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QB Jameis Winston Transcript: Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Quarterback Jameis Winston

(On what stands out to him about the Colts defense)

"I think they're a very sound defense. They play their job well [and] their responsibility well. [They] have a pretty good front and a great young superstar in Darius Leonard."

(On if there is a correlation between how well the defense has played and his performances in the last two weeks)

"I've just got to do my job [and] give us a chance to win. The defense can play any way they want to play. If we do our job [and] if I do my job, we're going to be a tough team to beat."

(On what the offense could have done differently on Sunday to close the game out)

"I think we all can just finish better. We always talk about stepping on their throat [and] making sure that we ice this game away. I think the defense did a pretty good job of doing that and we know. Every week, we go into 'What have we got to get better on?', so now, we've got a lead, so we've got to finish."

(On what the mood has been like in the building coming off of two consecutive victories)

"It's always better when you win."

(On if he senses a better mood in the locker room)

"We love going to work every single week – it's our job. Like I said, it's always better when you win."

(On if TE O.J. Howard's performance was a result of what he did or what the Jaguars' defense presented)

"I think it's a little bit of both. We had some opportunities to give him the ball and we capitalized on those opportunities. We know what he's capable of and when we have chances to give him the ball and let him do what he does, he has big days."

(On seeing Howard and WR Breshad Perriman have their most productive games on Sunday)

"It's always good when everyone is getting a chance to stick their hand in the pie. Breshad had an excellent game. O.J. – we've been waiting for O.J. to have a big game. The opportunity presented itself [and] both of them showed up and showed out. But those are the type of players that they are. The more that we can get more people the football and keep balance – whether it's running the football, whether it's throwing the football to different guys, it keeps the defense on their toes and it helps our offense overall."

(On what the team has to do differently to win its three remaining home games)

"I think we've got to finish. The majority of the home games that we've had, we were up going into halftime. We've just got to finish. We've got to end the game on the winning side."

(On what he gets out of spending extra time with his receivers after practice throughout the week)

"I think it's just trust – him being able to trust that I'm going to put the ball 'here' and me being able to trust that I can throw this ball here and he is going to get it. Especially with this being his first year here, us building that type of chemistry and building that trust in each other has been big, especially along in the stretch."

(On getting a win for Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich against his old team)

"It was fun. I knew Byron had an extra edge to himself being back where he was drafted and playing quarterback there. We had a great game plan and we did pretty good. We jumped on them pretty early."

(On watching OLB Shaquil Barrett from the sidelines)

"It's been fun. He is relentless. He is resilient. We've got so many guys on our defense that are really talented, and when you see them playing their best football – just like with us – when you see our offense playing their best football and when you see our defense playing their best football, it's fun to see. We look forward to experiencing more of that and being more of that team."

(On if he feels that the offense is playing its best football right now)

"I think we are playing good football, but I think we can play better. I know we can play better."

(On RB Ronald Jones in pass protection)

"Like I say every week, we all make mistakes. We are going to continue to get better. We're always going to build on the positives and eliminate the negatives. That just comes with me and him working [and] comes with him putting in extra time after practice. But he has been an excellent player for us this year, so we just want to keep his confidence [high]. He'll keep on doing what he does and we are going to fix that collectively because everyone has their hand in that. It's not just on him."

(On if he addressed Jones after the game)

"No, he's going to be fine. He is a baller."

(On being a part of the NFL's My Cause, My Cleats initiative)

"I'm very excited. I'm always excited to represent my foundation – the Dream Forever Foundation – and all of the great community work that we've been doing. With the [Famous Jameis] Jamboree coming up in a few weeks, we are excited to get some kids and make their years. But I also represent the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, so it's always good. I love getting the letters, whether it's tweets or people telling me, 'Thank you for supporting the Diabetes Foundation and creating awareness for my foundation.' I'm always excited when the NFL gives us an opportunity to show what we care about and show where our hearts are at. So, I'm very excited for it."