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Chris Godwin, Mike Evans Having Career Years... Together | Carmen Catches Up

Chris Godwin is on pace for over 100 catches. Mike Evans is breaking records left and right. They're the most potent receiver tandem in the league and are proving that not only can they coexist – they can thrive.


Remember back in OTAs, and then in training camp, when Bruce Arians said he wouldn't be surprised if wide receiver Chris Godwin ended up with 100 catches? Remember when people said that would be impossible with Mike Evans on the team? Or if it was possible, it would be the result of a major downturn in Evans' production?

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Though Godwin was limited in Tennessee with just four catches for 43 yards, he still has 47 catches for 705 yards through seven games. That puts him on pace for over 1,600 yards and 107 catches. To illustrate how good Godwin has been this season, look no further than his 74.6 catch percentage. It's the highest of his career thus far by over 12%. What's really incredible is that he's being used all over the field, lined up in different spots, running different routes with varying catch points. In the slot? No problem. On the outside? Got it. Crossing route over the middle in traffic? Easy. He's been as reliable as reliable can be.

His efficiency may also be the reason that he and Evans are able to coexist – because Evans has had anything but a downturn in production this year. He has 662 receiving yards through seven games, putting him on pace for 1,513 receiving yards this season. It would give him his sixth-consecutive 1,000-yard season, putting him in the company of only Randy Moss as the only players to accomplish that feat to start their careers in NFL history. On Sunday against the Titans, Evans had 11 catches for 198 yards and two touchdowns. It was the fifth-most receiving yards in a single game in franchise history, and Evans owns a few of those top spots. He's one of only two players in NFL history with two games of at least eight catches, 190 receiving yards and two touchdowns in a single season.

As if that wasn't enough, his second touchdown catch of the game in Tennessee surpassed James Wilder for most receptions in franchise history while subsequently moving him into second place for most touchdowns.

Speaking of touchdowns, both Evans and Godwin have six this season. It's not only tied for the team lead but ties them for the league lead. Godwin has the fifth-most receiving yards in the league while Evans has the sixth-most. They have the most yards and most touchdowns (by far) of any receiver duo across the NFL this season. They've combined to produce three of the top 10 single-game receiving performances in franchise history, too.

So, not only are the two receivers coexisting, they're thriving individually and proving there's enough work to go around.

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