Secure Digital Ticketing Guide

It can’t help you remember your sunglasses, but at least you’ll never forget your tickets! Click the links below for step-by-step instructions on how to access and manage your secure digital tickets and parking.

Buccaneers Krewe Members can enter the stadium using secure digital tickets or their Krewe Member Cards. Reminder: No PDF tickets or screenshots will be accepted.

CLICK HERE to start managing your secure digital tickets and parking now!


How do I get the Official Buccaneers App?

The Official Buccaneers App is free on the app store and play store. You can also manage your tickets by logging into your ticketing Account Manager with the following short link in your mobile browser: Your username is your email address. (If it’s your first time logging in you’ll need to select ‘Forgot Your Password’ to have a temporary password sent to you).

How do I pull up my ticket?

In the Buccaneers App, select the Tickets tab and then select MANAGE MY TICKETS. Select the SIGN IN TO BUCS button. Log in using the

email address and password associated with your Buccaneers Account Manager. Simply tap on the event you wish to view tickets for and you’ll see your secure digital ticket. Select VIEW BARCODE to scan at the gate or ADD TO PASSBOOK of G PAY to add to your smart-phone wallet in advance of the event.

What if I want to send someone else to the game?

If a friend or family member will be attending the game instead, you will need to transfer the tickets to them, which can also be done through the Buccaneers app or Buccaneers Account Manager on mobile or desktop. It’s easy – select the game you would like to manage, select SEND and either select from your contacts or enter the email address. Once you transfer tickets, the recipient will receive an email notification. They will need to accept the transfer at which point the tickets will be in their account (they must ‘accept the transfer’ to access the tickets.)

What if I don’t have a smart phone?

If you do not have a smart phone for any reason, you can either use your Season Pass card or visit the Ticket Office on Gameday to receive a paper ticket.