Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Transcript: Head Coach Bruce Arians - Friday, December 27, 2019

(Opening statement)

"Alright not playing in the game – Beau Allen and Chris Godwin. [It was a] really good week's work. I loved the energy we had this week. We'll see how it goes on Sunday, but it's very important for us to win this ballgame."

(On if he was holding out hope that there was a possibility of WR Chris Godwin playing this week)

"No, not really."

(On if being without key players allows the coaching staff to evaluate talent prior to the offseason)

"You're always evaluating every single day. Like I always say, 'One man's injury is another guy's opportunity.' Some picked it up last week [and] some didn't. Let's see who picks it up this week."

(On if he has sensed that technology is having an effect on personal relationships)

"This generation is totally different in the way they learn, the way they communicate [and] the way their attention span [is] – all of those things. It's all new teaching than it was 10 years ago."

(On if differences in communication tactics affects teams)

"Totally – some of it might be a hand signal [and] some of it just [is] confidence in saying what you're saying. I think for us it was mostly confidence in what we were saying."

(On what type of impact Assistant Defensive Line Coach Lori Locust and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Maral Javadifar have had in their first season)

"Fantastic – two really, really good coaches who deserve to be here and did a great job. I'll be recommending them for raises. I don't think they'll get them, but I'll still recommend them."

(On how he feels personally at the end of his first season in Tampa Bay)

"It's amazing – this is the best I've felt in a long time at the end of a season. Like I said, had we won last week and this week it would be like, 'Just don't stop. Let's keep going because I'm ready for the playoffs.' It's been very exciting [and] it's been rewarding to know that it worked out the way I hoped it would and we'll go on from there. But yeah, that part of it has been very gratifying."

(On if driving a golf cart around at practice helped preserve his health)

"I had that in Arizona, so that's nothing new."

(On if he feels the golf cart can give him more longevity in this profession)

"I hope so, as long as my back holds up. That's the problem with standing too long. I ride when I play golf – I can't walk the golf course anymore. That's what's pisses me off."

(On if anything has surprised him this season in his return to coaching)
"Not really. The amount of energy and the support within this building is amazing and you want to win for them. You really want to win for them."

(On having confidence that Godwin would have a breakout season)

"Watching him come out of school and watching what he did last year with his opportunities, he fit the role perfect for us. [He is] a combination of Hines Ward and Larry Fitzgerald and maybe a better outside receiver than both of them when I had them at the end of their careers. I knew he could do both and that's going to equate to a lot of catches and a lot of targets."

(On the biggest lesson he hopes to impart on the team from this season)
"Accountability – that's what our whole foundation is about is accountability to each other."

(On the difficulty of turning around a team in the middle of the season like the Falcons did this year)
"Yeah, especially with coaching changes in the middle of a season. I credit their leadership. They have veteran players. Credit those guys on defense for hanging in there. I was really glad to see Thomas [Dimitroff] and Dan [Quinn] get that next year because they're great guys and they do a hell of a job. They deserve it."

(On the Buccaneers having a similar turnaround in the second half of the season)

"Ours was a little different in the youth on defense. It was just a matter of youth. Offensively, it's the turnovers. We're going to move the ball and we're going to score points. Defensively, it was the growth of the secondary that really has solidified us into a really solid defense."