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12-08-2002 - Post Game Quotes

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Head Coach Dan Reeves

(On the loss) "Of course it's disappointing to come into a big game like this and have so much at stake, to get dominated like this. But football is an experience. They have been in a lot of big games in the last four or five years. We have a young football team in some aspects and this was a learning experience for us. We have to look at it like that. We have been on the road for three weeks and it's been a tough road. We have won two out of the three and we are still in good position. It's certainly disappointing to lose a football game. We still have a three game season with two at home. We just need to bounce back and learn from it, and move on. They played really well. They got turnovers and when we thought we got a turnover, the official said it wasn't. They won the battle of turnovers. It turned the momentum to them. In the second quarter it was big in their favor. When they scored on the long drive in the two minute drill, that was a big play on a touchdown pass."

(On what the Falcons take from the game) "As I said, this was a learning experience today and we didn't execute today, not just Mike (Vick). They are an excellent defensive football team. We have been at war with these guys a bunch of times and they put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and they got to him. It was nothing we didn't expect going into the game. I was just hoping we would play well offensively, but a lot of times the other team makes you not play as well. But certainly we are a better offensive team than what we showed."

(On Michael Vick) "I think they put some pressure on Mike and that isn't his fault. Sometimes Mike could've made a quick throw instead of making something big out of it. There are a lot reasons. We'll look at the film and try to learn from it. Hopefully it will be a learning experience for him and he can look at this and learn from it."

(On Buccaneers QB Brad Johnson) "We missed a lot of tackles in the running game. He did a great job and has all year long of throwing the ball, throwing to spots, and using the ball control passing game. I thought they used their size and used their best match-ups."

(On missing Warrick Dunn) "We could have used Warrick, but I just felt that if we could just get out of the game (without using him), then the game got out of hand. I didn't see putting him in their with his ankle not being 100 percent. Without question he should be ready to go next week."

T Todd Weiner

(On Bucs defense) "Tampa Bay's defense has caused a lot of teams to have trouble. They played great today and we struggled a little bit moving the ball. It's frustrating today, but we have three games left and if we finish off strong, were in the playoffs and maybe we'll see this team again. And that's how we have to look at it."

LB Keith Brooking

(On the game) "We didn't make the plays and they did. It's frustrating because it was a huge game for us and that's the most frustrating part about it. Losing sucks, period. At the same time the season isn't over. It hurts right now and will hurt for a couple of days, but we will just bounce back."

(On the play of Brad Johnson) "He's good. They all were good. The receivers made great catches when we were in good positions. We missed tackles and we didn't make plays in the passing game. We made them all look like Pro Bowlers today. But, you've got to give them credit. They deserve all the hype they get because they kicked our butts for sure."

WR Brian Finneran

(On the loss) "We have ourselves in a good situation still and we have to bounce back next week and play hard. It puts everything in focus and makes everyone stop and go, 'we aren't unbeatable,' and now we really need to bare down the next three weeks and take care of business."

QB Michael Vick

(On the Bucs defense) "I think it starts up front. Their front four did a tremendous job of getting penetration and pressuring us, and that threw us out of our game plan a little bit. We still managed to stick to our game plan a little bit, but I just take my hat off to those guys. They are a great defense and hopefully we will see them again. Definitely (they defend me the best). I think it's because the talent of their defense. Up front, teams in this league might have one or two good pass rushers. On this team you have four. Then you three All-Pro linebackers."

(On what makes the Bucs defense different from other defenses) "Those guys have speed. They have speed that other teams don't have. And when you have a defense with guys that can move around and can run just as fast as the guys you have on offense, you are going to have to fight for everything you get. The guys cut off lanes, and they have Simeon Rice out there who runs like a running back. I've never run up against a team like that. There was nothing I could do. They kept me contained. You try to get around the corners and there's Simeon Rice and a defensive back. Overall, they are a good football team and to beat them you need to be on top of your game."

(On how the Falcons will put this game behind them) "You just forget about it. What else can you do? There is nothing else you can do. You can't go back and play them again in the regular season. So what we need to do is go out and focus on Seattle, our next game. We go out and beat them, beat Detroit, and win out. From the time I stepped in the locker room, I forgot about this game. It's over."

(On if there was ever a moment when he felt like it would be a tough day) "Right when I stepped on the field (I realized it was going to be a tough day). You watch those guys on film, and watch the teams they play, then you look at their record and it speaks for itself. We knew it would be a tough game and that we were going to fight for everything."

(On not having Warrick Dunn) "It changed us a little bit. We couldn't set up screens and get him involved in the passing game, so it did take away a little bit from our game plan. But with T.J. in there we were still able to do some of the things we wanted to."

(On any differences (defensively) from the first game) "They did pretty much the same thing. Everything I saw on film and everything I anticipated them doing, they did it. They played man to man coverage, challenged us, and they can do that because their front four is so good. If you have a front four that is as good as what they have, then you can do some things that gives teams problems without blitzing."

(On Bucs trying to make a statement) "I think (they were trying to make a statement). They won the war today. This is the second war of many, hopefully in my career. This will be my rivalry."

(On what he takes from a game like this) "I learned a lot. I learned that you will not win every week in this league. We went unbeaten for eight straight weeks, so to lose another game doesn't surprise me or make me feel any worse. We'll come back from it and forget about it. We know we are a good football team and that we are tough to beat. Today just wasn't our day."

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