Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-27-2005 - Post Game Quotes


(On the first half) "We are in a tight football game. Penalties, obviously, have killed us in the first half. We didn't like the start of the game, seeing them go 80 yards. But we've rebounded. We just need to get rid of the penalties and make a couple of plays. You can't start games like that. It's been a real problem around here. We played good, solid defense the last 20 minutes of the half. We have to get better here at the start of ball games."

(On the offense) "We had a good opening drive and we had another touchdown called back. I was pleased with that. Late in the second quarter we had some key penalties and some breakdowns that cost us."

(On the players playing for roster spots in this second half) "That's how it is in this league. It's just about letting everyone have a last opportunity and we will do everything we can to be fair to everyone."


(On his performance) "I felt pretty good. I knew coming in that we were going to go downfield a little bit tonight. We saw their defense on film and felt like that this would be a good opportunity to practice some deep balls. We connected a couple of times, one got called back, but either way we connected on it. Either way, it's good work for the offense, for me, for (Brian) Griese, for the receivers."

(On the offense) "It didn't turn out as well as we would have liked, of course. We only have three points on the board. The defense put us in some positions where we should have put more points on the board, but we didn't do it. We know that we need to correct some mistakes and get better than we were tonight.


(On his play) "It felt great just to come out here and get a few more touches, being in pass situations, reading the defense and just feeling the tempo of the game. It felt real good. I am definitely comfortable with the offense. I feel like I'm coming along well. I'm looking forward to next week."

(On seeing his former Auburn teammate Ronnie Brown) "We talked before the game and I wished him good luck. It was good to see him out there. Overall I thought we did pretty well out there."


(On the defense) "I think the guys were trying to do too much (on the first drive). We were trying too hard to start fast, but sometimes when you try to do too much it can be a little bit of a detriment. We let ourselves down a little bit. You never want to give up an opening touchdown, but I think the three three-and-outs after that showed we had a little bit of resolve. We had a couple of sudden changes in there that really gave us some opportunities and we came out of it okay."

(On forcing the turnovers) "We are a turnover driven football team. We win football games when we take the ball away."


(On the offense) "We wanted to takes some shots down the field tonight. We wanted to get Joey (Galloway) fired up a little bit. He made a great play in the first quarter, and unfortunately we had a penalty on the second (big play). We wanted to get our timing down. I felt good coming out of this game about our offense. A lot of the calls that we need to make up front and seeing defenses, not just as a quarterback, or as a wideout, or as a left tackle, but seeing them all together and making the calls to adjust to those defenses. It takes time. For us, we are trying to use the preseason to gel, to work together, to see the same things and to work as a unit."


(On the defense) "I think that on the first drive, it was great for us to see some diversity. We've seen some things that we hadn't seen, and then we came to the sideline and made the changes. We went back out there and executed those changes, so that was good. We will do some of that during the year. I think our performance was good. The effort has always been great. I think once we made our changes we really got on our details. If we want to be great, that's what we need to do."

(On the turnovers) "When you hear about great defenses, they always force turnovers. I think that is what is going to define us as a unit."

(On his performance) "I was feeling good. To come out here and know you are going to play more snaps, that's always a good thing. I was ready to play. This felt like my first regular season game."

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