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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Day in the Life of Andrew DePaola

A regular day for the Bucs' long-snapper.


8:30 AM: On gamedays I like to let myself sleep in so I usually get up around 8:30 and hop in the shower.  

9:15 AM: I get down to breakfast around 9:15 because I like to give myself plenty of time to eat and relax at breakfast before the bus. I usually eat scrambled eggs, potatoes, a Belgium waffle and orange juice.


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10:00 AM**: I take the first bus that leaves at 10. I'm not a big music guy so instead I'll look over the opposing teams punt rushes. I also like to take in the scenery of gameday, whether it's the city itself or even the opposing team's fans heckling us. I think that whole experience is what gameday is all about and I try to soak in as much as possible.

10:30 AM: Once at the stadium, I'll get my ankles taped and then head on out to the field to get a feel for the playing surface and to warm up. I'll check the area around the PAT to make sure there aren't any divots or holes. Then I'll usually talk with Connor Barth and see which hash he wants to snap the ball from. That will depend on the wind and the playing surface.

11:15 AM: I'll go back into the locker room to finish getting ready and to go over the punt rushes one more time.

11:45 AM: Jake Schum, Connor, and I will come out and start hitting field goals together on the field. After that, I'll snap to Jake for punts to the returners. Then the three of us will head over to the bench and get mentally ready for the game becuase our warm up is pretty much complete at that point.


1:00 PM**: During the game, whenever the offense has the ball, I will get a few punt snaps in with Jake until they get to about the 40-yard line. Then I start doing short snaps to Jake in preparation for a field goal. When the defense has the ball, I just try to relax and go over scenarios in my head that may come up during punt rush.

4:30 PM: Following the game, I'll shower up and head on out to the buses.  I'll eat the meal they have waiting for us and then I'll call my parents. They like to hear from me after the game and make sure I came out of it injury-free.

5:30 PM: The team heads to the airport immediately after the game. On the airplane, I'll download the game from our video guys and go over some of the punts and field goals with Jake and Connor. After that I'll just relax the rest of the way back to Tampa. Either I'll watch a movie or try and get some sleep. Getting sleep on the plane can be tricky though because if you get caught sleeping with your mouth open or in a funny position, you can almost guarantee someone will get a picture of it.

9:00 PM: Once we're back in Tampa, I'll usually just head back to my apartment and get some sleep since gameday is pretty exhausting.

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