Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fan Gameday Playbook - F&B Fan Experience Amenities

  • The 2020 season will be cashless at every point of sale in the stadium to further ensure safety, as well as quick and convenient payment for any of your food, beverage and merchandise needs.
  • All our food and beverage offers are conveniently packaged and include covers.
  • Mobile ordering from the Bucs app is available and convenient pickup of your selections will be in 8 locations throughout the stadium.
  • Popular items such as souvenir refillable soda and bottomless popcorn are still available, with every refill provided in a new cup or container to further our commitment to cleanliness.
  • Bundled items for ease of ordering will be available at our Local Eats locations.
  • All of our food, beverage and retail associates will be wearing face masks, but their smiling faces and eagerness to serve you is underneath that mask.
  • Numerous locations for food, beverage and retail will be open throughout the stadium and on every level to further allow for social distancing and provide quick and convenient service.