Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Awarded Seventh-Round Compensatory Pick

Based on the departure of tackle Joe Haeg, the Buccaneers were awarded one compensatory pick near the very end of the 2022 NFL Draft


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came thisclose to landing Mr. Irrelevant two years in a row.

On Tuesday, the NFL released its list of 39 compensatory picks that have been added to the 2022 draft, and the Buccaneers were among the 16 teams that came away with some extra draft capital. Tampa Bay received the 40th pick in the seventh round, number 261 overall and just one away from the very last selection. A year ago, the defending-champion Buccaneers used the final pick in the draft – also known as Mr. Irrelevant – to select linebacker Grant Stuard.

Compensatory picks, which were introduced with the original collective bargaining agreement in 1993 and were first awarded in 1994, are given to teams that lost more or better "compensatory free agents" (CFAs_ than it acquired in the previous offseason. In Tampa Bay's case, the Buccaneers lost one player who qualified as a CFA, tackle Joe Haeg, and did not sign any.

The Buccaneers did not receive any compensatory picks last year but did have an extra one in 2020 that fell near the end of the fourth round. The team used that pick to trade for tight end Rob Gronkowski. Overall, Tampa Bay has received 22 compensatory picks since 1994.

The net loss of one qualifying free agent put the Bucs in line for one compensatory pick and the seventh-round placement was the result of a complicated league formula that takes salary, playing time and postseason honors into account, in this case as they applied to Haeg.

The Buccaneers now have seven total picks in the 2022 draft, their own in every round except Round Six plus the compensatory selection. Tampa Bay previously traded its 2022 sixth-round pick to acquire defensive lineman Steve McLendon at the trade deadline in 2020.

Of the 15 teams receiving compensatory picks this year, the two Los Angeles teams topped the list with four each. Arizona, Detroit and San Francisco all landed three comp picks. Nine teams received picks at the end of the third round, starting with the Detroit Lions at number 97 and the New Orleans Saints at number 98. The Baltimore Ravens received two compensatory picks this year and, since the introduction of the system, continue to lead the NFL with 55 such picks.