Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Bucs Specialty Plates Emphasize Super Bowl Championships

The Bucs and the FDHSMV unveiled a newly-redesigned Buccaneers specialty license plate on Friday, and the popular plate now also features the Super Bowl LV logo


Fans who show their Tampa Bay Buccaneers pride on Florida's roadways will now also be celebrating the team's status as Super Bowl champions.

The Buccaneers and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles unveiled a new Buccaneers specialty lineup plate, redesigned to emphasize the team's victory in Super Bowl LV last February. The plate still features the Buccaneers' distinctive flag logo on a unique pewter background but now also includes the Super Bowl LV logo. By beating the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9, Tampa Bay became the first team in NFL history to win a Super Bowl in its home stadium.

The new Buccaneers plate also features the words "Super Bowl Champions" along the bottom, celebrating the team's two league titles. Tampa Bay also won Super Bowl XXXVII over the Oakland Raiders at the end of the 2002 season.

The Bucs' Super Bowl license plates are now available at all tax collector offices and license plate agencies across the state. Buccaneer fans who want to "fly the flag" on their vehicles can visit the FLHSMV site for office locations and more details. Fans may also purchase the Buccaneer specialty plate online by visiting the order page on the Florida Sports Foundation website.

The Buccaneers' design has been among the most popular specialty plates in Florida and it is the most registered plate among the state's three NFL teams. It also ranks first in registrations among all Central Florida sports teams.

Proceeds from the annual sale and renewal of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers license tag benefit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Foundation and the Florida Sports Foundation Major & Regional Grant Program.

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