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AN ACADEMY DEDICATED TO FINDING THE BEST FUTURE NFL COACHES Welcome to all, this is for those who are ready to prove their skillset on the biggest stage in football. Opportunity awaits at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers National Coaching Academy.
welcome to the academy
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers National Coaching Academy was developed by  leaders across our Coaching, Scouting, Football Operations, Front Office,  Ownership and Hall of Fame Members. Hear what a few of them have to say: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers National Coaching Academy will shine a light on  a large group of new coaches while providing real exposure to what it takes  to become an NFL coach.  -Darcie Glazer Kassewitz, Co-Owner Success on the field starts with a winning culture off of it. We pride ourselves  on having a diverse group of minds in our building and the Academy will only further that.  -Jason Licht, General Manager The Buccaneers National Coaching Academy is going to create new entry  points for this next wave of coaches to gain institutional knowledge of how  an NFL team operates on and off the field.  -Todd Bowles, Head Coach Our aim is to push the game – to find future NFL coaches that are ready to  make an impact. Bringing new voices in here puts us in the best position to  win. -Bruce Arians, Former Head Coach The most difficult part of breaking into the NFL is the first step. The Tampa  Bay Buccaneers National Coaching Academy provides just that. -Tony Dungy, Former Head Coach & Pro Football Hall of Fame Member There’s no Hall of Fame career without great coaching along the way.  -Ronde Barber, NFL Legend & Pro Football Hall of Fame Member At the Buccaneers, we are looking to create real impact. The Tampa Bay  Buccaneers National Coaching Academy is here to push the envelope and  open the door for the next group of talented coaches entering the NFL.  -Vicky Free Sistrunk, Chief Impact Officer It takes a village to ensure players are ready to compete at an elite level.  We’re looking for candidates with unique skillsets to contribute at the highest level of performance.  -Maral Javadifar, Director of Rehabilitation & Performance Coach The game of football is ever evolving so it’s critical for us to integrate new  minds to sustain long-term success.  -Jacqueline Davidson, Vice President of Football Research Many aspects of our business cannot be understood until you’re in the  building. This is an opportunity to open the doors to a new pool of talent.  -Mike Greenberg, Assistant General Manager We’re in the business of talent evaluation and this program brings talent  right to our front door.  -John Spytek, Assistant General Manager