Tampa Bay Buccaneers



(On CB Carlton Davis III's status and the plan if he is a game-time decision on Sunday)

"He looked pretty good [today] – I think he's going to be able to go. If it gets sore – you never know with a plane ride sometimes – [and] if it were a game-time decision, [Ross] Cockrell and [Ryan] Smith [would be options]. We've got some other guys possible – we can leave Sean [Murphy-Bunting] outside and move Antoine [Winfield Jr. to nickel]. We've got a bunch of moving pieces back there, so we'd be OK."

(On Carolina's wide receiver trio of WR Robby Anderson, WR D.J. Moore and WR Curtis Samuel)

"As a threesome – when you throw that third one in there – they're really, really good. The thing about it [is] Robby can go over the top, but Robby's become a really good runner after the catch guy. The other two break tackles and Samuel is like a running back. They've got a hell of a trio."

(On the offense's struggles on third down and what he looks for in terms of play-calling and personnel)

"I think most of it is match-up stuff. If you leave two tight ends out there, do they stay in base or do they still go nickel? If they go to nickel, you don't really have a matchup that you're looking for. Is our fourth wide receiver a better matchup than their fifth or sixth corner? Then you look for those matchups. But, we've got to do a better job of protecting and completing balls."

(On why the team has had limited success converting on longer third-down conversion attempts)

"I think 6-to-9 [yards] has to improve. I don't think anybody's really good from 9-to-12 [or] 9-to-14 [yards]. You want to stay out of those downs. But, yeah, 6-to-9 [yards] has to improve."

(On G Ali Marpet's status and if he is still in concussion protocol)

"He is still in the protocol – we'll see how it goes tomorrow. He did some stuff today, but he's still in the protocol."

(On if T Donovan Smith had a bad game against the Saints or if Saints DE Trey Hendrickson is better than anticipated)

"I think it was a bad night, plus they did some good twists on that side. I think working with Joe [Haeg] for the first time was hard on both of them."

(On Friday the 13th and if he has any superstitions)

"Thirteen is my number, so I have no problem with Friday the 13th. That was my number in college [and] I have 13 on my golf balls, so I'm good. Some people do [have superstitions] – I don't have too many. You get on a streak [and] you try to eat the same things. Sometimes it gets funny – whatever you had to drink Friday, you drink the same thing."

(On how the team has been successful in responding after difficult situations this season and how the New Orleans game has not carried over into this week)

"I think we have great leadership, and when you have really good leadership, very seldom will you ever lose two in a row. We've always preached that to our guys. This week of practice has been outstanding – just as if when we won our last ballgame. The one thing I can never complain about is our guys' work ethic. [Their] attention to detail has been outstanding. I would anticipate them to bounce back pretty good."

(On if he anticipates women becoming heads of NFL front offices similar to the Miami Marlins naming Kim Ng their general manager today)

"I don't think there's any doubt. Jackie [Davidson] came on board with us – she's outstanding. I think when you have people like Darcie Glazer Kassewitz in the leadership role, you're going to have those options. She's fantastic at diversity in the entire organization. I think it's just a matter of time."

(On if there is a temptation to make RB Leonard Fournette a three-down back)

"No – I think RoJo (Ronald Jones II) has played really, really well. He hasn't done anything to lose the job – he dropped one screen pass. I like the way the tandem's working. When Leonard's in there, we don't take him out – he stays in on third down – he is the third-down back. I think he has part of that role already and it's just [about] who has the hot hand."

(On if there is an advantage in the second game against a divisional opponent if you won the first game)

"I don't know if there's that big of an advantage. Obviously, you should have confidence. I think the other team usually has vengeance on their mind. Going into the game, I think the team that won the first one has a little more confidence going into the second one. A lot of times home-field advantage matters on the second one [but] this year [it does] not because of no crowds. This year's different on everything. I think maybe you do [have more confidence] when you win."


(On how the team has bounced back in practice this week and focused on Carolina)

"Coming into the building after we put it to rest, we watched the film, we got it corrected [and] we moved right ahead to Carolina. I feel like the energy, the communication and everything is back to status quo. We should be able to go out there and execute our gameplan. I don't have to worry about that."

(On the key to beating a divisional opponent twice in one season)

"If you look at the film from before, Carolina played extremely hard the first time we played them. The last two games, they've been playing on a roll. They've been jelling and meshing together, so we've got a lot of stuff we need to stop. We need to be able to stop Teddy [Bridgewater] and we need to be able to stop [Mike] Davis in the run game. They've got some explosive receivers, so I think it will be a challenge for us to be able to go out there and do what we need to do. If we do what we need to do, then hopefully results will favor [us]."

(On what has made the team successful in responding after losses this season)

"I think that comes with leadership and coaching – having us be able to focus on the next gameplan and the leaders showing us [to] keep your head up, keep moving [and] keep pushing forward. It's time to let it go."