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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs I.Q. Quiz, Part II

Our first pre-camp Buccaneer trivia quiz was well received, if perhaps a bit too challenging, so we're back with another 10-part test we hope will help you bring up your BUC GPA


  • Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans could have one of the largest disparities in career catches for an opening-day duo in team history
  • How productive will the Bucs' starting D-Line be if all four starters exceed their personal career sack highs?
  • Do you remember where the football was when the Bucs' Super Bowl victory came to an end?

    Two weeks ago, to celebrate (if that's the right word) the fact that training camp was exactly one month away, we presented Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans with a 10-part trivia quiz.  The trivia dealt mostly with the current roster, with a little bit of team history sprinkled in.  We found out that, even during the summer, Buc fans enjoy being quizzed on one of their favorite subjects.

We also found out…wait, stop.  I have to stop hiding behind the "editorial we" here.  This one is all on me.  I also found out that I might have been too stern of a taskmaster.  That is, I thought I had devised a quiz that would come in at about four or five on a difficulty scale of 1-10.  Feedback led me to believe it was more like an eight or nine.

Sorry about that.  This is the summer and we want fun, not failure.  As such, with that original month before training camp nearly halved, I'm back with a second quiz to test your Buccaneer I.Q., and you'll hopefully find this one a little easier to navigate.  Let's just agree that we'll grade that first quiz on a curve, so anywhere from four to six gets you an A.  On this one, I hope some of you can come out with a score of nine or more.

Once again, most of the data for the questions and answers below was gleaned from the newly-published NFL Record & Fact Book,, *Statspass, * and  In other words, you could easily look up the answers to most of these questions in a few minutes (or just scroll down to the bottom of the page).  But what would be the fun in that?  Consider this a closed-book quiz like the last one and once again try to exercise some self-control.

Without further ado, Quiz Number Two:

1. Michael Johnson, Gerald McCoy, Clinton McDonald and Adrian Clayborn are the presumptive first four starting on the Bucs' defensive line heading into training camp.  If you took each of those four players best single-season sack totals in the NFL and added them together, which of the following range of numbers would they fall into?

a. 37.0 - 40.0
b. 33.0 - 36.0
c. 29.0 - 32.0
d. 25.0 - 28.0


CB Alterraun Verner led the NFL in pass break-ups last year and has some new teammates who are adept at the same thing

2. According to Statspass, Alterraun Verner tied for the NFL lead in 2013 with 22 passes defensed while playing for the Tennessee Titans.  Among returning Buccaneers from last year's squad, who was the team leader in that category?

a. Johnthan Banks
b. Lavonte David
c. Leonard Johnson
d. Dashon Goldson

3. Which of the following four statements about the last 10-plus seasons is true?

a. Over the last 10 years, the Buccaneers have a better home record than the Atlanta Falcons.
b. Over the last 10 years, the Buccaneers best winning percentage by month has occurred in September.
c. Since bye weeks were added to the schedule in 1990, the Bucs have compiled a winning record in games right after the bye.
d. Despite a 66-94 record over the past 10 years, the Bucs have a positive turnover ratio in that same span.

4. In May, the Buccaneers drafted Mike Evans with the seventh overall pick and Austin Seferian-Jenkins with the 38th overall pick, the highest selections the franchise had ever used on a wide receiver and a tight end, respectively.  Which of the four lists below is an accurate account of four players who were drafted with the Buccaneers' highest picks ever at their respective positions?

a. OT Paul Gruber; LB Keith McCants; CB Aqib Talib; G Sean Farrell
b. S Mark Barron; LB Broderick Thomas; G Davin Joseph; CB Rod Jones
c. OT Charles McRae; CB Rod Jones; LB Keith McCants; G Ray Snell
d. LB Broderick Thomas; G Davin Joseph; CB Aqib Talib; OT Paul Gruber

5. Just as with the high school question in the previous quiz, you can probably guess that the three states whose colleges and universities have produced the most players on the Bucs' current roster are Texas (nine), Florida (eight) and California (five).  After that, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee and Washington are all tied at four.  There are, however, some interesting states that have produced current Bucs, and some interesting ones that haven't.  Which of the following four pairs of states that HAVE and HAVE NOT produced current Bucs is accurate?

a. HAS: Wyoming … HAS NOT: Missouri
b. HAS: South Dakota … HAS NOT: Pennsylvania
c. HAS: Rhode Island … HAS NOT: Arizona
d. HAS: Maine … HAS NOT: Oregon

6. Who was the last Buccaneer to have the football in his hands before time ran out in Super Bowl XXXVII?

a. Mike Alstott
b. Martin Gramatica
c. Brad Johnson
d. Dwight Smith

7. The Buccaneers threw the football in Vincent Jackson's direction 159 times last year, according to Statspass.  Only one other player in franchise history has ever been targeted more times in the passing game in a single season.  Who was it?

a. Antonio Bryant
b. Joey Galloway
c. Keyshawn Johnson
d. Kellen Winslow

8. The following four statements are all about the longest plays in team history and all include a player on the current roster.  Which of the four statements is NOT true?

a. When Mason Foster returned an interception 85 yards for a touchdown against the Saints last year, it meant all three of the longest INT returns in team history were by linebackers.
b. Vincent Jackson's 95-yard reception against the Saints in 2012 is the longest non-scoring play of any kind in team history.
c. Bobby Rainey's 80-yard touchdown against Buffalo last year is the longest run from scrimmage in franchise annals.
d. Mike Glennon's 85-yard touchdown pass to Tiquan Underwood in Detroit last is the Bucs' longest passing play ever in a road game.

9. Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans are expected to be the Buccaneers' opening-day tandem at wide receiver this season?  If that proves to be the case, that will be a pairing of one player with 422 career NFL catches and another with zero career NFL catches.  Which opening-day receiver tandem in the Buccaneers' previous 38 seasons featured the biggest differences between their career catch totals heading into that campaign?

a. Joey Galloway and Michael Clayton in 2006
b. Mark Carrier and Lawrence Dawsey in 1992
c. Keyshawn Johnson and Jacquez Green in 2001
d. Tim Brown and Joey Galloway in 2004

10. With his shoulder fully healthy again, Doug Martin will attempt to return to his 2002 form, when he put up 1,926 yards from scrimmage, the third-highest total ever for an NFL rookie.  Which of the following four impressive facts about Martin is NOT true?

a. All six of Martin's career 100-yard rushing games have resulted in Tampa Bay victories.
b. In just 22 career games Martin already has more runs of 40 or more yards than any Buccaneer other than Warrick Dunn.
c. Martin has more rushing yards per game since the start of 2012 than Arian Foster, Matt Forte and Frank Gore.
d. With 13 TDs in his first 22 NFL games, Martin is scoring at a faster pace than even the great Mike Alstott's career rate.


So, how did you do?  You can find the answers below, along with some additional notes.  We'll put the grading scale here in the middle in order to push the answer key a little farther down so you aren't tempted to peak at the answers before you finish the quiz.

# Correct





You know the real Batman wore orange, not black



You don't need a roster when you visit training camp



You can't remember if Alstott was 'Thunder' or 'Lightning'



Your favorite player is Captain Fear


Answer Key:

1. (b) 33.0-36.0
Michael Johnson had 11.5 sacks in 2012; Gerald McCoy had 9.5 sacks in 2013; Clinton McDonald had 5.5 sacks in 2013; Adrian Clayborn had 7.5 sacks in 2011.  Added together, that creates a total of 34.0 sacks.


2. (b) Lavonte David

Statspass has David with 10 passes defensed.  Dashon Goldson and Leonard Johnson both had eight and Johnthan Banks finished with six.  Only four linebackers in the NFL had more passes defensed than David last year, according to Statspass: Arizona's Karlos Dansby, Baltimore's Daryl Smith, Detroit's DeAndre Levy and Arizona's Daryl Washington


3. (d) Despite a 66-94 record over the past 10 years, the Bucs have a positive turnover ratio in that same span.

The Buccaneers are 6 in turnover ratio over the past 10 seasons (2004-13), getting back in the plus side last year by going 10 despite a 4-12 record.  Atlanta's home record in that same time period is 53-27 while the Bucs have a 39-41 mark.  Tampa Bay's best month in terms of winning percentage over the last decade of play is November, and by a wide margin (21-18-0).  And close-but-no-cigar on the post-bye winning record; the Bucs are 11-14 all-time in games played right after their bye weeks.


4. (a) OT Paul Gruber; LB Keith McCants; CB Aqib Talib; G Sean Farrell

All four of these players were drafted with the highest pick the Bucs ever used at their positions: #4 for Gruber, #4 for McCants, #20 for Talib and #17 for Farrell. Among the other players listed, S Mark Barron was also the highest-drafted player at his position, going #7 overall. Broderick Thomas, Davin Joseph, Rod Jones, Charles McRae and Ray Snell were all very highly drafted, but not the highest at their respective positions.


5. (a) HAS: Wyoming … HAS NOT: Missouri

Followers of the draft know that the Buccaneers selected Wyoming WR Robert Herron in the sixth round this year, and he's getting ready to go into his first training camp.  It's a bit of a surprise not to find a Missouri player on the roster, though.  After all, Missouri is well-known for having the most bordering states, with eight, and all eight of those states have at least one player on the Bucs' roster.  All the other answer options were half right: (b) South Dakota does not have a player on the Bucs' roster, but neither does Pennsylvania; (c) Rhode Island has G Jason Foster on the roster but Arizona has a rep in CB Deveron Carr; (d) No current Bucs from Maine, and none from Oregon, either.


6. (b) Martin Gramatica

Dwight Smith was the last Buccaneer to advance with the football in his hands in the Bucs' Super Bowl XXXVII, as his second pick-six of the game reached the end zone with two seconds left to play.  However, those two seconds meant the Bucs had to kick off one more time, which proved to be the last play of the game.  Gramatica held the ball in his hands long enough to place it on the tee and kick it off.  Oakland's Chris Cooper fielded the kickoff and was tackled by Jack Golden to end the game.


7. (c) Keyshawn Johnson

In debating this one, savvy Buc fans would probably point to the 2001 season in which Johnson caught a team-record 106 passes and figure he was targeted quite often that year.  Yep.  Those 106 catches came on 180 targets, which is a whopping 21 more than Jackson received last year.  Joey Galloway's 2005 season included 152 targets, third-most in team history.  Antonio Bryant (137 targets in 2008) and Kellen Winslow (127 targets in 2009) are a little farther down the list.


8. (d) Mike Glennon's 85-yard touchdown pass to Tiquan Underwood in Detroit last is the Bucs' longest passing play ever in a road game.

That one is almost true.  The longest completion in Bucs history in a road game was an 87-yard touchdown between Vinny Testaverde and Willie Drewrey at Green Bay in 1991, so Glennon and Underwood missed it by just two yards.  Jackson's aforementioned 95-yarder (which is the longest non-scoring play of any kind in team history) is #1 on the completions list, followed by another Testaverde-Drewrey hookup against Atlanta at home in 1990.  Bobby Rainey's 80-yard gallop last year topped the old record of 78, a scoring run by Michael Pittman against Kansas City in 2004.  And, yes, the three longest interception returns in team history, surprisingly, all belong to linebackers.  Foster's 85-yarder follows a 98-yard score by Shelton Quarles against Green Bay in 2001 and a 97-yard pick six by Derrick Brooks at Baltimore in 2002.


9. (d) Tim Brown and Joey Galloway in 2004

Tim Brown finished up his incredible NFL career with one mostly unproductive season with the Buccaneers in 2004, the same year Joey Galloway arrived in the trade that sent Keyshawn Johnson to Dallas and Michael Clayton came aboard with a first-round pick.  Clayton would end up leading the team in receiving by a longshot, but the two starters on opening day were Brown and Galloway.  While Galloway would produce the second-biggest margin on this chart (438) when he teamed with Clayton to start the 2006 season, it was Brown's nearly-complete career totals that dwarfed Galloway's in '04.  That difference between Brown's 1,070 catches and Galloway's 434 at the time (he would finish with 701) was a whopping 636.


10. (a) All six of Martin's career 100-yard rushing games have resulted in Tampa Bay victories.

The Bucs are actually 4-2 in Martin's 100-yard efforts, having lost to Philadelphia in 2012 despite his 128-yard day and to New Orleans early last year despite his 144-yard performance.  Martin already has five 40 -yard runs, second in team history only to Dunn's nine.  The only five players averaging more rushing yards per game since the start of 2012 than Martin are Adrian Peterson, Alfred Morris, Jamaal Charles, Marshawn Lynch and LeSean McCoy.  Martin has scored a touchdown every 1.7 games on average; Alstott did so every 2.2 games.

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