Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Player Quotes: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Quarterback Jameis Winston

(On if he appreciates WR Chris Godwin's ability to gain yards after the catch)

"Yeah, definitely. He's a grinder, tough to bring down and explosive when the ball gets in his hands. You love having guys like that."

(On how Godwin's 71-yard touchdown developed)

"[The Falcons were playing] two high [safeties and we had] everyone going vertical. They play Tampa 2, so [the] MIKE [linebacker] did really a good job of playing it. He has his back turned for a brief minute, so you want to give the ball, let Chris [Godwin] see it and Chris did the rest – caught it and took it to the house."

(On if he hesitated to make that throw)

"You've got to make it. You've got to try to do what you've got to do. I'm not going to hesitate to throw that [to] Chris Godwin on a linebacker."

(On Godwin's second touchdown catch)

"That throw was a little deterred because they did a good job of running a guy up underneath the flat to try to stop it, so I actually had thrown around him and Chris made a heck of a catch."

(On where he sees the biggest improvement in Godwin from last season to now)

"I think the biggest difference is he's playing more, he's getting more exposure, playing inside [and] playing outside. [He's] actually able to get into a rhythm [and] stay in a consistent rhythm. He rarely comes off the field. The more chances you can give him the ball, the more opportunities he has to shine."

(On if there was ever a time when interceptions were difficult for him to overcome)

"No, I think I've always been like that. Snap-and-clear mentality is just how I've been brought up for the most part. [You've] just got to try to make some big plays if you make a mistake."

(On if leading the league in passing touchdowns and yards would mean anything to him)

"Yeah, that just means that we're doing really good as an offense. Anytime we can showcase the ability that we have on the offensive side of the ball, it's always good."

(On having a balanced offense last week)

"It was a great complementary football game. It was good to get the running game going. [We] start off the game with an 11-yard run – that sets the tempo."

(On the young defensive backs)

"They're getting better every single week. I've always known how talented they were, but when you can go into Atlanta, with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, two of the best receiving duos playing against each other – Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley versus our two guys – that's tough. A lot of people will have a tough time choosing. I know which one I'll choose, but they continue to play with great confidence and they're getting comfortable. They're young, so they just had to get adjusted to it and they're doing a good job."

(On the pass protection)

"It was phenomenal. The way that Atlanta rushed the previous two games, we were expecting that we were going to have to be firm because they have a good D-line, but we did an outstanding job of protection. That's Goodie (Harold Goodwin) and Byron [Leftwich] and Gil (Joe Gilbert) working in the protection meetings and those guys just being gritty and just outworking the guy across from them. It's always good to be clean back there in the pocket."

(On what stands out about the Jaguars' defense)

"[They have a] great front. [I have] great admiration for Calais Campbell and what he's done in this league, and for the man who he is. They have a tremendous young line. The young rookie [Josh Allen] that they've got is really good and 91 (Yannick Ngakoue) is really good. We have to be stout again in protection and move the ball."

(On if DL Vita Vea was his first read on his touchdown reception)

"He was getting the ball regardless. I think that was huge for our team to celebrate with Vita getting in the end zone, and you can just see how that just carried on into how the flow of the game went after that."

(On if he would like to see Vita more in short-yardage situations)

"Let him take his touchdown and we'll see what we can do. But, he's an incredible talent. His athleticism and his will to want to learn both sides of the ball is great."

(On how dangerous Vea could be running the ball)

"Very dangerous."

(On if he remembers the first time Vea was introduced into the offense)

"I was excited. We had Gerald [McCoy, who] did some goal line snaps for us a while back. It's always good to get that defensive guy [involved in the offense]. Every time he is involved with a play, he shows up and shows out just because of that mentality. You want a guy on offense with a defensive mentality. I think that's how kind of Chris [Godwin] is – Chris plays so physical. It's good for everybody when Vita's having fun, when we're having fun as a team and we get to put other guys in the end zone – it's good."

(On the play involving Vea not being a gimmick)

"It was purposeful [and] it was intentional, because that's the type of talent that he has. Obviously, we can't get him 20 snaps. He's got to go over there and get some sacks and do his thing on defense, but when he has that chance, it's crucial to have a guy like that on your team."

(On how much confidence Sunday's performance gives the offense)

"A lot, but this year has been not really other teams stopping us – it's really been us stopping us. We have the utmost confidence in our offense every single week, but we just have to do our job to give us a chance to win and not beat ourselves."

(On if Sunday's game is an example of this team's potential)

"I think that's how it is every week, though. If you can do that every week – most of the winning teams, they do that. They play sound, not great – you don't have to have all these magical plays but you've just got to play sound and play good team football and you give yourself a legitimate chance to win the game."

Wide Receiver Chris Godwin

(On catching passes in traffic)

"I really think it's just a mentality thing. It's understanding that anytime you go across the middle, you've got to be expecting contact, so you just go up and make the play and just take whatever comes with it."

(On being named NFC Offensive Player of the Week)

"I think it's pretty cool. I think it's a pretty cool accomplishment. I think I got it once in my rookie year, so to be named that again I think is really cool. But, I've got bigger things I'm after, trying to get a couple more wins here [and] trying to stack some of these."

(On if he knew QB Jameis Winston was going to throw him the ball on his 71-yard touchdown)

"I think by the time I got to the middle of my route, I looked and we kind of locked eyes, so I had a feeling it was coming. He threw a phenomenal ball and I was just trying to move my head around so I could see it. Somehow, he got it through there."

(On how he is preparing for the Jaguars' defense)

"I'm going to just take it day by day. What the defense does to try to stop our offense is up to them. It's our job to go and combat it and do what we can to make plays whenever the ball comes our way. That's what I'm going to keep doing."

(On if he sees his yards after catch as a strength of his game)

"Yeah – for me, obviously I've put a lot of work in the offseason just trying to get stronger, but it's a mentality thing too. Anytime I get the ball, I'm trying to make something happen, I'm trying to score every play and try to get as many yards as I can each time I have it."