Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10-10-2004 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(on the status of Chris Simms) "(He has) a sprained shoulder. (He is) day to day."

(on his decision to have Brian Griese as the backup) "We like Griese. We like Brad (Johnson). We like all of them. We made a decision to go with Brian and Chris. I thought Brian did a heck of a job. I think that's the story today."

(on the way Griese started out throwing 9 for 10) "He can't play much better. He did a great job in tough circumstances. I'm very proud of him. He moved the team and made some plays in key situations. If we could stay on-sides and eliminate some penalties it would have been a much better show."

(on what was the game plan against the Saints) "We wanted to try to stay out of third-and-longs and do what we do, make some plays. I think that was the key."

LB Derrick Brooks

(On the Bucs' defense) "I mean, what can I say? The defense came up big when we had to. We made a great play stopping Duece, the ball popped out and Ronde made a terrific play taking it in and giving us the early lead. We stayed together as a unit and came up with our first victory."

(On getting the team's first win) "All I know we are one and zero. It was out first win, and all we can do now is look at film and get ready for Monday night in St. Louis."

CB Ronde Barber

(On his touchdown) "I was trying to make a play and it (the ball) just came out. I didn't think of falling on it as it was clear sailing into the end zone."

*CB Brian Kelly *(On his interception in the fourth quarter) "I was just trusting the guys up front and watched Brooks's eyes. He released it and I broke on the play the same time the receiver did. But I got there first. It was a big play and I think our defense did what it had to do to get us the victory."

(On the victory) "It was a big victory. We came in and trusted one another and just got the job done. Winning, regardless of whether it was ugly or not, is a win, and we'll take it."

**WR Michael Clayton

(On his role in the offense) "I just think Coach believes in me, so he's calling my number. When we sense a weakness in their defense we are going to attack it and that's what we did today out there."

(On playing back at home) "It was really exciting. I had to get something like 80 tickets for all my friends and family who wanted to see the game."

QB Chris Simms

(On his injury) "I don't think its all that serious. I was just trying to throw the ball and I felt something and couldn't go on. I just felt something get extended, that's all. It was better to have it checked out. We x-rayed it and I'll just see if I can be ready for next week."

(On his injury and the game) "It's real disappointing, because I felt I was ready to play after knowing I was going to start. But you have to hand it to our entire team. I felt we had a lot of energy coming out. We were just ready to play. We had a great, up-tempo week in practice and I knew the game plan. But Brian is a great professional and he's done it before. It was a great team victory and its something to build on."

(On his play before the injury) "I just felt great today. I knew coming in we had a great game plan. I just had a good feeling about today; I think everyone did."

QB Brian Griese

(On his relief performance) "So, you guys have something good to write about me now. What a great win, on the road. Its kind of hard, being a back-up quarterback in the NFL, but you have to be ready because you never know what's going to happen. It's an unfortunate situation for Chris, but I had to come on there and get us going, and we did that."

(On the injury to Simms) "It's tough for him. He was really ready to lead the team and he did that early on. I can't say if I'm the starting quarter back now, because I know from experience its not my call, but management, to make the decisions. I just have to be ready if I'm called upon."



Head Coach Jim Haslett

(On the game) "I thought our guys played hard. The energy was there. They practiced hard and prepared well. I thought there was a lot of missed opportunities. When you play a team like this you can't turn the ball over that turns into a touchdown. You also can't have a blown assignment that turns into a touchdown. The positives are we stopped the run and ran the ball pretty well. We have something to build off of but we have to start making some plays to win games.

(On Deuce McAllister's fumble) "The guy hit the ball out but he's got to secure the football. The worst thing about it is it turned into a touchdown. I thought he had a nice performance running the football for a guy that was limited."

(On Ken Dilger's long touchdown) "It was a blown assignment; the middle linebacker was supposed to run with him.

(on the Bucs' last drive) "That's disappointing because I thought we played pretty good on defense until the last drive.

(On the Saints' blitzing) "They weren't going to let us get to the QB because of the young kid. They max protected a lot and ran two man routes. They did a good job but we still had 4 or 5 sacks.

(On QB Aaron Brooks) "I thought he did well. On the interception, 25 [Brian Kelly] made a great play. Maybe he should have thrown it more in the middle of the field but 25 made a great play."

(On the loss) "I am frustrated and I think everyone in the organization, city, and the fans are frustrated. Hopefully we will get our guys back to work Wednesday, but we need to start doing the little things right to get over this hump.

DE Charles Grant

(On a tough loss) "We've got to go back to work tomorrow- watch film and see what we did wrong. When you win- you win together, and when you lose- you lose together. We lost together today. Two losses in a row- the wins we should have had, but things didn't turn out our way so we've just got to keep fighting."

(on his strong performance) "That's just a blessing from God- my other teammates were doing what they needed to for me to excel. But like I always say, personal goals- I'd rather throw them out the window- I want W's. I'd rather have a win than get a sack or make a tackle."

T Wayne Gandy

(on McAllister's performance) "It makes you block harder- since he's not 100%. You're going to have to hold blocks and get him off the ground because he's giving his all and he was very effective. As the game went on, he even got better, so next week we'll line up and try it again."

TE Boo Williams

(on defeat) "You always have your head down after two losses. Tampa Bay's record doesn't show the way they play. We've just got to come back next week and get ready for Minnesota. They're going to be a team that comes in here playing great ball, and we've just got to put this loss behind us and move forward."

DB Ashley Ambrose

(On stopping the run) "I think any team that has trouble stopping the run is going to struggle. We've got to figure out some kind of way to really slow the run down and make teams pass."

DE Will Smith

(On his forced fumble) "Me and Charles had a good rush on and Charles got the sack and I didn't even see the ball at first. I didn't even know it was a live ball and I realized the ref didn't blow the whistle so I tried to go for it and by then Griese had it. I should have just fell on it and got the ball for the offense in great field position."

QB Aaron Brooks

(On his interception) "That was a great play on Brian Kelly's part. The play was a tight post and Boo Williams felt he had his guy beat and the guy made an outstanding play on it."

(On his frustration) "You'd like to have more production and sometimes that doesn't go your way. Being able to control those types of emotions can make all the difference in the world. I was able to control it but we weren't able to come away with a win so we've got to regroup and get back to .500."

RB Deuce McAllister

(On his fumbles) "On the first one the guy was pulling at the ball while I was spinning. That was really the whole game- they were just going at the ball. They weren't really trying to tackle me but just tackle the ball. On the second one I was cutting back on the defensive lineman and I didn't have the ball tight enough and he just reached at it."

*(On his time off making a difference) "I wouldn't blame it on the rust. True enough, I was rusty- I missed some reads. The offensive line did a great job. The tight ends, Mike (McCarthy) did a great job. They depend on me to make plays, and at times I made them and other times I didn't."

*(On his 100-yard game) "20-17, two fumbles, one for a touchdown- the numbers don't matter. I was just trying to get out there and help the team out because I knew what type of game it was going to be. So I tried to do my part- I just didn't' hold it up all the way."


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