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Brad Culpepper to Kick Off 'Culpepper's Champions' with School Assembly

WHAT: Buccaneers DT Brad Culpepper will spend a morning with local school children when he conducts an assembly at Monroe Middle School on September 28. The visit will mark the kickoff of the "Culpepper`s Champions" game day ticket program, which involves donating 24 tickets to each Buccaneers home game to students who have achieved certain academic and behavioral standards.

Culpepper is among several Buccaneers who work with select Hillsborough County middle schools throughout football season. The schools that players work with include Franklin, Sligh, Stewart, Williams, Dowdell, Progress Village, Madison, Monroe, Oak Grove and MacFarlane Park Alternative, which are among the schools targeted by the Hillsborough County School Board as needing mentoring and/or motivational programs. Many Buccaneers visit students throughout the school year to monitor their progress and reward game tickets.

WHO: DT Brad Culpepper

WHEN: Tuesday, September 28

WHERE: Monroe Middle School

4716 Montgomery Avenue, Tampa, 33616

TIME: 9:30 a.m.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Jenny Townley Community Relations Media Coordinator Tampa Bay Buccaneers 813-870-2700, ext. 296

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