Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Daily Clips for Wednesday, July 30

Here's a sampling of media reports on the Buccaneers today.

TBO.com's Roy Cummings –

Only 3 days into camp and already #Bucs have had a changing of their guards. Who will be standing guard in the end? http://t.co/jwAlq5vgWT — Roy Cummings (@RCummingsTBO) July 29, 2014

Tampa Bay Times –

Fastest man in the NFL? @TomWJones writes on ex-Gator Jeff Demps' track-star speed as he seeks spot on Bucs' roster. http://t.co/FCC0xctPoA — Greg Auman (@gregauman) July 29, 2014

Busy in life after football, Derrick Brooks hopes to follow in John Elway's footsteps as president of @TampaBayStorm. http://t.co/mwjszQ3mH4 — Greg Auman (@gregauman) July 29, 2014

Sports Talk Florida's Jenna Laine –

VIDEO: Jeff Demps spent the offseason working on his hands...and you can see that pay off here: http://t.co/meQluiFvoc — JennaLaineBucs (@JennaLaineBucs) July 29, 2014

Pewter Report –

Want the low down directly from #Bucs RB @jeffdemps7? Follow his journey in his TC diary ... http://t.co/vvyNHmVTNq — PewterReport.com (@PewterReport) July 29, 2014

Bucs Nation –

Bucs Nation Radio: Carl Nicks, Adrian Clayborn and Training Camp Vines http://t.co/Gb5lq84AQ6 — Sander Philipse (@Bucs_Nation) July 29, 2014

Gerald McCoy will get a contract extension -- the question is just at what price? http://t.co/D9y0X9vmxN — Sander Philipse (@Bucs_Nation) July 29, 2014

Joe Bucs Fan –

"Very Mobile" Athlete At Quarterback. Vincent Jackson weighs in. http://t.co/SlXzkQdNZ2 — JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) July 30, 2014

Robert Herron And Consistency http://t.co/fcl16MYZvH — JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) July 30, 2014

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