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Jameis Winston on "Late Show" in 2013

Long-time late night talk show host David Letterman ended an era last night in a “Late Show with David Letterman” finale filled with laughs, memories and gratitude.

In honor of the late night legend's last show, we at Buccaneers.com thought it was only right to pull up the memorable episode from nearly a year and a half ago featuring Jameis Winston.

The then-Heisman Trophy winner and Florida State Seminoles QB and now-Buccaneers' first-overall draft pick Jameis Winston graced the stage of the program in an impressive full tuxedo and a possibly even more impressive touch of comedic timing. He and Letterman performed the always-popular "Top Ten List."

Congratulations, Mr. Letterman on your final show. You'll be missed. Here's a recap of the "Top 10 Unusual Things to Hear in a Huddle" as read by Jameis Winston:

  1. "Is this about football?"
  2. "One of their guys is shoving me"
  3. "Who's wearing perfume?"
  4. "Let's win this for Kim Jong-un's uncle"
  5. "Is anyone here a notary public?"
  6. "Hey—We match!"
  7. "Ugh—Grass stains"
  8. "Guys, I'd rather be alone right now"
  9. "Crap, wrong team"
  10. "How many of you guys won the Heisman?"
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