Tampa Bay Buccaneers


(On G Ali Marpet's status)

"We'll wait and see. He's going to try and do some stuff today and we'll see what kind of results we have tomorrow. [We are] just not going to push it. He still has a little bit of symptoms after a full practice. We'll just wait and see."

(On if the team planned to give Marpet off on Friday)

"Yeah, just stay home. I think it wears on him when everybody's asking how he is. After a while, you don't really want to answer the questions anymore."

(On if Marpet suffered a setback in the concussion protocol)

"No, he just didn't feel as well the next day that he needed to be."

(On what he saw from the team in Friday night's practice at Raymond James Stadium)

"I thought it was good to be in the stadium. [It was a] really good practice – always good to be in there, getting the wind and everything. We'll find out on Monday night if it worked."

(On if Marpet will practice Saturday night)

"He's going to try and do some stuff tonight and we'll see how much. If he's symptom free, then let's keep going. It's a catch 22 because we have to get the other guys ready, too."

(On if he found it difficult to be a west coast team traveling to the eastern time zone when he was the coach of the Arizona Cardinals)

"I think it's much, much harder for a one o'clock game when you're kicking off at 10 o'clock in the morning your time. A night game, we never found that to be any problem whatsoever."

(On if he is surprised the Saints named QB Taysom Hill their starting quarterback over QB Jameis Winston)

"No, not really. He's a dynamic guy and he throws the ball a lot better than people think. He's [also] been there longer. I would probably just guess they'll see both of them."