Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Transcript: Head Coach Bruce Arians (5/10/19)

(On the first day of rookie mini-camp)

"It was a good start. Good start. Obviously a lot of nerves, a lot of anxiety. I think some of them were burned out before we got through individual. A couple of them I don't think worked out in a month or two. But the rest of them I thought really looked good. A couple pick-sixes, by [Jamel] Dean and [Sean]'Murphy-Bunting and Devin [White] dropped a pick-six. They were getting their hands on balls, which speaks good for the defense and not too much for the offense. Overall, typical, probably better than normal rookie mini-camp, because we weren't fumbling snaps all over the place. These cats, a lot of them it's the first time they'd ever been in a huddle. A couple offense lineman – first time they'd ever put their hand on the ground and they struggled mightily trying to pass block that way. So, it's a big learning curve, but I was pleased with what I saw."

(On Arians' initial impression of LB Devin White)

"Yeah he jumped right out there and took control of the huddle. I think he'd like to have that pick-six back, but other than that he had very good command of what he was doing."

(On Arians' impressions of CB Jamel Dean and CB Sean Murphy-Bunting at rookie mini-camp today)

"Yeah, [Dean] should've had a pick-six on the tip and he was kind of hesitant. On the second one he made a heck of an interception and took it back. So, both of those guys have really good length and they showed their speed already."

(On how the receivers did at rookie mini-camp today)

"Well Scotty had one long catch and we expected that. It's a little bit different on what we do in the slot that he's used to on making decisions and those things. But, he looked pretty solid. A couple of the other receivers' – [Damarkus] Lodge looked good. A couple of the other guys that we signed – a couple guys are pretty big I don't know if they're going to learn how to play with their hand in the dirt. They didn't even know what that meant. So, that's different when you have to tell them what put your hand in the dirt means."

(On Arians' impressions of QB Nick Fitzgerald)

"Yeah, Nick's one of those intriguing guys, because as a quarterback he can do a lot of things for you. And I think back to Joe Webb, some of those guys who were running quarterbacks they found a niche playing special teams, being your third quarterback, maybe playing some other position as a guy to get you out of games. So, that would be his role - if he can win it - and groom him as a quarterback."

(On Arians' impressions of OLB Kahzin Daniels)

"Yeah he was impressive on tape and he has a heck of a get off. He was coming off the edge pretty solid today. So, I'm anxious to see him grow as a player. I don't think he has any limitations. He's so used to it. He's just going out and playing football."

(On Daniels overcoming his injury and never having any accommodations made for him throughout his life)

"That's why he's here. He's got what it takes inside to be a really good player I think."

(On Arians' impressions of QB Vincent Testaverde)

"He came in early for the workout for the local guys and was impressive throwing the football and he had a solid day today. So, he's another guy that – it's a big weekend for him, especially tomorrow being able to protect the ball a little bit better. Some of them, it wasn't the quarterback's fault that those guys were running all over the place. But, he showed enough to get to this point."

(On what Arians remembers about Vinny Testaverde, Vincent's father)

"Oh, I remember when he got the Heisman Trophy over my running back at Temple."

(On if Arians thinks Jason Pierre-Paul will need surgery after his car accident)

"I think that's still ongoing and like Jason said, we have our fingers crossed and praying for him. Very unfortunate and all we can do is just pray and hope for the best and hope it's one of those five or six month things and go from there."

(On if Arians has talked to Jason since the accident and what he said to him)

"Yes. He has my prayers and just stay positive."

(On LB Kendell Beckwith not playing football due to an injury)

"Again, you hate to see guys lose their career off the field and for Kendall, he was a bright prospect and just unfortunate. You have to move on. It's really, for me, I was never really counting on him coming back. I was hoping, but that's one of the reasons Devin [White's] here."

(On if Arians has talked to Beckwith)

"Jason has, but I have not talked to Kendell, no."

(On if rookie mini-camp will be a three-day long event)

"It'll be three. It'll be Sunday morning and it's short, because I don't want any pulled muscles and the nerves get pretty tired by Sunday morning. So, it'll be an abbreviated one, but the one thing we're emphasizing a lot of special teams, because most of these kids if they are going to make our squad, it's going to be on special teams."

(On how Arians plans to move forward on the Jason Pierre-Paul situation)

"I don't know what the answer is yet - if he's going to play, if he's not going to play. You just practice with the guys you have, just like anybody else that's getting hurt, on the field or off the field. So, you march on."