Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head Coach Bruce Arians Media Availability - Friday, November 8, 2019

*Head Coach Bruce Arians                              *

(Opening statement)

"Out for the ball game [will be] Carlton Davis, Carl Nassib and Anthony Nelson. [It was a] good, solid week of work. [I'm] anxious to see our secondary bounce back and accept the challenge."

(On if it is good for CB Jamel Dean to continue having increased playing time)

"Yeah, it really is. Now, you get to go out and prove that you belong. He did a great job getting ready to play."

(On if he plans for OLB Jason Pierre-Paul to play as many snaps as he did last week)

"I hope not. I don't really want to see any pass rusher out there 70 times. 50 is a pretty good number. We don't need to be playing defense that many snaps."

(On how ready OLB Kahzin Daniels and DE Samuel Acho will be on Sunday)

"Kahzin, he's ready to roll. He's been here the whole time. Sam's really bright – he was kind of in the system for a few years, had a lot of recall and he's a pro."

(On what challenges Cardinals QB Kyler Murray presents)

"I think when you have a quarterback that's this mobile, first and [foremost], you've got to contain him and you've got to get him on the ground. You hope to confuse him, but again, it's a matter of just getting him on the ground and not letting him win on broken plays – make him beat us with the correct play. They're running the ball extremely well. David Johnson's a hell of a back. Kenyan Drake – I mean, they've got runners. When they spread you, you've got to be able to stop the run too."

(On how the players responded to having a walkthrough-like practice on Wednesday and practicing in full pads on Thursday)

"It was a good week. We were tired and you could see that in those pulled muscles that happened in Seattle. It's just gearing up, and then Wednesday was a good mental day. These were two good, physical practices."

(On a few individual plays changing the outcome of games this season)

"Make those plays. If you want to win, you make those plays. If not, you're going to be right where we're at, and it's as simple as four, five plays a game – it always has been. You don't know when they're going to come, though."

(On if there is a specific message he gives to the team before the fourth quarter)

"Yeah – it's the fourth quarter. We've been here now eight times, so we've finished a couple and we didn't finish the rest."

(On if the offense can get more out of TE O.J. Howard in the second half of the season)

"We'll wait and see. Coverage dictates where balls go. He's doing a hell of a job blocking and whether or not he gets 10 targets, that's strictly up to the defense."

(On if he hopes that no other team has to travel for five consecutive games)

"Yeah, I think they'll make a rule about it – that was what I was told. The Raiders had to go [through a] very similar [situation], and they had a big win last night, so hopefully we can do the same thing when we get home."

(On if that is something he has talked to the Raiders about)