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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Download the Buccaneers' Mobile App!

download the bucs app to access your tickets

Download the Official Bucs App and have the Bucs experience right at your fingertips – 24/7. Want to catch breaking news? See real-time statistics for every drive? Watch video-on-demand clips of press conferences and player interviews? Stay in touch with the Buccaneers for all this and more anytime, anywhere, on your iPhone or Android device. The app gives you:

  • News: Real-time breaking news from the Buccaneers, previews of upcoming matchups, postgame analysis and player features
  • Video: Video-on-demand clips of Buccaneers' press conferences, interviews and behind-the-scenes stories
  • Photos: Featuring galleries of all the game-time action, behind-the-scenes footage, practices, and more
  • Tickets: Access your gameday tickets and member portal directly from the app
  • Krewe Card: Access your digital Buccaneers krewe card to display stored value, discount code, transfer funds, and add to wallet
  • Standings: Division and conference standings
  • Depth chart: Shown by offense, defense and special teams
  • Schedule: Results of prior games played and schedule of upcoming games, along with links to purchase tickets
  • Problem-reporting: Reports of various problems and issues around the stadium
  • How may I help you: Virtual representative to answer your gameday questions including stadium policies, amenities, parking, transportation, and more
  • Evolving home-screen: Pregame, in-game, postgame, draft day
  • Stats: Real-time statistics and scores, head-to-head team stats, player stats, drive-by-drive stats, box score and out-of-town scores from around the league
  • Bucs App Exclusive Giveaway - Download the app, turn on push alerts, click the giveaway alert each game and you can win prizes!
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  1. In the Buccaneers App, select MORE, scroll down to SETTINGS.
  2. Scroll down to the NOTIFICATIONS section and opt-in for the categories of your choice (toggle to the right to opt-in).
  3. Also make sure you are opted-in through your device:
  • iOS: In your iOS SETTINGS, scroll down to the Buccaneers app, select NOTIFICATIONS, and toggle ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS.
  • ANDROID: In your ANDROID SETTINGS, select NOTIFICATIONS, scroll down to the Buccaneers app, and toggle SHOW NOTIFICATIONS.