Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-04-2005 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(on the win) "I'm very happy with the win. I'm proud of our team. New Orleans, it's a credit to them. They are a very talented team. To win on the road in a conference game with this magnitude is something that we are excited about."

(on the play of Ronde Barber) "He came up big. He's a generous player. I thought he could have snatched the fourth one away from his teammate. He came up huge. As we said coming in here today, the great players are going to play great in December and down the stretch and he did that today. He stepped up and played tremendous."

(on Chris Simms) "I thought Chris Simms should great poise. They (Saints) went to five defensive lineman at times. They came after him with the blitz and he threw it in there to (Joey) Galloway for our only touchdown. He handled the running game extremely well and managed the clock."

(on no turnovers) "To come out of here without a turnover is a great accomplishment. It wasn't perfect, but it's a heck of a win for us."

(on Carnell Williams and Mike Pittman) "He (Williams), obviously, has been a big part of our planning. I thought Mike Pittman gave us a real good, energized, physical look in the hole as well. Carnell is a guy that we said all along really starts to get it going in the middle of the third quarter and late in the game. He played magnificently. He made a key pickup on the touchdown pass to Galloway. He's improving in every area. He's going to be a force in this league, provided he continues to do what he's doing."

(on if he talked to Ronde Barber during the week about his dropped ball last week) "The first thing he did (after his interception today) was he came and spiked it on me. The second one he spiked it on me. And the third one, I ran for cover. He's a guy that has put the Buccaneers on the map. He's had a lot of help from many of the Bucs that aren't with us anymore. I give him a lot of credit for bringing this franchise back with plays like that, let's be honest."

(on playing conservatively on offense) "We didn't have great field position a couple of times early in the game. Given the kind of pressure we were seeing from the Saints, we were a bit conservative in those situations. To be honest with you, and it's a credit to New Orleans, after we did score and start to find our rhythm, they took the kickoff and went all they way down for a field goal to make it 7-3. Then they (Saints) got the ball to start the second half and they basically used the whole third quarter. They had the ball for close to nine minutes. Offensively, it was a real credit to our players to remain poised. I thought they put together three tremendous drives and used a lot of clock late in the game."

(on the missed field goal) "Obviously, it got blocked. I don't know if the trajectory was low. It appeared to be a good operation between the snapper and the holder. It might have been a protection issue. It might have been the trajectory of the kick. But, I thought he made a big field goal (later) and kicked off well. Give him credit. He just got reacquainted with a lot of guys that he really doesn't know and kicked in a big game that we won."

WR Michael Clayton

(on his return to Tiger Stadium) "It was great. I have the support from the people of Louisiana my entire life. Who would have thought going to the pros I would have a chance to come back and play at home."

(on what he has done to help the people of Louisiana after Katrina) "We have sent clothes and helped them get hotel rooms. That was the biggest thing after Katrina hit was to help get them clothes and shelter; to make sure they had a place to lay their head."

CB Ronde Barber

(on it being a low scoring game) "You look at their part, they had three turnovers in the red zone. Those were the biggest plays of the game. You want to keep those scores off the board."

(on the low attendance) "I told the guys don't let this situation, the lack of attendance, the lack of attention on this game deter us from doing our job. This is a college town, and were playing pro football. You can't expect a big fan base. The Saints have gone through a lot of hardships. You can't expect their fans to support them like they normally would."

(on playing against Aaron Brooks) "Strong-arm quarterbacks are a pain. They can throw through the zone coverage. We have had problems on third downs and a lot of that has to do with scrambling quarterbacks. They can get out of the pocket and create some time to avoid the rush."

QB Chris Simms

(on not having to play from behind) "It was nice. It is almost harder sometimes sitting back and watching the defense, you almost feel helpless. Our defense was awesome today and made some big plays for us."

(on his touchdown pass) "They blitzed us and Joey (Galloway) had his man one on one. I threw the ball and got hit just as I threw it so I didn't see much after that but I heard he made a great catch."

WR Joey Galloway

(on the game) "The defense played well. They kept us in it. They kept giving us a shorter field in the second half. We would liked to have put more points on the board, but we didn't. But we got out with a win."

(on how difficult it was to put the Saints away) "It was tough. We had some chances. I let one get away. But we expected that because they always play us tough. They're a good football team and we're excited to get out of here with this win."

(on his near touchdown catch late in the game) "I didn't make the play. That's a play that I need to make. That's a play that I plan to make. I practice it. Hopefully I'll have another chance to do it again."

(on if he's ever been on such a scoring streak before) "I don't know, to be honest with you. I might have to go back to high school to find a streak like that."

LB Shelton Quarles

(on Ronde Barber) "He did a great job. That's Ronde. When he has an opportunity to make plays, he does. He capitalized on every play he could possibly make and he did a great job of that today."

(on winning a defensive struggle) "We can. We think our defense is built for these games when they come down to the wire towards the end of the game. We did a good job – offense, defense, special teams – to get the win today."

(on winning the first game in a stretch of three straight on the road) "It feels good, it feels great. Coach said we don't want to leave here without a victory, and we didn't."

DT Anthony McFarland

(on a big win in December) "It's big. That's what you fight all year for. You can win them all in September and October, but when you play for something in December that lets you know you have a chance to get to the show. That's what we're all fighting for. We all want to get into the show. It doesn't matter how you get there."

(on winning a division game on the road) "This time of the year, it doesn't matter if they're from the AFC West. As long as you win them, that's what matters."

New Orleans Saints

Head Coach Jim Haslett

(on the game) "I thought that Tampa played a great game. They have three players that aren't just good player but great players. That's Ronde Barber, Derrick(Brooks), and Simeon Rice. They did a great job getting turnovers. One thing we wanted to do going into the game was not turn the ball over. We turned it over way too many times. Obviously it lead to a touchdown. A poor punt lead to a field goal. I thought the guys played hard and it's a shame we didn't score more points. I thought we played good enough to win but that's a good team we played."

(on the interceptions) "I thought two of them were phenomenal plays by Ronde. I thought the last one he probably should have gone outside to the single receiver because it was man to man and there was a safety in the middle. Another interception was the jump ball he threw to Zack Hilton and he should have thrown to the flat."

(on holding the Bucs to ten points and still losing) "Normally if you can hold a team to seventeen points you should win game. We moved the ball well we just didn't score enough. We had a ten minute drive, fifteen plays, and we got nothing out of it. We can't settle for field goals we have to get touchdowns."

(on Zachary Hilton and Aaron Stecker) "I thought both of them were outstanding. I thought Zach's getting better. I think the more he plays the more he gets confidence in his ability. He's taking some hits and holding onto the ball. He's becoming a better blocker. I think he has more confidence then he had the last couple of years, just from playing more."

C LeCharles Bentley

On the team's record: "Ever since I've been here, we've had a losing record. It's not like something new. Obviously, it's not getting easier, because you don't get endeared to losing."

(on playing at Tiger Stadium) It doesn't feel like the dome, but it's the same thing. We do have our fans and that's the most important thing that our fans can see us play. To have them here, even if it's not huge amounts, is better than going to New York or wherever else we have to play and having real fans. It's a great feeling to be at your "away home" and have your family here.

QB Aaron Brooks

(on the offense's play in the game) "Ronde (Barber) made two exceptional plays. He's a good player, a very good player. Other than that we had our chances to get down there and we kind of got stalled by their defense. They did a very good job of containing what we wanted to do. Other than those two plays I feel like we played very well."

(on Tampa Bay's defense) "They are a good defense you have to give them credit. Sometimes I'm in a situation where I have to make plays. We had to make plays out there and obviously we didn't make enough plays to get into the end zone."

(on his last interception) "I had my best guy inside. Normally I can get that throw in. Joe (Horn) did an outstanding job getting up the field. I put the ball where I wanted it to be and Ronde turned his head at the right time and came down with the pick and sealed their victory."

DE Darren Howard

(on the defense's play during the game) "You're dealing with a team that has a great defense on its on sideline. Usually when they only get ten points you expect to win it, but that's football. You've got to score more points than the other person, not how many points did you held them to. We didn't win that battle."

(on his impression of the game) "I think we dominated on both sides of the ball. We moved the ball up and down the field and they couldn't do too much against our defense. They had one big play on that slant they threw to Joey Galloway. Turnovers and penalties, that's what killed us, we're going to try to correct those things, it is kind of late in the season, but we've got to find a way to correct those."

WR Joe Horn

(on the offense's inability to score) "We just didn't get the ball in the end zone. My hat's off to Tampa, though. They're the best defense in the league and we had a chance to put 21 points up on them in the first half. Every week it's the same thing. I know that this football team can be whatever we want it to be. We've got the athletes here now to win a Super Bowl. Every team we play we start out doing well and we think we can beat them. Other than Minnesota, no other team has drug us through. We've had a chance to win every game we've played."

(on the last pick by Barber) "Ronde made a great play. Aaron threw a nice ball and Ronde turned around at the last second and saw it. I was trying to look him off, but at the last second he turned around and picked it."

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