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Bucs CB Ronde Barber and his brother, Giants RB Tiki Barber, discuss who the better player is during an chat


CB Ronde Barber sees a much-improved team in San Diego this year, according to his thoughts during an chat

After playing together in high school and college, Ronde and Tiki Barber now are on opposing teams and opposite sides of the ball.

Before getting back to work to prepare for their respective games this week, Buccaneers CB Ronde and Giants RB Tiki took time to answer your questions in an chat on Oct. 2.

Tiki Barber: Hello, welcome to the chat, I hope you enjoy it.

Ronde Barber: Thank you for joining our chat. Glad to be with my brother. Let's start talking some football.

Question: Tiki, how's your hamstring? Will you play this week?

Tiki Barber: My hamstring is day to day and it feels better than yesterday. I can't honestly say how it will feel this weekend.

Question: Ronde, how jealous were you of Tiki and his team playing the Super Bowl in your home stadium?

Ronde Barber: Not that jealous, more exciting. I would have liked to have been there. I will get my chance, my redemption.

Question: So who is the better player?

Ronde Barber: I would have to say Tiki. I think I play a more demanding position, but he excels in a position that a lot of people don't excel in.

Tiki Barber: I think that I am a better team player, but Ronde is a better athlete.

Question: Ronde, do you think your defense is stronger and more efficient than last year's?

Ronde Barber: I think that time will tell that. It's hard to judge that right now. After a couple of games it's hard to judge it. In 1999, we had a great defense. We are trying to get better this year.

Question: Tiki, how do you feel about sharing time with Ron Dayne? Does this motivate you or is it discouraging?

Tiki Barber: A lot of people don't understand our roles on the team. We don't look to be a featured back - we coexist and we do it successfully. With the way the NFL is, diversity is key and by having both of us being successful, we bring a lot of diversity to the team.

Question: Who's Mom's favorite?

Tiki Barber: She doesn't play favorites until it gets cold in New York.

Question: If the NFL were like the XFL and allowed you to have nicknames on your jerseys, which would you choose?

Tiki Barber: My name is actually a nickname, but if I had to do something extreme it would be "Renaissance Man." I try to do a little of everything.

Ronde Barber: Considering now that we know the XFL folded in one year, mine would be "I'd Rather Not."

Question: Besides your own respective teams, who do you think are the favorites to make the Super Bowl?

Tiki Barber: I like St. Louis and Denver.

Ronde Barber: It's still way too early to tell, but I will go out on a limb and go with San Diego with Flutie and Green Bay, right now.

Question: Hey Barbers, just curious if you have ever had any funny or memorable experiences when someone asked you for an autograph?

Ronde Barber: We can't divulge that in a public chat room. We'll talk later!

Question: My question is for Tiki. Do you think the emotion of the New York tragedies will carry on throughout the year or do you think things will eventually return to normal?

Tiki Barber: I don't think normalcy, like we knew it, will ever be the same. It will make people stronger. As far as motivation, anyone from any walk of life can draw on this as a motivational tool and a lesson not to take like for granted.

Question: If the Bucs and Giants play each other, would either one of you hesitate to hit the other?

Ronde Barber: Never, he's free rein on the football field.

Tiki Barber: Of course, I would avoid hitting him because if he hits me, he would tackle me.

Question: I am a 1972 Cave Spring High School graduate and loved watching you both at UVa in Charlottesville. Any plans to get you both on the same NFL team?

Tiki Barber: Six years. We both signed six-year deals. Our best bet is to just recollect on the memories of our high-school days and college.

Ronde Barber: Thanks for the great questions, appreciate your time. Enjoy football this weekend. See ya soon.

Tiki Barber: Thanks for stopping by. We always appreciate the interest in the Barber family.

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