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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneer Quotes, Oct. 16

Head Coach Greg Schiano

(On if wide receiver Mike Williams has gotten over his injury)

"I don't know if he's over it, he's limited today."

(On guard Davin Joseph's injury)

"Davin, he's going to be ok, I believe. He just got hit in the game and we thought he would be able to practice today, he didn't quite feel right so we held him out, but hopefully he can practice tomorrow."

(On if his injury was the same knee he hurt previously)

"The other knee, not the surgically repaired knee. Well it's day-to-day we'll see, I think he's going to practice tomorrow, I hope so."

(On the movement going on with the offensive line)

"Just trying different combinations, we'll figure it out by the end of the week what's the best combination. [Guard] Carl [Nicks] wasn't here today, Carl got an opinion outside of town and they decided they were going to do surgery last night. They did surgery and he's doing well. I don't have a time-table for you and I don't really have anything more than that but that's why Carl wasn't here."

(On throwing down the field more)

"Well we haven't completed them deep. We've thrown them deep, you've got to throw them to complete them though. We'll keep throwing them deep, but the accuracy part of it I agree that, as receivers become more and more accustomed to it, hitting them on the run, they'll run their route, the end of the route, the reception point of the route, at a higher rate of speed. That's got to be a confidence thing and that chemistry that builds in a quarterback and this receiving core."

(On wide receiver Tiquan Underwood's performance last Sunday)

"He'll probably play better this week than he did last week, but there was some good and some not good."

(On defensive end Da'Quan Bowers' injury)

"He's day-to-day. It's his toe."

(On the Atlanta Falcons as a team)

"They're a very talented football team, very well coached, the quarterback is a special player. They lost [wide receiver] Julio [Jones] last week, he's one of the elite guys in the National Football League, but they still have good players and [tight end Tony] Gonzales is a first ballot Hall-of-Famer and he's still making plays all over the place. Defensively [defensive end] Osi [Umenyiora] is really bringing tremendous pass rush. [Cornerback] Asante Samuels is a dangerous thief out there, he can pick the ball off. They're playing very good run defense. They're a good football team, they've lost some close football games, so have we. It should be a great game. Like I said, they're a well coached football team."

(On if recently promoted wide receiver Skye Dawson might return kicks)

"We'll see, I'm not sure."

(On the injuries on the offensive line)

"It is what it is. That's life in the NFL, you've got to figure it out. We've got to get the best five out there though and get the quarterback protected and get the running game blocked up. We haven't been, as you said, there hasn't been a lot of continuity there. Every team is going through their issues whether it's on the line, receiver, running back, defense, you've got to find a way to get it done and that's what we need to do this week."

(On if he has spoken to the Glazer family recently)

"We talk often. What we talk about is confidential, but we talk often."

(On the demeanor of the team)

"They're focused, they're very hungry to win this game, and that's where they are right now. Worked hard today, they continue to study and do those things, I'm encouraged by that."

(On how the offensive line has performed as a group this season)

"At times they've been effective and at times not, I guess the word [is] inconsistent. Probably one of the biggest keys of offensive line play is consistency. It's kind of one of those things where you don't notice it when things are usually going pretty well, it's only when you notice it - that's kind of the life of an offensive linemen really."

(On the lack of consistency on the offensive line)

"It's hard to even look at the other guys, because Davin we lost right at the beginning of the year - Carl was playing - I guess it was Game 7 he stopped playing - he only played like one-and-a-half games healthy. I think he hurt his toe in that first game, but I can't remember which, it was either that first or second game he gets his toe hurt. I don't think we ever really got to see that group but again to [your] point, that's life. Whoever is up, we've got to go play them and we got to go block them. We've got to protect for the quarterback. That will be a challenge this week, for sure. They're playing good run defense, like I said, and they're getting after the quarterback."

(On how much man-to-man coverage cornerback Darrelle Revis has been playing)

"Well he is being used, often times, in man-to-man coverage. Whether the whole coverage is man-to-man or just him taking a guy out of the play man-to-man, most fans won't be able to figure that out by watching it. We do use his skills differently than some other guys because he has the ability to cover one-on-one. Does he do it every snap? No, there are times where you give him a breather and let him play zone, but there aren't very many. We position him in a way he plays a lot of one-on-one coverage and again we give him flexibility because of his experience, just like we do [safety] Dashon [Goldson], there's flexibility there because these guys are experienced players. They know the personnel they're playing against, they also know and anticipate what's coming by all the down and distance, field position, formation, personnel group, all of those things that experienced players key off of."

(On how far Revis has left in his recovery from his knee injury)

"I don't think it's ways, but I he'll be really happy when he feels like it's all the way back. Again, as I've said many times, he's got such experience, such explosion that even when he's not 100 percent, he's still very-very effective. He's been effective this year."

(On the limited number of snaps for tight end Tom Crabtree)

"Well Tom is pushing back, he's not out there 100 percent for sure, but he's pushing himself to be out there. He's a tough guy and he's playing through pain to do that. I think his time, as he feels better and better, it'll get there more and more."

(On how tight end Tim Wright has been progressing)

"Well, he changed positions. It's very common, it's like the old thing you move a safety to  linebacker, he might not have been a standout athlete in the secondary, but you put him at linebacker, he's the best athlete in the room. You move a linebacker to defensive line same thing. He was not a standout linebacker, but at [defensive] end he's now the best athlete on the front line. I think sometimes you take a wideout, who's a big wideout, more of a possession type wideout, you move him to tight end and the guys that are covering him are generally different. Now you're working one-on-one battles with nickel linebackers rather than with safeties and corners. The thing to be able to make that move, the guys got to be tough enough to block in the run game and that's one thing that Tim is. He's 230 [pounds], he's not the biggest guy in the world, but he's ample. The things we asked him to do, he'll fight you on. He definitely has a place, if he can continue to catch the football and run his routes the way he does, he definitely can block well enough to run the ball, that makes him a two-dimensional tight end, that helps."

(On how good defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has been this season)

"I think Gerald's played well, I think he's a very disruptive factor in our defense, he's quick so he penetrates into the backfield often times making balls divert from where they want to go. In the pass rush, I think he has one sack, but he has disrupted the quarterback a lot. We look at quarterback hurries, quarterback hits, when he's near the throwing hand causes the ball to be altered on the launch. Those are all things Gerald is very attuned to. I also think he's become a much more established leader on our football team and I think that's carrying a lot of weight right now and is going to help us get over the hump here and start winning games, because Gerald is a competitor and he's a warrior, he keeps going, no matter what's facing him he's going through it  and that's what we need right now, we need a lot of that."

Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan

(On what the coaching staff saw in quarterback Mike Glennon)

"We looked at every ball he threw, this past season. Like any quarterback, you'll see a couple bad decisions, you'll see some inaccurate throws, but there was a consistency with regard to both standing in the pocket, movement outside the pocket and I thought there was a wide array of throws that he could make – the deep, the intermediate and short. There were a lot of things we were pleased with in looking at that, so there was a high level of confidence that that could transfer over to the program."

(On tight end Tim Wright's transition from wide receiver)

"Two things that jump out about Timmy are he's a tough guy, typically you think of those receivers are guys who want to be out on the perimeter and those who are more of –  Anquan Boldin, for example – the style where they want to go across the middle and do the dirty work and he was that type of a receiver. That toughness has transferred over to where it's a different world, at the tight end position. Secondly, he's very smart. He hangs on every word that Brian Angelechio, his position coach, tells him. Just being able to transfer all of that. It's a tough position because of the pass protection responsibility, the blocking, run blocking component and then of course all of the [receiver] routes. I've been real pleased with his ability to transfer over into offense and really the past couple weeks and give us an added dimension."

(On what did he liked about Glennon's touchdown throws in the game against Philadelphia)

"There was a decisiveness on the first touchdown to [wide receiver] Vincent [Jackson]. A 'sell action,' that his sell, as far as the run-fake, I thought, was convincing and there was no indecision, there was a 'quick-fire, bang,' and it was out. It was a heck of a catch by Vincent on the second touchdown, just from the standpoint of trusting where Vincent was going to be. Those two have really worked a lot, behind the scenes, trying to develop a chemistry and get caught up, because they didn't have as many reps together throughout the OTAs and training camps and so forth. I think in both instances if I had to pick one thing that I liked about him, it was just the confidence, the decisiveness with which the ball came out."

(On the offense's second-half struggles)

"This most recent game, it's hard – like the Jets game, seems like a thousand years ago – well the one if I look at just Philadelphia, we had seen something earlier in the game in the first half as far as an internal pressure that they had shown and that they might possibly put Trent Cole, their defensive end on Timmy Wright. So, first play we thought we were rolling then, because we called the play and it was exactly what we were hoping to get and we got 34 yards. You end up having a successful run and then there's the interception and there's a variety of factors a combination of the route protection and some of the things that happened – a great play by their defensive back. [We had] a seven or eight play series I think the next time we get the football – and again, there's a couple of penalties that, gosh they just kill you because, for the game, we had 39 yards of what had been a gain – as far as run gain – that had been negated with the holding calls. If you take into account that you lose 10 yards because of the penalty, that's an 80-yard swipe. We were scratching, clawing for every yard, 80 more yards for us could make a huge difference, obviously. That third drive we went from a minus-one and overcame another penalty and got down to the nine, unfortunately, we weren't able to punch it in there. It's tough to put a finger on something specific as far as the other games, I do know first and foremost; the self-inflicted wounds, the penalties we have to overcome, certainly any turnover for whatever reason is inexcusable and we've got to eliminate that. I do feel confident that we're headed in the right direction in trying to get other guys involved in the pass game. As far as Timmy Wright, and, even though his runs were negated,  a guy like [running back] Michael [James] stepped up and made a couple good runs for us and just giving us some of that versatility, Vincent and [wide receiver] Mike [Williams] appear to be getting in sync and getting into a good rhythm. Certainly not going to be a good season for us at all moving forward if we don't do what we need to do in the second half, whether it's score one touchdown or two touchdowns or three, whatever we have to do so we've got a huge challenge and we're looking forward to doing that."

(On calling plays from the coaches booth instead of the sideline)

"Two years in Jacksonville and then eight years with the Giants, I was always in the press box. We talked earlier during the bye week that, everything was going to be analyzed, in terms of our operation, in terms of the plays, the players, schemes etc. And then game day, what are the ways in which we could be more efficient? I know from all those years being up in the press box, there's a perspective and a vantage point that you get that I felt that would be beneficial. And speaking with Coach Schiano to also – 'What can best serve the defense? How can we do some things to get us headed in the right direction? I just switched with John McNulty who is the quarterback coach. He's now on the field so I was relaying the calls into him. It's something that gives an added vantage point that I think is helpful from the standpoint of not seeing it ground level but having that bird's eye view, so to speak. We'd talked about it, Coach Schiano and I, and what are the things that we could move forward to get us to be in a better position and for the most part, very comfortable. I was a little rusty, but it was good to have that perspective of things and so moving forward we'd like to continue that."

(On the team's mental errors)

"The ball handling, that's something we made a point [of] today. It's something we do every day and yet, on a Wednesday because of the new plays and schemes and you get caught up in all of that sort of stuff, but that is so basic and so fundamental and inexcusable. So, that was a huge point of emphasis, to make sure that we get our quarterback – new quarterback in this case – in sync and with his track and a very specific track that he has that the runner has as well on a given play. Inexcusable, something that we don't want to happen at all the rest of the way and it was a major point of emphasis. As far as the grounding call, the one that comes to mind was on Sunday, where we had a play action shot and I think we were trying to get that one down the field and we're constantly trying to do that and it goes hand-in-hand if we can get the run-game going, that's going to open up the deep shots and vice versa. [Glennon] might have hung on to that a little too long and then it was a little delayed. In hindsight, I wish we could go back in time and he would scramble and move to our sideline and then there's no intentional grounding once you're outside the pocket. But, unfortunately, we weren't able to get that because it would go into the field to their sideline."

(On the offensive line and the holding penalties)

"It's hard to comment. I've got to be careful if you start talking about penalties and officiating and how it's called, because it's in the eye of the beholder. Bottom line is there are rules and how the game is being called, we have to enforce that and I think anytime we get away from our technique, and we kind of get out of position and don't execute, that leaves us open to that grey area, if you will. So, there are examples where – after looking at the game film – a guy is just getting bowled over and then he has to, with the last desperation, sweep the ankle to prevent the sack. I haven't seen those things, but I do know that we can be more efficient and more fundamental, technique-sound and precise so that we don't leave the door open and get those type of calls because, as you said, those are killers and they were this past week."

(On Glennon's mobility)

"I didn't think he was a total statue, as maybe some others did, but he's shown a mobility. The thing that we've seen in practice, and I think we've started to see in games is his ability to throw well on the move as well. Extending the play, a third-and-13 or-14 and he scrambles, that was tremendous and that's a great dimension but I think you hit the nail on the head. He moves better than I thought and I think that the thing I had seen in some of those plays that I alluded to, as far as looking at him in college and saw through all of our practices and have seen in all of the games is his ability to throw on the move. He's got very good accuracy. We're not going to turn into a read-option team, but there is a mobility that he has, newsflash. At this point, whatever we can take, whatever can get some points on the board."

(On things fans should know about Mike Glennon)

"I think we've touched on some of them, from the standpoint of the fact that this guy does have ability to move and an accuracy and there's an upside as far as the physical tools, the attributes you want in a quarterback. The thing that I would reassure our fans, in terms of getting very close with Mike in the meeting rooms [and] seeing him in practices, this is a guy who's mature beyond his years. He is very focused, there is a steadiness about him, he doesn't get rattled if it goes bad. If he makes a mistake in practice or in the games, he bounces back and he's very smart. And what we go through and when we'll talk about what had occurred whether it's practice, the game as far as adjustment, he's able to say exactly what occurred. I think he has all the qualities of what we're going to want in a quarterback here. Obviously, we just have a lot of work to do. I know our fans, walking into the game, walking into that gauntlet before this last game, I was a little nervous and thinking 'Gosh, the way we've been playing, and there's going to be a couple cat-calls' and yet, there were four or five folks that said 'Hey coach, hang in there and 'Good luck.' And the way we've been playing, I tell you, it is disappointing, obviously, for the players, the coaches, the organization, but I felt, I was sitting there hoping that I could come here on a day today and say 'Those three or four folks that wished me good luck, hey we did it' Unfortunately we've got to wait another week. It is frustrating in terms of with our quarterback position and where we're heading putting the pieces together, I'm optimistic about where we're headed."

QB Mike Glennon

(On his long run in Sunday's game)

"I don't know where that came from. Someone told me it was the longest [of my career], including my college career. I was just trying to get the first down there and get down."

(On mobility in the pocket)

"I've always been able to move enough in the pocket. I think that's always what I knew I could do. I don't always use my feet as a weapon, but, when need be, I think I can get a few yards and then get down and get the first down. That's all I'm trying to do and that's really all you need to do at this level. As a quarterback, you want to throw the ball and get the ball in the playmakers hands and, if need be, run and get a first down. I'm sure that won't happen too often, but I think I showed that I can do it, if the defense opens up."

(On if he thinks he's an accurate passer)

"I've always felt like I threw the ball really well. It comes off my hand really well, and when you have guys like [wide receiver] Vincent [Jackson] catching the ball, it makes it a little easier on you. I consider myself to be able to throw the ball really well. I hope to continue to improve on it and become more accurate."

(On throwing the ball into tight windows)

"There's a difference between being greedy and giving your guy a chance – and that's what every quarterback can always work on is knowing when it's right and when it's wrong to try to fit it in there – but those guys definitely give you a little more confidence that, if you're throwing this ball in there, it might not be quite as smart, but you have confidence in them that they're going to go up and make the catch and, at worst, go down with an incompletion. Both of those guys [wide receivers Jackson and Mike Williams], they're strong guys that are willing to sacrifice themselves to go get the ball, so that definitely helps a quarterback's confidence."

(On what has helped him take to the offense so quickly)

"I think the first thing would have to be [that] I've run a lot of these concepts the past five years in college, and I kind of know where things are. Then, I also would like to kind of give myself some credit for preparing really hard and studying. I come in and really try to study our game plan. Our coaches have really helped me prepare, and so have the other quarterbacks, with Dan [Orlovsky] and Jordan [Rodgers] now. I think just my previous experience in the offense is similar and then just my preparation."

(On how his and Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan's former coach Dana Bible prepared them for the NFL)

"I think he did a great job. I'm sure Matt would say the same thing. I feel like he was one of the best college coaches in the country. His track record speaks for itself. He really got on us – I obviously didn't play with Matt, but I know what he [Bible] was like when I was there, and he really just gets you to be the best player that you can be. The way he just pushes you and stays on top of everything shows how well his quarterbacks have done in college and at the next level. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be as far as I am right now. He deserves a lot of credit for where I am today."

(On if he thinks defenses change their strategy depending on a quarterback's experience)

"Not really. I think I put a lot on myself to execute out there and perform at a high level. It doesn't really matter who's at quarterback – if it's a veteran or not – the team's still counting on you to win, and we're going to do whatever it takes to win. If it's to throw the ball a bunch, then we're going to do that, and if it's to run the ball, then we'll do that. I feel comfortable with whatever the coaches throw at us. I'm good to throw any ball out there."

(On preparing for the noise in the Georgia Dome)

"We have the speakers out there blasting. I played in there once before, and it is loud. I'm sure it's going to be amped up a little bit. That dome really keeps the sound in there. That just makes me have to prepare that much more to be on top of our game plan, that way, if you can't always hear everything in the headset or whatever the communication [issue] may be, I think that just shows how much more we have to prepare – myself as a quarterback and as an offense – that way, if we're not all able to hear each other perfectly, we still are able to understand what we're trying to do on that play because we've prepared so well that the noise isn't a factor."

(On having experience with loud stadiums from college)

"I think, definitely, that I've been in atmospheres where it's rocking and it's really loud. I think that has to be an advantage. I've been at the point where I'm screaming at the top of my lungs in the huddle, so I think it's helpful that it's not my first time doing it."

(On working with tight end Tim Wright)

"It's been great. Tim's really stepped up and done a great job so far. He works extremely hard at it. We've been working together at rookie mini-camp really, back when he was at [wide receiver], but now he's kind of come on. As a quarterback, you love when your tight end can do what he does, because it creates a little mismatch problem. He's been playing really well lately, and I think he'll continue to develop as he gets more reps as a tight end. He's been a receiver his whole life, it's different for him and I think he's done a really good job with the new task at hand."

(On calling plays if there's a communication breakdown)

"We have our own system, if that were to happen, where it would be taken care of."

(On what he and Coach Schiano joked about on the sideline during Sunday's game)

"Coach Schiano just always gives me a hard time about not going to Rutgers, and then, after that long run, I think there was a timeout or something, so I came to the sideline and he was kind of smiling and I just joked and said, 'Maybe I should've gone to [the University of] Oregon instead.'"

(On being one of 32 people who gets to play quarterback in the NFL)

"That's a great part of this – I'm going to go out there and put my best foot forward, but at the end of the day, I kind of think, 'How lucky am I that I'm one of 32 guys in the entire world that gets to do something that I've been dreaming of and a million other kids have dreamed of their whole lives?' It's a pretty neat thing to kind of run out on that field and think, 'I'm one of only 32 people in the world that get to do this.'"

(On media influences)

"I don't pay attention to that stuff. I couldn't tell you one article that you guys have written. I don't really look at any of that. I just know to stay away from it, because it won't do me any good."

(On if he's being recognized more on the streets)

"A little bit more. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to really do much, but a little bit more."

(On if he has better control of the huddle after two starts)

"I think so. Until you go out there and do it [perform], you can only have so much credibility. I feel like the guys look at me a little different now, and I think that's a good thing and it'll help us as we go forward.

DT Gerald McCoy

(On Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan)

"I got asked this offseason, not in an interview or anything, but just kind of, 'Name the elite quarterbacks' and I said Matt Ryan. Somebody was like, 'Matt Ryan?' I said, 'Listen, I play against the guy. He's an elite quarterback.' I think it's going to show up down the stretch. He doesn't have his main weapon, but he can make the best of anything. He's that good. The offense runs through him, and if he's rolling, the team is rolling."

(On what the team can do to turn things around)

"Keep going. We're professionals. This is what the pros is about – you face adversity. You wouldn't become a professional if you couldn't handle stuff like this. You don't want to get down in the dumps. You go approach everything like nothing's different. Whether we're 0-5 or 5-0, it doesn't matter. You approach each game the same, prepare the same, and just keep fighting, regardless of what happens, just keep pushing until they tell us we can't play anymore."

(On if Atlanta looks like a team that's struggling on tape)

"Not really. They're just not pulling it out in the end. If you watch the game, they're in the game. They're not getting blown out. They're just having issues finishing, the same issues we're having. It's just going to be about who finishes this game."

(On why he has confidence in the coaching staff)

"Because they're here. As long as they're here, I have 100 percent complete confidence in them. I get paid to execute, so whatever game plan or whatever they have for us, that's what I'm going to do, and I'm going to do it 100 [percent], until I can't do it anymore."

(On what guard Carl Nicks is going through)

"He's one of our brothers, one of our family members, and it's tough for him to be going through that, but he's in our prayers and we're definitely thinking about him. We've just got to keep him lifted at a time like this. It's tough. It's not easy. It's like he can't catch a break. But we've just got to keep lifting him up. My teammates did that for me; back-to-back years, season-ending injuries, my teammates kept me lifted up, so we need to do the same for him."

(On what the team needs to do to win)

"We've just got to finish games. It's as simple as that. Going into the fourth quarter, four out of the five [games], we're right there. We've just got to finish them. What it is we have to do to finish them, I don't know – I can't put my finger on it – but that's our issue. We're just not finishing the games. Years before, we were getting blown out – games weren't close. [This year] we're right in there. We just have to finish them. With Atlanta going through the same thing, this game's going to be about who finishes the game."

T Donald Penn

(On if he knew quarterback Mike Glennon could run like he did in Sunday's game)

"No, I didn't. I was messing with him after the game. I said, 'Man, I didn't know you could run like that. You need to do that more often.' It really, really puts the defense at a disadvantage when he does that. If you look at it, every time he did run, the field was wide open, but, as an offensive line, we've got to do better so he doesn't have to run. But he did a great job of it. He did a great job of getting down, not getting himself hit. That's something that defenses are going to have to keep in the back of their head."

(On if Glennon has surprised him)

"He did surprise me a lot. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit worried the first game, when he came in, but his poise, his leadership too, it's surprising, especially being a rookie. He's coming out there, getting us going, keeping us calm in the huddle. I was getting ready to say something and he said it before I could. He's doing a great job of that and taking control of this offense. I really think he is doing a great job. My hat's off to him. I'm really surprised with as far along as he's been. He's out there playing like he's been there before, and that was only his second start. He's a good guy too. I asked him after the game how he was feeling. He was saying he was feeling great and all that. He was kind of down on himself, and I told him, 'Just keep fighting, keep working.' That's good for him, to be so hard on himself. It's going to take us a lot further."

(On turning things around)

"We can't get stuck on the 0-5 thing. We've still got 11 games left and we've still got a lot of positives that we did do. We're just falling short. It's going to be a clash of two teams digging this weekend, so I think it's going to be a good matchup."

(On if the Atlanta defense looks different this year)

"Not to me. The past couple years, I had to block [defensive end John] Abraham. Now, I've got to block [Atlanta defensive end] Osi [Umenyiora]. Shoot. In my book, they're on the same level. They're both great defensive ends. They're going to be Hall-of-Famers when their careers [are] said and done. I've got my work cut out for me again. Osi's on his game. I watched some of the Saints game [against Atlanta in Week 2] earlier, and I already watched his sack cut up. Osi's looking good this year. He's really looking good. I've got to come in with a good game plan. I'm going to watch one of the games [in which] I played [against] him in the past and try to see what I did well against him then so I can try to use some of that stuff this week."

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