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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneer Rookies' High School Ratings

A look at where the Bucs' rookies were rated as high school prospects.

Every year, countless high school players commit to various programs across the country to pursue their dreams of playing football at the next level. For some players, expectations are high. Take, for example, the Buccaneers' top two draft picks, Vernon Hargreaves and Noah Spence.

As high school seniors, Hargreaves and Spence were both the best in the country at their respective positions, according to Both players were five-star recruits and both players were the best in their respective home states.

But after those first two picks, the Buccaneers didn't draft another five-star high school prospect. Caleb Benenoch was the next-highest rated Buc with four stars while Roberto Aguayo and Devante Bond had three stars, Dan Vitale had two and Ryan Smith had none. Below is a look at how the Bucs' draft picks were rated entering college:

CB Vernon Hargreaves
Stars: 5
State Rank (FL): 1
National Rank (CB): 1

DE Noah Spence
Stars: 5
State Rank (PA): 1
National Rank (DE): 1

K Roberto Aguayo
Stars: 3
State Rank (FL): N/R
National Rank (K): 3

DB Ryan Smith
Stars: 0
State Rank: N/R
National Rank: N/R

OL Caleb Benenoch
Stars: 4
State Rank (TX): 44
National Rank (G): 18

LB Devante Bond
Stars: 3
State Rank (CA): N/R
National Rank (LB): N/R

TE Dan Vitale
Stars: 2
State Rank (IL): N/R
National Rank (ATH): N/R

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