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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Training Camp Central section is back, better than ever, with more video, deeper coverage and a continued commitment to be your number-one camp source


The Bucs are ready to invade the Milk House and the rest of Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex...and will be there

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are scheduled to practice 35 times at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, beginning on Friday morning. Every single one of those practices is open to the public, from the first stretch to the last pass.

In other words, if you have the time and the desire to spend three weeks in Central Florida, you can plunge yourself fully into Buccaneers training camp. You can follow every twist and turn, see every starting position fought for and won, watch every darkhorse emerge and soak in every bit of the Lake Buena Vista heat. All it takes is a daily commitment and lots of sunscreen.

Or, for those slightly less radical Tampa Bay fans, there is and its comprehensive Training Camp Central section.

When it comes to Buccaneers training camp, you won't find a greater depth of coverage or a more informed perspective than Training Camp Central, our annual paean to the best three weeks of the summer. At no other time during the calendar year, even during the season, does the team spend so many unbroken hours in slavish devotion to its craft. To be there is to be immersed in football, and is there. Every day, every hour.

We'll give you the coaches' perspective on a daily basis, with updates on the developing storylines from Head Coach Jon Gruden after every practice. We'll give you the players' perspective through frequent feature articles and rookie Julian Jenkins' insider CampBlog. We'll give you the fan's perspective with dozens of practice images every day, and we'll wrap it all up with a video highlight package each evening.

If you are planning to attend one or more of the practices, you'll find all the information you need in the Training Camp Central section. The practice times for each day are highlighted at the top of the page and a full schedule is just a click away. If a practice is canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather or coach's decision, will be your first source for updated information. Click on the "Headed to Camp?" link at the top of the page for directions and any other information you may need to enjoy a summer day with the Bucs.

If you have to miss a practice, you won't be in the dark for long. One of the services provided by Training Camp Central is a "Quick Hits" rundown of all the action on the practice field, posted not long after the end of every workout at camp. Keep up to date on injured players, camp standouts, drill descriptions and other observations directly from the sidelines.

You'll also be able to see that practice from every angle, as the Buccaneers' staff photographer has unparalleled access to every corner of the team's two practice fields. Each workout is followed by a new photo page; this year's Training Camp Central will also feature an added selection of panoramic images in the upper left, updated daily and presented in a slide-show format.

Here are a few additional things you can look for in Training Camp Central during the first couple days of camp:

  • The official depth chart. The team releases its first depth chart of the year in the early days of camp, usually within the first 36 hours. will post that information as soon as the coaches release it, well before any other media outlet. * Breaking contract news. The opening hours of camp are usually accompanied by a series of deadline deals with the team's most recent draftees. The Bucs haven't had a significant holdout in a dozen years, but that doesn't make contract negotiations any easier in any given summer. As contracts are finalized, readers will be the first to know. * Coach Gruden's opening thoughts. Head Coach Jon Gruden will address the media at length early Thursday evening, previewing camp and some of its most significant storylines. Look for a rundown of Gruden's comments on Thursday evening. * The first entries of "Julian's CampBlog."As reported a few days ago on, rookie defensive end Julian Jenkins is going to share his personal thoughts on camp throughout the three weeks at Disney. Jenkins likes to clear his head each evening by writing down his thoughts on the day, and he has agreed to provide those writings to The resulting blog should be revealing and interesting. * More video than ever. This summer, in addition to the daily video packages covering practice and on-field interviews with Coach Gruden and selected players, will also provide video of a series of lengthy interviews conducted by players at the podium in the camp press room.

What else will you find in the Training Camp Central section this summer? Well, that remains to be seen. Which young players will make strong impressions? Where will injuries hit the team the hardest? Will any seemingly secure starting positions suddenly be up for grabs?

It's hard to predict the exact storylines that will emerge, but whatever happens over the next three weeks, will be there.

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