Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bajakian Pleased with Winston's Progress

QB Coach Mike Bajakian met with the media to discuss Jameis Winston's development.

On Tuesday, Quarterbacks Coach Mike Bajakian met with members of the media following a training camp practice at One Buccaneer Place in Tampa. Bajakian, who was hired this spring to work with the Bucs' signal-callers, said he was pleased with the progress he's seen so far from his rookie quarterback, Jameis Winston.

"Every day there's progress and that's the goal," Bajakian said, "whether it's blitz period, seven-on-seven or any of the situations we put him in in a team period. We want to see growth. He's out here and he works every day."

What specifically has Winston been improving on? Bajakian couldn't list just one thing. He did say, though, that some of the quarterback's improvements aren't necessarily apparent to the casual on-looker.

Photos of quarterback Jameis Winston at Buccaneers Training Camp.

"I can't say there's one particular (area he's improved on)," Bajakian said. "He's done a great job, whether it's his drop technique, his anticipation, his command presence in the huddle, his communication at the line of scrimmage.

"Like I said, there has been great progress in all those areas and if you're sitting in the stands watching, you might not be able to see that. You might not be able to see how he stands in the huddle and decisively calls the play and executes his checks at the line of scrimmage and all those things so he's making great progress both mentally and physically and now obviously we just need to take that to the game."

All of the work Winston's put in this spring will be displayed on Saturday night when the Bucs take on the Vikings for their first pre-season game. Winston has two more practices, on Wednesday and Thursday, before the Bucs fly out to Minnesota for an 8 p.m. matchup.

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