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The 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers made history in a unique and unforgettable way, in the process earning a permanent spot in NFL lore: They were the first team to play in – and, more importantly, win – a Super Bowl in their own home stadium. The unprecedented and wholly unique rings made to commemorate the Super Bowl LV championship will make sure that accomplishment is never forgotten.
Meaning Behind The Details 9 diamonds on the left trophy represent 9 points allowed in Super Bowl LV, one of the fewest in NFL history. 8 emerald-cut diamonds on each side represent 8 straight wins, the longest in franchise history, that led to the Super Bowl LV win. 319 diamonds on the exterior top represent the 31-9 Super Bowl LV final score.
One Team One Cause The team's mantra under Coach Bruce Arians. Personalized with player name and jersey number. 4 diamonds on the Super Bowl LV logo represent the number of division winners defeated.
Removable Top For the first time in NFL history a championship ring has been designed with a removable top. Making History The word HISTORIC commemorates the achievement of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl at home in Raymond James Stadium on February 7, 2021. Hand-Engraved Stadium Surrounded by the scores of the team’s four playoff victories, the hand-engraved stadium celebrates the fact that the 2020 Buccaneers were the first team in NFL history to win the Super Bowl on their own field. The single diamond on the stadium field is placed on the spot where the Buccaneers ran out of the tunnel.
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