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Mike Evans, Chris Godwin 'Hell of a Combination' According to Arians | Carmen Catches Up

Both Head Coach Bruce Arians and quarterback Jameis Winston had high praise for the Bucs top two receivers this week.


Who will it be this week? In Los Angeles, Chris Godwin erupted for 172 receiving yards on 12 catches and two back-to-back touchdowns within seconds of each other. The week prior at home against the Giants, Evans went off with 191 yards and THREE touchdowns.

Evans is well-known as Tampa Bay's No. 1 receiver. Why do you think he's double-covered most of the time? When he's not… things like a 67-yard touchdown happen…

Don't. Ever. Leave. Mike Evans. One on one.

But see, even if you double-cover Evans, that means you're likely leaving Bucs other receivers in single coverage, which includes the do-it-all Godwin. The combination of the two receivers has created problems for opposing secondaries.

"They can do so many different things," Head Coach Bruce Arians said. "They're not always sitting in one spot. They're both good blockers, so they can get through play-action because they block. They've got great hands and they're good receivers – that's a hell of a combination. They can run. Just keep throwing the damn ball to them."

Arians said before the season that Godwin could amass 100 catches before the year is over. If he keeps up the pace he has through the first quarter of the season – he'll get to 104 catches. Really. And that's with Evans playing at a high level, too. When you have two guys who work in concert with each other as much as those two do, you can kind of have it all.

"It's just their love for this game," quarterback Jameis Winston said of his favorite targets. "Those two are some of the most selfless players that I've ever played with, just because they want to see the team succeed, and that's really all that has to be said. That whole room, led by Kevin Garver, is just like that. They're just good guys in that room."

Godwin had 842 yards last season through 16 games played. Through four games this year, he has 386 – nearly have his 2018 total. He also has four touchdowns already after scoring seven touchdowns all last year.

"Just his work ethic and how he comes in every single day with a purpose – it shows up, and he just works hard," Winston said of Godwin. "He's a great leader, he has great people in that room with him that are trying to help him as much as they possibly can, and he's doing his job. That's what they get paid to do, is run great routes and get open and when they get open, catch the ball."

Don't worry about Evans, either. He's looking to become one of just two players to start his career with six straight 1,000-yard seasons, joining Jerry Rice. He's currently on pace for over 1,400 yards this season. He's tied with Godwin for the team-lead in touchdowns so far this season with four. He had eight last year. Who thinks he can get to 10? Because, I do…

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