Tampa Bay Buccaneers

15 Interesting PFF Stats from 2014

Pro Football Focus weighs in on the Buccaneers' 2014 season. Eric Holland contributed to this report.

The best photos of defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

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Pro Football Focus (PFF) provides a data-driven analysis on every aspect of professional football, from individual players or teams to game-by-game breakdowns.

They grade every snap taken by every player throughout the season on a + or - ratio and base league-wide rankings off their scouting.

Below are 14 interesting takeaways from Pro Football Focus' reports from the 2014 season.

  1. Vincent Jackson (+2.4) and Mike Evans (+10.2) were among four NFC South wide receivers to finish with positive ratings. Ten wide-outs in the division finished with negative ratings.
  1. Mike Evans and Gerald McCoy were named to the All-NFC South team.
  1. Mike Evans was selected to the All-Rookie team. Mike Glennon and Patrick Murray were named to the All-Sophomore team.
  1. Gerald McCoy was the sixth-ranked interior defensive lineman in the league in terms of pass rush efficiency.
  1. Bobby Rainey broke the fifth-most tackles per carry of any running back in the league.
  1. Vincent Jackson, Alterraun Verner, Logan Mankins, Demar Dotson, Danny Lansanah and Patrick Murray graded out as "good".
  1. Lavonte David and Gerald Mccoy were rated "elite" and Mike Evans earned a review of "very good".
  1. In the final eight games of the season, Demar Dotson, Evan Dietrich-Smith and Logan Mankins posted a cumulative grade of +22.
  1. Logan Mankins was the No. 7 run-blocking left guard in the league.
  1. Evan Dietrich-Smith was the No. 9 run-blocking center in the league.
  1. Demar Dotson was the third-most efficient pass-blocking right tackle in the league.
  1. Lavonte David had the most "stops" of any linebacker in the league over the course of the past three seasons. In 2014, his 75 ranked No. 3 in the league.
  1. Mike Evans was the No. 13 wide receiver in the league in terms of pass-catching and No. 22 in blocking, earning an average ranking of 13th.
  1. Gerald McCoy (+29.7) was the highest-rated Buccaneer.
  1. Alterraun Verner was the No. 7 cornerback in the league in 2014. He graded out as the No.1 run-stopper at his position.
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