Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Daily Clips for Thursday, August 14

Here's a sampling of media reports on the Buccaneers today.

Pewter Report –

#Bucs LB @dannylan51 may have finally found a home in Tampa Bay. http://t.co/Gk3uuyHp5K — PewterReport.com (@PewterReport) August 13, 2014

Joe Bucs Fan –

Bucs GM Jason Licht talks describes his role "To Serve The Head Coach" http://t.co/Vk9bumgIE9 — JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) August 14, 2014

Joe Talks Panic, Patience, Line Rotations & More http://t.co/lVpzc6slH0 — JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) August 14, 2014

The Beast That Is Gerald McCoy http://t.co/UZF83tBkwP — JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) August 14, 2014

Bucs Nation –

ICYMI: Buccaneers 53-man roster prediction http://t.co/H369mYpMFr — Sander Philipse (@Bucs_Nation) August 14, 2014

Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs –

#Bucs coach Lovie Smith preaching win now: "Even if we want them to, fans are not going to be patient." http://t.co/ewZpcmvv6h — Brad Biggs (@BradBiggs) August 14, 2014

Tampa Bay Times' Greg Auman –

Coming from small-town Michigan, losing his mother in high school, Jace Daniels follows his NFL dreams with Bucs. http://t.co/e5HPJZemOV — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 13, 2014

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