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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cannon Fire Our Pirate Ship cannons will 􀃢re a certain amount of times after speci􀃢c moments in the game. × Entertainment × Salute to Service Moment × Krewe Member Spotlight × Offense Enters Red Zone (opponent 20-yard line) = 1 􀃢re Attack 􀃣ags atop the stadium will also be raised × Touchdown = 6 􀃢res × Bucs Bingo × Field Goal = 3 􀃢res × Extra Point = 1 􀃢re GAME TIME × First Down Tampa...Bay! × B-U-C C-A-N E-E-R-S × Tampa Bay Chant × Ship Giveaways FAN PARTICIPATION × DJ Ekin × Hero of the Game × Tailgating × Bucs Beach × Gameday Giveaways × Military Flyovers × BUCSPARILLA × Player Introductions × Ship Battle × Field Flags × Talking Parrot × Visiting Team Spoof Song × Pre-Show

Pregame Traditions

  • BUCSPARILLA - Our Pirate Ship roams outside the stadium with beads thrown to fans
  • Player Introductions - Cannon fire booms as the Bucs run out of the tunnel
  • Ship Battle - A one-of-a-kind hype video that plays on the main boards before kickoff
  • Field Flags - A gigantic Bucs flag and American flag cover the field for our national anthem
  • Talking Parrot - You never know what the talking parrot on the back of the Pirate Ship in Buccaneer Cove might say when you walk by
  • Visiting Team Spoof Song - Our gameday operations staff selects songs that poke fun at the visiting team as they run out of the tunnel
  • Pre-Show - Get exclusive updates, analysis and predictions from Casey Phillips and Scott Smith
  • DJ Ekin - Dance in the stands as DJ Ekin blasts hit music throughout the stadium during pregame warm-ups
  • Hero of the Game - We honor a military veteran, lower the sails and ring the Pirate Ship bell
  • Tailgating - Get to the stadium early and get ready for gameday in the parking lots. Lots open 3.5 hours before kickoff.
  • Bucs Beach - Open 3.5 hours before kickoff, experience exclusive pregame entertainment, partner activations and drink offerings outside the South stadium gates
  • Gameday Giveaways - Receive your free gameday giveaway item as you enter the stadium *Dates/times vary. Inventory is limited.
  • Military Flyovers - Witness awe-inspiring flyovers done by pilots from various U.S. military branches

Fan Participation

  • B-U-C C-A-N E-E-R-S ... GO BUCS! - After a Buccaneers scoring drive, get ready to chant "B-U-C C-A-N E-E-R-S ... GO BUCS!"
  • Ship Giveaways - Yo-ho, yo-ho! If you're sitting near the Pirate Ship, be ready to catch beads and t-shirts tossed by our Pirate Krewe. Some might also be roaming around firing t-shirt cannons in other parts of the stadium!
  • First Down Tampa...Bay! - When the PA announcer says "First down Tampa" ... it's the crowd's turn to shout "BAY!"
  • Tampa Bay Chant - One time per game, the BucVision boards will prompt one side of the stadium to chant "TAMPA" ... followed by a prompt for the other side to chant "BAY"

Game Time

  • Cannon Fire - Our Pirate Ship cannons will fire a certain amount of times after specific moments in the game
    Touchdown = 6 fires × Field Goal = 3 fires × Extra Point = 1 fire
  • Offense Enters Red Zone (opponent 20-yard line) = 1 fire Attack flags atop the stadium will also be raised
  • Salute to Service Moment - A moment to recognize our service members of the Tampa Bay area
  • Entertainment - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders, Buc Beat Line, Pirate Krewe, Promo Team Flag Krewe and Captain Fear will all keep you entertained and on your feet throughout the game
  • Krewe Member Spotlight - A special segment recognizing some of our most loyal and passionate Bucs fans
  • Bucs Bingo - Participate through the official Buccaneers app for a chance to win a prize. Prizes may vary.