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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Social Cited as Innovators by Twitter

Twitter's Communications Manager said that the Buccaneers are one of the most innovative professional sports teams on the platform.


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Brian Poliakoff, Communications Manager for Twitter, joined, a digital and social media news website, to discuss some of the most innovative sports teams currently on Twitter. Among those he mentioned were the @TBBuccaneers.

For those who follow the Buccaneers, they may have noticed a few new features being launched over the past few months. Those weren't just new for the Bucs, they were new for Twitter as a whole.

Those new features include Twitter's purchasing feature, Twitter Shopping, along with their group DM service. Twitter Shopping allows users to purchase an item directly on Twitter in just a few clicks without being re-directed to an outside site while the group DMs provide an opportunity to chat with multiple users at the same time.

"The Tampa Bay Bucs really saw an opportunity," Poliakoff said. "They had the No. 1 pick – they pick (Jameis) Winston and they did quite a few things on draft night that showed how innovative they are."

"For instance, after they picked Winston they had a one-hour exclusive jersey sale only on Twitter so you could buy his jersey (in) one click off of Twitter as long as you entered your credit card information. And you couldn't buy his jersey on, you couldn't get it on or any fans sites or stuff like that."

The Bucs also utilized Twitter to provide season pass members with an exclusive, group DM chat with second-round draft pick Ali Marpet.

"We added the capability of group DM feature, which is a really awesome thing not only just for a community but also for teams and brands," Poliakoff said. "I think it was a few weeks ago, the Buccaneers had a few season ticket holders do a contest to join one of their early draft picks (on group DM). That was an awesome value addition to their season ticket holders, who already invest a lot in them."

Both of these features continue to be utilized by the Buccaneers on a regular basis. On Thursday, second-round draft pick Donovan Smith will hold a private DM chat with season pass members. And if you're looking for a Father's Day present for your dad, you can buy a Gerald McCoy jersey right through Twitter.

In addition to these innovative features, the team continues to post content daily and interact with fans on their account, as well as posting weekly Twitter roundups on

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