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Week Three Expert Picks: Giants vs. Buccaneers

In complete contrast to last week, the experts are now picking the Buccaneers across the board to emerge with a home victory over the New York Giants.


Well now I don't quite know how to feel. After all but ONE writer for CBS Sports took the Panthers to win last week, things have now swung the opposite way after the Buccaneers proved them wrong as the team now getsready to take on the New York Giants at home. Most pundits now have faith in Tampa Bay - more specifically the defense, which has let up just one offensive touchdown in eight quarters.

Still, Giants running back Saquon Barkley does impossible things and there's only preseason tape to show on rookie quarterback Daniel Jones. The good news is that the Bucs have so far been able to take away the opposition's main offensive focal points. If they can do that with Barkley and force Jones to have to make plays, they should be in line with experts' expectations.

See below for the full list of expert picks.

NFL.com, Greg Rosenthal – Buccaneers

USA Today, Consensus – Buccaneers (unanimous)

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