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As Camp ’04 begins, so does a new iniatitive on Buccaneers.com…Check out the site’s new features, which focus on fan interaction and beefed-up historical data


You'd have to put on a helmet to get any farther inside the team than Buccaneers.com is prepared to take you

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers shifted their operations 90 miles up the road on Friday, setting up camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Central Florida.

Even as the team moves away from home, however, it is drawing closer to its fans.

Coinciding with the beginning of Tampa Bay's 2004 training camp is the launch of a new, fan-focused version of the team's official web site, Buccaneers.com. At the same time Buccaneer players are feeling out their new digs at the Celebration Hotel, we invite you to browse through the improved features of Buccaneers.com.

If what you've wanted from Buccaneers.com is more information and more access to the team, we think you'll be pleased.

The Buccaneers' web site will continue to bring you timely news breaks, feature stories, insider information, videos, photographs and more. But, beginning today, there will be several new, fan-friendly features on Buccaneers.com.

Take a look around. Here are the new items you'll find, in addition to the annual Training Camp section:

  • Fan Central. The major new initiative on Buccaneers.com, this section is designed to give you greater access to players, coaches and each other.
  • Team History. The history section on Buccaneers.com has been re-configured to provide much more information in an easier-to-navigate format.
  • Player Statistics. Each player bio on Buccaneers.com now includes a detailed stat box, including statistics from the players' seasons with other teams.
  • Message Board. The Buccaneers.com message board, already one of the most popular and active exchanges on the NFL network, has been updated with dozens of new features.

The most interactive new section on Buccaneers.com is Fan Central, which is designed to give fans far greater access to the team. Among the added features inside Fan Central are the Answer Man, Where to Watch, Fan of the Week, Weekly Trivia and E-Cards. Other fan-friendly features like Your Turn, the Corner Critic and the league's most active message board will continue.

The Answer Man invites fans to send questions in to Buccaneer players and coaches, and to the Answer Man himself, who will seek out answers to a wide variety of questions. Where to Watch hooks Buccaneer fans up with other diehard rooters around the country who have found the perfect spots to view a Tampa Bay game. Weekly Trivia tests your knowledge of Buccaneer history.

The new History section on Buccaneers.com is much easier to navigate and packed with added historical data. Choose a season and browse through game summaries, annual rosters, yearly awards, team and individual statistics and more.

Additional exciting features are on the way. As the season begins, you'll have opportunities to play along with the team through contests such as Guess the Score and Home Team Challenge. You'll also be invited to take a closer look at selected Buccaneers through the new Player of the Week section.

So check out your new team web site. Tampa Bay players may have to wait until Saturday morning to start banging shoulder pads, but you can get your 2004 season started right now on Buccaneers.com.

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