Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Transcript: Head Coach Bruce Arians - Friday, December 13, 2019

(On the injury report)

"Alright, out for the ballgame: Beau Allen, Mike Evans, Anthony Nelson. We'll see about Donovan [Smith] when we get to the game. Jameis [Winston] threw the ball well today and is ready to go. I look forward to the trip."

(On if Donovan Smith practiced at all Friday)

"No. He's jogging, but we'll see. It's going to be close."

(On what he needed to see from Jameis Winston Friday to know he could play Sunday)

"Just to be able [to have] strength in the ball, holding onto the ball, more so him getting it knocked out of his hand than throwing it. He's fine."

(On Winston playing through injuries)

"That's one thing about him, he's dependable. You want that in all your players. Knock on wood, we've been pretty injury-free this year. To have guys that put it on the line each and every week when they're injured – not injured but in pain – that's really good."

(On Ryan Griffin getting reps this week)

"Yeah, he got all the reps Wednesday [and] Thursday, so if it comes to that he's ready to go."

(On what he saw from Winston throwing the ball on Friday)

"He's fine. He threw fine. Yeah, he's ready to go."

(On Smith's status)

"We'll see. It will be a game-time decision."

(On if he has had players play in a game without practicing all week before)

"Early in the season, no. Late in the season – he knows what he's doing so we'll just see how he feels, if it's in our best interest."

(On what it would mean to continue the team's winning streak)

"Oh, it's huge. It's what we're playing for right now, to keep building on this momentum. It's always fun for me to see some adversity in a streak like this, losing Mike, maybe Donovan, and still go out and perform at the level we expect you to play at. No matter what number you wear, the expectation level doesn't change."

(On how much a strong finish to a season carries over into the offseason)

"It carries a bunch. It won't be the same team, it never is, but it carries a bunch."

(On how Beau Allen was injured)

"He was running off the field yesterday and he stepped on somebody's foot."

(On if Allen's injury was after practice)

"It was during practice yesterday, late in practice."

(On Donovan Smith rarely missing playing time and taking his availability for granted)

"Yeah, especially when the guys, like you said, they're so dependable. You know it's pretty bad when they won't make it. We'll see. I know he'll give it everything he's got."

(On if it will be a boost to get WR Scotty Miller back)

"Oh, it's huge, with Mike down, to get some speed back out on the field and to get him going again. He was doing well before the injury."

(On WR Breshad Perriman being able to run all the routes)

"Oh, there's no doubt. He's a really good runner, especially underneath stuff. He reminds me a lot of Mike Wallace, when I had Mike Wallace. He could run routes, but when he got a ball running across the field it was just as good as a deep one."

(On keeping Perriman healthy)

"He just had the hamstring, and he's in great shape. His hips weren't aligned and that's what caused the tweak in his hamstring, so we got all that taken care of."

(On if Miller will take over on punt returns)

"No, it will still be Justin [Watson]. [Miller] will be an emergency guy."