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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs vs. Falcons post game quotes


Opening statement:
"I'm real happy. Everybody came out there and played together; defense stepped up, offense stepped
up. With Julio (Jones) going down, and Roddy (White) not playing and Steven Jackson still not there,
there a lot of excuses that we could have come up with, but we came out there and played pretty well,
as far as I know. I haven't looked at the film yet, but I'm real happy."

Getting off to a fast start:
"Confidence is a beast. Any time you can get the ball rolling early, it seems like anything can go your
way, and the momentum was great today. That is something that we need to build off of. We have to
look at film, and go out there and say 'hey, we can keep getting better,' and hopefully this is something
we can build on."

On Harry Douglas:
"I hope you're not surprised by what by what Harry did today. He is definitely a capable person. Without
Julio and Roddy, your chances of making those plays go down, but Harry played great for us today. He's
just another weapon."


Opening statement:
"It started this week in practice. Guys came out with a lot of energy off the bye week. Everyone was
focused on the details and the goals we had to make this week and we came in and played a pretty good

On how the offense was able to move the ball:
"We knew we were facing a tough D. Our goal was to try and run the ball, be efficient, be efficient in the
red zone and I think we did a pretty good job of that. One time we had to kick a field goal, but we want
to be perfect to be where we want to be."

On winning a game you were supposed to win:
"No game is a given. In this League, every game will be a dogfight no matter what. They get paid just like
we do."

On lack of rushing yards:
"That's something we've got to fix. The running game was not effective this week. As a group, running
backs got to run harder and everyone's got to be on the same page. Blocking the right man, us as
running backs getting downhill so we can fix that and be efficient going down the stretch."


On the big play:
"Number 1, it was a great play call by Coach Nolan. He called it and we executed it perfectly and got a
big turnover."

On getting the win:
"It was huge. It's a momentum builder going into the rest of the season. We got a West Coast game next
week and it's going to be huge. Going on the road versus a good Cardinals team, we needed this

On attacking from new angles:
"No doubt about it. They had a young quarterback in the game and we decided to send a little pressure
towards him and see how he adjusted. The front seven held their own today and the back end held up."

On Tampa's 18 play drive in the 4th Quarter:

"I could have sworn it was more plays than that that, but it was good for our defense. We went out
there and held our own and then we held them to 3 points."


Opening statement:
"We had a good practice week coming into this game against the Tampa Bay. I think we came into
today's game with a lot of confidence knowing that if we play Falcons football we will come away with
the win. I am very happy that we stuck together as a team to finish with a victory this week."

How big of an impact did the defensive touchdown have on the team as a whole:
"I think it had a big impact because it set the tone early for the football team. We definitely were able to
build momentum off of the play; it was a sack, force fumble and a touchdown all in one. It helped us
start fast and I'm happy we were able to sustain the momentum from that play forward."


Opening statement:
"We really wanted to win this football game today against Tampa Bay. We wanted to make the proper
adjustments coming from the bye week and find a way to get this win. "

On the defensive performance:
"I feel like we played very well and the team really needed us to step up and make plays. In particular, I
feel like S William Moore and I needed to lead the defense and find a way to manufacture turnovers for
the offense. We really tried to put pressure on the Tampa Bay offense and force them to make mistakes.
Ultimately, I'm glad that we did enough to win the game."


Opening Statement:
"It was good that we had a chance to come out and get a good win. It feels good right now. So now, we
have to move on, and try to keep the momentum going."

Main objectives for today's game:
"Main thing was going out there and try to get a win. That was the main focus; that was the biggest
thing we wanted to come out and accomplish. We got out there, ran around a little bit, and got the

Expectations for the next two away games (Arizona and Carolina):
"Week in and week out, this League is going to be tough. So we just need to go out and prepare well
each week, and try to move forward and continue to stay on the winning side of things."


Talk about penalties again today how big of an issue was that:
"Unfortunately, penalties were a big issue again. Certainly, we are very frustrated about that. It's been a
long time since a team I have coached has had this kind of issue and you have to put that on me. We
have to find a way to get that fixed. We got 11 penalties today, six of them in Atlanta territory three
were in the red zone. I have to figure out a way with our staff and I think we do all the right things over
the years and yet it is not working right now. So we have to re-examine everything we do. We have four
days to do it. We are not really practicing this much so it is going to have to be between the ears. We
have to get it resolved. You can't win games with the unusual statistics in this game. When you look at it
and you lose all that matters is we lost and we have to find a way to win."

Was that the overall issue penalties or were there some other physical executions as well:
"Again, for the second week in a row we made some coverage mistakes, giving them second chances
and we just didn't do a good job. A lot of guys during the game were in and out some young guys
jumped in and did an admirable job but we kept coming back. We took it to 24-10 at half 24-7 right
before half. Again, the guys kept battling to get back in it and then the game there at the end to have an
opportunity. We shouldn't have been in that situation. We had a couple of penalties that were just
critical, third down roughing the passer. In the past we were off the field in a hurry playing good

Injuries to Doug Martin and Dashon Goldson:
"I don't know exactly. I know body parts. One is up top, the shoulder, and one is down low in the leg.
Dashon on the leg and Doug on the shoulder. We will have to evaluate those when we get back home
tonight and then tomorrow."

Is that what was frustrating about today, losing control and getting the penalties:
"I think that is fair to say a lot of people making us do that, losing control. Is it footwork or are we not
coaching well enough for some reason? We are putting ourselves in a position where we have to hold.
There are all those factors when it would be easy to say it's a penalty and it's correctable. I've said that's
frustrating. I've said that standing at this microphone before. What I am encouraged by is that group of
men in the locker room are fighting their guts out and sticking together. We've got a good young
quarterback (Mike Glennon), I think, as he continues to progress. Today, conscientiously he wanted to
throw more balls down the field and he did that. And whether you get a DPI or incompletion to have
that in your repertoire it will help. He had that one sack fumble play he would like to have back. Again,
there were two one play scoring drives - one on defense and one on offense."


On his shoulder injury:
"It feels alright right now. Just have to hope for the best."

How is your range of motion:
"I have a little bit of range of motion. I'll test it out tomorrow."

Did they say if it is separated or not:
"It's not separated."

On playing in the next game with it being a short turnaround on Thursday night:
"They'll do their best to get it quickly evaluated and get me into rehab as quick as they can."


On trying to get the ball more to his playmakers, especially Vincent Jackson:
"It was a conscious effort by me to let our playmakers make a play. They are really talented and to give
them a chance which is what I did on the first touchdown. It proves that I need to give these guys a
chance at all times."

On not scoring a touchdown with the goal-to-go situation:
"That's definitely not a situation that you want to be in. We were knocking on the door and their guys
were tired with five yards to go to get back in the game but unfortunately penalties happen and that's
not what you want."

On what happened on the fumble that was returned for a touchdown:
"They blitzed me and I was looking for my hot guy and I wasn't able to get to him but that's on me. I
have to hold on to the ball. No one else is too blame but myself and I am going to get that corrected."

On the play of the offensive line today:
"The line is doing a great job. They (Atlanta) have some of the best pass rushers in the league but they
(our offensive line) did a great job and that first sack was on me. Later on there was that rollout where
they just had good coverage. Our line is doing a great job and we got the run game going some today.
They did a really good job of protecting me."


On Tampa Bay's performance:
"You have to take your hat off to Atlanta. We shot ourselves in the foot with penalties, giving up big
plays. They just capitalized off of them. That shows that this team has a lot of heart (Buccaneers). Even
through adversity and all the bad things that happened to us throughout the game, we showed we still
had a lot of fight left in us. At the end of the day, you have to suck up the loss. We have a short week
and have to move on."


On Matt Ryan's performance and the defenseS difficulty to stop the passing game:
"He was connecting with his receivers and we had some mistakes that left wide receivers open."

On defense not being able to execute down the stretch of a game:
"We have been in the situation for the last six weeks. Somehow, some way, we have to find a way to get
it done."


On Matt Ryan's performance and him stepping his game up:
"I don't think he has to. His game has already been at the level that is elite. I think he proved it against
people who questioned if he was elite or not, or what he could do with the people he had, and he
showed it today."

On the defense giving up a lot of points to the Falcons:
"That's way too many (points). Our standard is 18 points. That's our standard. That is what we want to
hold people too, so 31 is too many points."


On Harry Douglas and awareness of Falcons depth at wide receiver:
"We were not really concerned about the other receivers but we knew Douglas was the third receiver
and he had a great game today."

On slowing Harry Douglas down:
"We just tried to ID where he was on the field. They were moving him around a little bit. I don't know if
he was replacing Roddy's spot at the 'Z' or Julio at the X. But they were moving him around a lot today."

On what makes Matt Ryan so tough:
"I don't think nothing makes him tough. I think it was self-inflicted wounds on our end. We're not
playing consistent ball and you see it out there when we're play. Mistakes, penalties; penalties are killing
us. We're last in the League. We have to stop with the penalties and play a little bit smarter in those
areas. "

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