Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Great Debate, Round 1


asking you, the fans, to tell us what you think the team should do with the top pick in this year's draft. Each week, we will feature two of the best arguments submitted and allow fans to vote on which one was more convincing. The inaugural Great Debate features Larry Kelley against Ryan Black.

Case 1: Trade the Pick

"With all the hype surrounding the draft and two potential franchise quarterbacks, we are forgetting that we have a perfectly good passer on the roster. His name is Mike Glennon. I don't care if we had Peyton Manning or Brady under center. Until we get protection up front, any quarterback we have will not be productive. The offensive line cannot block in the running game for our stable of running backs and this makes the game one dimensional. Beef up the line with experience." - Larry Kelley

Case 2: Draft Winston

"He is the most special QB that I've ever seen play. His Football IQ is off the charts. He will bring that swagger back to Tampa! He is leader that motivates all around him to be better. He is a winner! He won a Heisman & National Championship. He can make throws & read defenses like I have never seen. He is the #1 player in the draft for a reason. He is used to the Florida heat/humidity. He is a prostyle QB with a rocket for an arm. He already has a ton of fans in the Tampa metro area." - Ryan Black

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