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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Squad Back to Football Event at GCM

Saturday, September 3rd the Buccaneers kicked off Back to Football Week with a Bucs Squad event at the Glazer Children’s Museum.


Bucs Squad members gathered at Glazer Children's Museum this Saturday to help launch the Buccaneers Back to Football Week. Throughout the day, young Bucs fans were engaged in a variety of activities celebrating the start of football.

Bucs Cheerleaders were on hand to teach Squad members some new dance moves while Captain Fear made the rounds, stopping to chat, snap pictures and hand out beads along the way.  The Bucs Street Team led young fans in Play 60 Drills, designing their own fan gear, and dressing out in Bucs uniforms for some amazing selfies! Parked close by was the Bucs Vison Mobile and Street Team RVs offering participants free vision screenings and an interactive experience with a Bucs locker room replica and a Madden Xbox station with real stadium seating. 

Bucs Squad members had much to say about the Back to Football extravaganza.  One member, Jeremiah Robertson, commented on the play 60 drills saying, "My favorite thing was the Quarterback Drill, but the best part of being a Bucs Squad member is all the activities you get to participate in at different events". Danielle Woodman, a Bucs Squad parent said, "We're here for my daughter's 9th birthday and all the kids are having a blast!" 

It was a fun-filled day for Bucs Squad members, and a great start to Buccaneers Back to Football Week! Don't miss out on any of the fun.  Click here to register your child for Bucs Squad, an exciting program for fans 14 and under, and start receiving information and invitations to exclusive events, including the All New Bucs Squad Gameday Experience.

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