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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Things to Know About Training Camp

On Tuesday, the Bucs announced their 2015 training camp schedule. Here are five things you need to know.


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1. There are 11 open practices.
Throughout the first three weeks of August, there are 11 practices that fans can attend at One Buccaneer Place. The first practice will be open on August 1st, with the last open practice being held on August 19th.

2. There are three different practice times.
If you can't make it for a 2:30 p.m. practice, there's always a 4:30 practice. And if you can't make it for either of those, there's a 9 a.m. practice. This year, the Bucs are offering three different time slots so everyone, regardless of their schedule, can make it out to a practice. 

3. It's free!
There is no cost to attend the Buccaneers' training camp practices. Each of the 11 practices open to the public is free of charge. Parking for practice is also free.

4. Players will be signing autographs every day.
Following practice, players will be available on the field to sign autographs for fans 12 and under. Different player groups will be made available on different days.

5. There will be an expanded "Kids Zone".
This year's training camp will have an enhanced "Kids Zone" and will feature several different activities for children. Among those events included will be football skill drills, a dunking tank and more.

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