnati Bengals

November 30th

USAF Chief Master Sergeant Leonard Black valiantly served our country in World War II, Korean and Vietnam Wars. Chief Master Sergeant Black is the co-founder of Honor Flight West Central Florida, which is dedicated to ensuring World War II Veterans experience their memorial in Washington, D.C. For his bravery and commitment to service, Chief Master Sergeant Black received two Air Force Commendation Medals and two Presidential Unit Citations, among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Sergeant Kevin Belickis (Marines)
  • Staff Sergeant Ryan Kass (Army)
  • Technical Sergeant Brian Lembo (Air Force)
  • Staff Sergeant Carolina Lora (Air Force)
  • Command Master Chief Johnny Robinette (Navy)
  • Lieutenant Stephanie Robinette (Coast Guard)
  • Sergeant Jose Roman, Jr. (Marines)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Steve Selman (Army)


Green Bay Packers

December 21st

US Air Force First Lieutenant Russell Gackenbach served the United States of America in World War II. On August 6, 1945, First Lieutenant Gackenbach navigated a B-29 observation plane that accompanied the historic "Enola Gay" aircraft which was instrumental in bringing victory to the Allies in World War II. For his bravery and commitment to service, First Lieutenant Gackenbach received the Air Medal among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Staff Sergeant Jeremy Beard (Army)
  • Staff Sergeant Justin Hough (Army)
  • Yeoman Third Class Kayla Illich (Coast Guard)
  • Staff Sergeant Elyse Millan (Marines)
  • Petty Officer Third Class Drayton Pelham (Navy)
  • Chief Warrant Officer II James Ring (Army)
  • Technical Sergeant John Verrecchio (Air Force)
  • Chief Petty Officer Scott Williams (Navy)


New Orleans Saints

December 28th

US Army Private First Class Harold Wolfson served the United States of America in World War II. In the town of Remagen, Private First Class Wolfson’s C Company was instrumental in keeping the Ludendorff Bridge over the Rhine River open for Allies, despite intense artillery and aircraft attack. Private First Class Wolfson was also an original Tampa Bay Buccaneers season pass member. For his bravery and commitment to service, Private First Class Wolfson received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star medals among many other accolades.

Salute To Service Suite

  • Machinery Technician Third Class Sean Danahey (Coast Guard)
  • Specialist Michael Listemann (Army)
  • Petty Officer Third Class Jose Perez (Coast Guard)
  • Technical Sergeant Steven Spradley (Air Force)
  • Senior Airman Kayla Stephens (Air Force)
  • Chief Warrant Officer IV Robert Swanson (Coast Guard)
  • Staff Sergeant Marie Swift (Army)
  • Petty Officer Third Class Myles Wittkamper (Coast Guard)