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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Booger Goes Back to School

Bucs DT Anthony “Booger” McFarland continued his “I Can Wait” program this week with the launch of new interactive elements for the middle school students who are involved


When DT Anthony McFarland visits his adopted schools for the year he urges the students to make informed decisions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Anthony "Booger" McFarland went back to school this Tuesday to reiterate his message that decisions made now have a great impact on the future.

On September 20th, McFarland introduced the "I Can Wait" program to students at Stewart and Roland Park Middle Schools. The I Can Wait Foundation, for which McFarland is the national spokesperson, is a youth awareness program that is designed to encourage today's youth to get the facts before making decisions about things such as drinking, smoking, relationships and using drugs. Each year, McFarland adopts two Tampa middle schools where he visits the students throughout the year to discuss the importance of educated decision-making.

In years past, McFarland would introduce the program to the students, then return a few weeks later to pass out I Can Wait pledge cards. After signing the cards, students were eligible for the chance to be invited to a Buccaneer home game where they would be seated in a special section entitled Booger's Bucs Can Wait.

McFarland realizes how much teenagers enjoy spending time surfing the Internet these days. On Monday, McFarland launched a brand new Web site, complete with Buccaneer news, photos and biographical information. More importantly, the Web site includes information about the I Can Wait Foundation. Now, instead of filling out pledge cards, students are able to log on to to learn about the foundation and how to receive its newsletter. Students at the two schools are still able to attend Buccaneer home games and be part of Booger's Bucs Can Wait if they adhere to guidelines regarding behavior at school and academic performance.

"I realized I became successful not because of what I did but what I didn't do," said McFarland, explaining his desire to be involved in the I Can Wait program. "I did not get involved in the things I'm talking about, things that could be detrimental to my success."

McFarland invites all the students he speaks with to visit his Web site and email him about anything they may have questions about.

"We can talk about anything from the birds and the bees to the apple trees," said McFarland.

He will continue to visit Stewart and Roland Park Middle Schools to check up on the students throughout the year and answer their questions in person.

"Dream big, dream really big," McFarland urged students everywhere. "But when you dream big you have to prepare big and set a good foundation."

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